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After battling our way through the first nineteen trecenas with the current Tzolk’in cycle, we come once again to the last one, before the whole 1 Imix to 13 Ajaw sequence begins again. This, of course, is Lamat, the trecena that tends to herald change. Aligned with Venus, the star that was seen by the ancient Maya as the herald Read the full article…

After all the adjustments that were called forth during the past few weeks, which included the influence of Mercury’s “heart of the sun” alignment and the Super Full Moon on July 12th , the world is now having to deal with the implications. Hot on the heels of that full moon and Cazimi, this Muluk trecena opens as the final Read the full article…


We have been watching them throughout this Kawak (“Storm”) trecena – – those dark and ominous clouds. Some came in on the first day, in classic One Kawak fashion. Reports from Australia show a massive dark cloud, described as “apocalyptic”, that rolled in like a tsunami over Sydney on that day, and then dumped some 30 mm of rain in just 30 Read the full article…


Stripped down to the bare bones – that is how much is looking these days after so much dreadful weather . . . and the tense and demanding events of the past trecena that saw enormous anti-government protests in the Ukraine, Bosnia, Venezuela, and Thailand; the rescue of hundreds of people from Homs in Syria; and millions of people struggling Read the full article…

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It could be a tense start to 2014’s Winter Olympics, as there have already been grumblings about Sochi’s relative readiness for these games (as described in Sam Laird’s article – click here). And then there are the concerns about terrorist threats (even such things as toothpaste bombs) and about issues such as gay rights in Russia. Thrown into this mix Read the full article…

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Dancers, singers, song-writers, drummers, storytellers, artists, orators, feast makers, gift-givers, banner-bearers, flower-bedecked revelers,. . . . all these and many more would have been ready to fully engage in the festive time frame that began with One Ajaw, representative of the initiation of “Full Sun” or “Full Enlightenment”. Known as One Flower to the Aztecs, the first day of this Read the full article…

A jaguar walking though the snow may be a perfect metaphor for this Ix trecena at this time, as so many people in a great many places are still dealing with the challenges foisted upon them by the snow and ice storms of mid December. Governing the thirteen days of this time span, this jaguar-oriented energy was seen traditionally as Read the full article…

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Today, as the world watched the funeral of Nelson Mandela, a news flash announced the death of a legend. It was a double whammy on this 12 Kawak day, as the final farewell for Mandela was held in his childhood village, and marked with aspects of tribal tradition. And to hear of the death of one of our planet’s most Read the full article…

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Glitzy, glamorous, sparkling, and influential – that is the nature of today’s 9 Etz’nab energy. And today all of that and much more has set Toronto abuzz at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s opening of the highly acclaimed “David Bowie Is”, a 50 year retrospective of the singer/performer’s life and influence as a groundbreaking artist, pop icon, and stylistic trend-setter. Read the full article…

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