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We anticipated that it could be intense and shocking, as the trecena that preceded this one has a way of getting peoples’ attention in dramatic ways. That was the trecena that completed the first half of the 260 day cycle, and set the stage for the “Creation” sequence that comes in at this time. What often happens during that period Read the full article…

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As we embark on this new year we find that the first full trecena of 2020 is the “Creation” trecena introduced by the playful, inventive, agile, and capricious Monkey deity who sits at the centre of the Tree of Life and weaves together the threads of creation as he orchestrates the proliferation of life. This Chuwen trecena begins with the Read the full article…

The Lamat trecena – the last 13 day period at the end of the 260-day Imix to Ajaw cycle, and the last full trecena before heading into fall-based September. It is at this point that we often find a lot of “signals” relating to what lies ahead, and these are often associated with leadership. During this energy frame (associated with Read the full article…

A time of both completion and renewal, the critical energy frame that we are now entering brings us through the transitional days at the end of the Classical Maya year and into the early days of the Maya New Year. This is a particularly interesting point in time because currently this is happening in conjunction with the Kab’an trecena which Read the full article…

Have you been feeling it – the intense pressure and massive amount of energy that has been flying around? It was as if the forces of the past 13 days were acting like laser beams burrowing into long hidden secrets, shaking up ideas, and sometimes even stirring deeply buried issues or emotions, in order to bring them to the surface Read the full article…


Time to take your “inner monkey” out for a romp!  Following another wild ride through the Etz’nab’ trecena, filled with many shocking events reflective of the divisiveness and decisiveness that can come out when the Sun God engages in battle with the Lord of the Underworld (especially with a Grand Cardinal Cross in place), we now welcome the return of Read the full article…


Goggle-eyed and bearing a lightning axe – Chac is on the move! Don’t take your wellies off yet, as this is the Kawak (storm) trecena, an energy frame that has a tendency to be strongly catalytic and tempestuous, and often very, very wet! While this is not great news for those still knee-deep in snow, slush, and/or mud it does Read the full article…

A jaguar walking though the snow may be a perfect metaphor for this Ix trecena at this time, as so many people in a great many places are still dealing with the challenges foisted upon them by the snow and ice storms of mid December. Governing the thirteen days of this time span, this jaguar-oriented energy was seen traditionally as Read the full article…

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His Aztec name is Xochipilli (meaning Flower Prince) and 5 Ajaw (Five Flower) is his birthday. As an ancient Mesoamerican diety associated with the arts and beauty and games, Xochipilli was often depicted surrounded by flowers, immersed in the pleasures of life. Aligned with fertility, agricultural abundance, and feasting, he knew how to engage in the pleasures of life – sometimes Read the full article…

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