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One cycle – and counting – since the release of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report last October, produced by 90 scientists from around the world, with the message that an unprecedented political commitment is needed to slash the use of coal, oil, and natural gas, and to rapidly deploy technology that can remove carbon dioxide from the Read the full article…

It has been hot, it has been intense, and for many this past trecena has been decisively life-changing. Deadly wildfires have been raging in several regions, and the battles to quench them will likely continue on throughout this new trecena.  But, as always, there is a shift underway as the new trecena begins, and many new possibilities are being presented. Read the full article…

It was star energy that brought him into this world, superstar power that rocketed him to fame and made him a legend, enduring stardom that ensconced him indelibly within the hearts of millions, and a blackened star that accompanied his demise. He came from the stars, wrote songs and sang about the stars, painted stars, and ended his sojourn on Read the full article…


So here we are again – back at a point of “new beginnings”, with the “initiation of birth” at the start of this new trecena. Representative of the “primordial realm”, Imix is a “world-making” type of energy that can open up (or give birth to) an infinite array of possibilities. For some reason, humans seem to want to literally “touch” Read the full article…

The old year ends with the “activation of enlightenment”; the new year begins with the “defining of birth” – opening up a new “realm of all potential”. So what is the nature of the energy wave that is carrying us through this transition? In many ways the “markers” for this Maya energy frame are representative of this time of year Read the full article…

From the intense solar storms that gave us spectacular Northern Lights, to the huge IFA trade show in Berlin that introduced the world to the latest techie gadgets for “smart” homes, to the introduction of Strati, the world’s first 3D printed car, to the announcement of the forthcoming sibling for HRH baby George, the last trecena has opened the portals Read the full article…

Early September – a time of new beginnings – new school year, new work cycle after people return from summer vacations. And, as it happens this year, these particular beginnings are correlating with the Imix (Birth) trecena, at the start of a new 260-day Tzolk’in cycle. This is a trecena that is often aligned with the creation of fresh new Read the full article…

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