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“I Have a Dream” – those were the words that rang out again and again as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his momentous speech from a podium at the foot of Lincoln Memorial. On that life-affirming day in 1963 over a quarter of a million people crowded around Washington D.C.’s great Reflecting Pool to hear him speak – the Read the full article…

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Glitzy, glamorous, sparkling, and influential – that is the nature of today’s 9 Etz’nab energy. And today all of that and much more has set Toronto abuzz at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s opening of the highly acclaimed “David Bowie Is”, a 50 year retrospective of the singer/performer’s life and influence as a groundbreaking artist, pop icon, and stylistic trend-setter. Read the full article…

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As we have seen, the last trecena unfolded very much in alignment with the energies that were outlined in the Sept. 2nd post. From the “Countdown”  at the beginning of the trecena, to the Vatican prayer vigil on 4 Ajaw, to the intense energetic developments on 9 Chikchan (including weather-wise), to the US-Russia agreement on 11 Manik’, to the torrential Read the full article…

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As mentioned in the post on the topic of the Kab’an trecena, 11 Manik’ (the date of this Sept. 14th post) is U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s Maya birthday. This “inspirational deer” energy, aligned with the idea of reciprocity and new possibilities, is perfectly in keeping with the significant events that unfolded today in Geneva as Sec. General Kerry met with Read the full article…

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As so often happens on 9 Chikchan, this was a momentous day on many fronts. After several tense days dominated by the threat of a U.S. military strike in the Middle East, high level political maneuvering has managed to tone this threat down a notch as negotiations continue. Within the context of this timeframe, however, a number of striking energy Read the full article…

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“Countdown to a Showdown” – Those were the words used by CTV News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme on One Kab’an (Sept. 4th), at the start of this current trecena, as two U.S. aircraft carriers with their battle groups and four destroyers maneuvered into readiness to launch an attack on Syria, if there is to be a go-ahead for military action. This Read the full article…

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This week we will have completed exactly one 260 day cycle since Dec. 21, 2012. As One Kab’an returns on Sept. 4th, we return to the trecena (the 13 day period) that brought forth the conclusion of the 13th Bak’tun at the end of the last 5125 year era and the beginning of the new Great Cycle of time last December. Read the full article…

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