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Our Maya Count-of-Days Horoscope blog provides an extension from the book into current daily events. Originally designed as a companion to the book, this Horoscope blog is updated every 13 days to provide a guide to the energies that pertain to events as they unfold in the world. Each of these 13 day periods (called a trecena) has a specific theme, with these themes reflecting specific types of energies that continuously cycles through the 260 day Tzolk’in. A Navigating the Energies of Life Podcast accompanies the horoscope and expands on the content.

Further information pertaining to the Maya Calendar, as well as the related arts and services we offer in this regard (including Readings, Jewelry, and Personalized Artworks), can be found in our companion site Maya Calendar Arts. This companion site contains a blog (MCA Blog) that highlights such things as Birth Dates, Energy cycling, and the nature of Calendar Rounds (associated with “New Fire” birthdays) as well as occasional postings on special related topics. This is the location of the Podcast.  Please Contact us if you have any questions.