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It was star energy that brought him into this world, superstar power that rocketed him to fame and made him a legend, enduring stardom that ensconced him indelibly within the hearts of millions, and a blackened star that accompanied his demise. He came from the stars, wrote songs and sang about the stars, painted stars, and ended his sojourn on Read the full article…


As noted earlier, one of the most amazing features of the Maya calendar pertains to the fact that the energies of the days that are encoded into its cycles also represent particular “destiny directions” for individual lives. As the Maya have been saying for centuries, the energy in place at the time of birth is the energetic gift given to Read the full article…

We have been watching them throughout this Kawak (“Storm”) trecena – – those dark and ominous clouds. Some came in on the first day, in classic One Kawak fashion. Reports from Australia show a massive dark cloud, described as “apocalyptic”, that rolled in like a tsunami over Sydney on that day, and then dumped some 30 mm of rain in just 30 Read the full article…


Jeane Dixon has been referred to as one of the best-known astrologers and psychics of the 20th century, primarily due to her syndicated astrology column, her many books, and some well-publicized predictions. January seemed to be her month, as she was born in January, on as 12 Ik’ day (a “gathering together” type of energy associated with wind/breath/spirit) in 1904 Read the full article…

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Over the many years that I have worked with the energies of the Maya calendar it has become evident to me that people tend to reflect their Maya birth energies through their work, particularly when they are passionate about what they are doing. This seems to be apparent particularly in the realm of the arts, with the visual arts often Read the full article…

It seems, as the year 2014  gets underway, that much of the world is struggling with extremes. On one end of the scale there was the “polar vortex” that blanketed much of North America over the past few days (click here for a frozen Niagara Falls). At the other end is the severe heat wave that has parts of South America and Read the full article…


It seems that on this 9 Kab’an “Day of Lights”, the first in a series of light-related days celebrated worldwide for Diwali, the sun itself decided to put on a rare show. Today’s solar eclipse was a rare hybrid, during which an annular solar eclipse changed into a total solar eclipse. An explanation of this phenomenon can be found here, Read the full article…


As fog creeps in and spooky adornments slink out to spread themselves over pillar and post in those parts of the world that partake of Hallowe’en, preparations for other festivals are underway in other regions. One of these is Galungan in Bali, a celebration that takes place every 210 days, in accordance with the Balinese calendar. It is intriguing to Read the full article…


His Aztec name is Xochipilli (meaning Flower Prince) and 5 Ajaw (Five Flower) is his birthday. As an ancient Mesoamerican diety associated with the arts and beauty and games, Xochipilli was often depicted surrounded by flowers, immersed in the pleasures of life. Aligned with fertility, agricultural abundance, and feasting, he knew how to engage in the pleasures of life – sometimes Read the full article…


The Wind: It was a wild day that for some reason brought out hordes of people – why everyone wanted to be out doing “whatever” in the midst of the torrential downpour was a mystery to me – and yet there we were as well. It was last Sunday’s 13 Ik’ – transformational wind, breath, spirit – at the end of Read the full article…

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