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It is mid-December and 2018 is getting ready to pack its bags and retreat into the annals of history. For many this has been a year fraught with enormous challenges, many of which were directly linked to severe events associated with environment-related disasters. From the perspective of the Maya calendar, we have just come through one complete cycle of the Read the full article…

Do you have a sense that “something” is shifting – that something “big” is waiting in the wings, about to make its appearance? If you do you may be already tapping into the special combination of forces that will be present during the thirteen days of this time frame, the last 13 day period in the current 260-day Imix to Read the full article…

“House”, “Temple”, “Darkness” – these are words often used as a translation for Ak’b’al. But this is also an energy associated with the earth and its mysteries, so this is certainly in synch with the events that will take place during this trecena, starting with the Earth Day activities that correlate with the opening day of this time frame. With its Read the full article…

As summer begins to dissipate and thoughts turn once again to fall we find the Muluk (Water) trecena coming into place to help with the transition. Pushed forward by the generative energy of water, the source of life, this is a time frame that can be both stimulating and cleansing, holding the potential to shape or change the world. Coming in Read the full article…

Beautiful, powerful, mysterious, adaptable, symbolic of Maya kings and rulership – this is the Jaguar, representative of the thirteen days of the Ix trecena. Traditionally seen as a “warrior” type of force related to things of the earth, this jaguar-oriented energy is aligned with high magic and even mastery over things of an unseen nature.  It is not unusual to Read the full article…

So here we are again – back at a point of “new beginnings”, with the “initiation of birth” at the start of this new trecena. Representative of the “primordial realm”, Imix is a “world-making” type of energy that can open up (or give birth to) an infinite array of possibilities. For some reason, humans seem to want to literally “touch” Read the full article…

After all the adjustments that were called forth during the past few weeks, which included the influence of Mercury’s “heart of the sun” alignment and the Super Full Moon on July 12th , the world is now having to deal with the implications. Hot on the heels of that full moon and Cazimi, this Muluk trecena opens as the final Read the full article…

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