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As we push on towards the end of the current One Imix-to-Thirteen Ajaw cycle, with just two trecenas remaining, this Men (Eagle) trecena tends to be a kind of “head’s-up”, “call-to-action” type of period, a time frame associated with valour and the push towards supremacy. This is a zone that has been oriented, traditionally, around power, military strength, and transformative Read the full article…

Red and gold, red and gold, everywhere red and gold – lanterns, pom poms, streamers, firecrackers – red envelopes with “lucky money”, lion dances, special treats – all are making their presence known as the Chinese Spring Festival gets underway. This year Chinese New Year is being celebrated as the Year of the Dog, coinciding at this time with the Read the full article…

Water – cleansing, nurturing, refreshing, lifegiving –  don’t we all need more of that these days? “Oh sacred water – we come to you with great reverence and appreciation . . . . (from “We are Protectors of the Water”) Keeping the focus on these kinds of positive aspects of water, we can see that this water-oriented Muluk trecena will Read the full article…

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