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Represented by robust growing corn, symbolic of strong self determination, this trecena begins with One B’en, an energy that marks the start of the second 52-day period within the 260 day Tzolk’in cycle. This is a force that has often been associated with huge shifts in the balance of power, as when Hernán Cortés and eleven Spanish galleons arrived on Read the full article…

It seems that the Ajaw trecena, traditionally welcomed as a time for merriment, will have a more sombre tone this year, as so many people and situations are in either a state of flux or in outright dire straits, as in the thousands of refugees stuck in limbo on the Balkan trail, with closed borders in every direction. At the Read the full article…

As we make the transition from the Ix trecena to this Manik’ governed period there is often a sense of going through a transformational shift and then trying to find footing on new ground. One cycle ago that was certainly the case for me as our entire household was uprooted and shifted to a new location. As stressful as it Read the full article…

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