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After that spectacular conclusion to the first half (130 days) of the current 260-day cycle, during which many lines were drawn in the sand, and millions of earthlings experienced the awesome spectacle of a Total Solar Eclipse, we now embark on the second half of the cycle, starting with the Chuwen trecena. The first day of this period is the Read the full article…

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“Enough is Enough” – this was heard several times over the past few days by media commentators and members of the judiciary system who are now calling for definitive actions to be taken to curtain the vile and incessant ramblings of the madman in the US who has been trying to re-take control of the government. As Judge Michael Luttig Read the full article…

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In some places (such as the US Midwest) it’s cleanup time from powerful tornado hits, and in some places it’s still hunker down time as severe storms rage. The energy surges rolling through at this time will take many forms, but many will accompany auspicious “new start” events, including Nowruz, Holi, the lead-up to Easter, and the Maya New Year. Read the full article…

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Finally, a few signs that spring is coming – not many yet, but at least we have the return of Daylight Savings time coming in during this Eb’ trecena. And the trecena itself tends to be of a calmer, gentler nature than the stormy period that we have just been through. Hopefully this should give those buried under massive mounds Read the full article…

Expect torrential rain, get ready for thunderstorms and strong winds, watch out for flooding and potential lightning strikes – these are the kinds of warnings coming from California as this trecena opens. But even though California has had an unusually soggy winter, these kinds of conditions are perfectly in synch with the nature of this current period. Traditionally this was Read the full article…

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Sometimes it becomes necessary to go “back to the drawing board” in order to regroup. Sometimes circumstances prompt that return to foundations, and sometimes it just becomes clear that re-thinking or restructuring must be done. And sometimes it’s more a matter of returning to “home base” in order to take a deep breath and refresh. As this Kimi trecena comes Read the full article…

After a number of “enlightening” events over the past 13 days, that included approval finally being given by Turkey and tentatively by Hungary for Sweden to join NATO, we are returning to an energy period that calls upon people to tap into their inner wisdom, to muster the strength and drive to stretch upwards and outwards, to expand into the Read the full article…

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It seems that we have a bit of a conundrum this time, as it is difficult to find the sun (in the literal sense) when much of the Northern hemisphere is grappling with severe snowstorms and bone-chilling winter weather. However, this trecena often places more emphasis on creativity rather than on the sun specifically, so that is something to keep Read the full article…

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On a 2 Lamat day in early January of 1935 a child was born, destined to sky-rocket to the pinnacle of fame during the mid-20th century to become the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. With the year 2024 beginning with this same 2 Lamat energy as was in place on that day, this seems intriguing, as millions are feeling trepidatious Read the full article…

Here we are at the last full trecena of 2023, returning to a time frame that has a tendency to be highly consequential in terms of shaping world events. This is the Jaguar trecena, aligned with the Maya mythological idea of the “Night Sun” and “terrestrial fire”, which often brings with it a considerable amount of “fire and fury”. And, Read the full article…

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