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As we come to the close of the Classical Maya year the strong Quetzalcóatl-related forces associated with the Chikchan trecena are now coming into play. Traditionally oriented around the theme of Emergence and Liberation, the Chikchan trecena is generally quite vigorous and inspirational. Indeed, it was the image of the great Feathered Serpent that adorned thousands of books, carvings, and Read the full article…

As we come to the final day of the “go with the flow” Eb’ trecena, we arrive at 13 K’an, representative of transformational generative vitality. This is a vigorous – even explosive – energy that has a tendency to gather up all that Eb’ freshness and potential into a crescendo that often erupts into things such as hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, Read the full article…


It was an action very much in keeping with 2 B’en (the “generation of personal authority”) last Wednesday when a small group of Tyendinaga Mohawk protestors set up a blockade next to Via Rail tracks between Montreal and Toronto. Telling news reporters that “the women are in control”, they sang songs, played drums, and waved banners to draw attention to Read the full article…


After coming through the various “storms” highlighted in the March 15th post, we now move into the Eb’ trecena, which has been affilated traditionally with renewed vitality and fertility. In Mesoamerican mythology these energies were often recognized through feasting, dancing, and general celebration. In the past the forces in play during this energy frame have brought forth many new ideas, Read the full article…

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We have been watching them throughout this Kawak (“Storm”) trecena – – those dark and ominous clouds. Some came in on the first day, in classic One Kawak fashion. Reports from Australia show a massive dark cloud, described as “apocalyptic”, that rolled in like a tsunami over Sydney on that day, and then dumped some 30 mm of rain in just 30 Read the full article…


Goggle-eyed and bearing a lightning axe – Chac is on the move! Don’t take your wellies off yet, as this is the Kawak (storm) trecena, an energy frame that has a tendency to be strongly catalytic and tempestuous, and often very, very wet! While this is not great news for those still knee-deep in snow, slush, and/or mud it does Read the full article…

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