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As we embark on this “House/Darkness” oriented trecena, the question might be asked: “what type of house theme might play during this period?”. Sometimes the emphasis is on temples and houses of worship; sometimes the idea of “sanctuary” (or retreat, or reflection) seems to be prominent; sometimes the theme even ties in with “structures” themselves, as when Walt Disney World in Florida opened on the first day of this period in 1971. But this time it seems that the emphasis will be on court houses, as justice systems grapple with highly significant issues that will shape directions for the future. Challenges associated with ethics and morality are often highlighted during this period, and, without doubt, those kinds of issues will definitely be under scrutiny during this current time span.

From the ancient Mesoamerican perspective, the Aztecs depicted the overseer of this period as a deity known as Itzpapálotl, aka Obsidian Butterfly, who sometimes appears as a seductress but more often is shown with a skeletal visage and knife tipped wings, representative of her role as a fearsome warrior on the search for truth. Emblematic of the struggles of the soul as it strives to overcome the trials and tribulations of life, this deity was often associated with the subconscious, with moral and ethical issues, and with the sacrifices that often must be made in order to navigate through the earthly realm. Indeed, this trecena has been known to “stir things up”, and bring things into the light, often exposing a cauldron of issues that need to be addressed.

Adaptation of the Ak’b’al (House) trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One Ak’b’al) is represented by the little temple (House) at the lower left (within the border). The other days of this trecena proceed from there to the right, and then up towards the top, to the head of an eagle at the upper right). The daysign numbers pertaining to this trecena (beginning with One Ak’b’al) are not shown, but implied. The patron deity associated with this trecena is shown in the larger image on the left, in the main panel. She is the fierce looking Itzpapolotl, Obsidian Butterfly. Click here for for an overview of Richard’s various other versions of the same trecena, including more info about this fearsome goddess.

Back in 1972 issues pertaining to ethics and even criminality were definitely being stirred up when the whole Watergate subterfuge began unravelling on the first day of this time frame, with the early morning arrest of the Watergate burglars, which kicked off a major investigation that led to the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon, and his eventual resignation two years later. This trecena’s emphasis on shedding light on “hidden secrets” was clearly observable as the unravelling began. What is particularly intriguing at the present time is that the exact Calendar Round energies (same numbers, day, and Maya month) that were in place at that time are now returning, so think of this as the “New Fire” return of those energies. And, “coincidently” (or not), the US is once again grappling with significant issues relating to morality and ethics as they apply to the actions of a former US president. Does history repeat itself? It certainly seems to, when seen from the perspective of this calendar. So this is a “head’s up” signal to pay close attention over the next two years or so as we will be directly paralleling the energies that were in place during that 1972-1974 Watergate scandal period in the U.S.

Indeed, over the past few years, many, many ethical issues related to the US political situation have come to light during this period. In June of 2019, a massive #Impeach Trump National Day of Action took place near the beginning of this time frame, in more than 100 cities and towns across the US, which was a precursor to the hearings that led to his impeachment in early 2020. The resistance by the GOP-held Senate to the endorsement of that impeachment ruling, along with the denier-in-chief’s subsequent behaviour, fomented the very dark times that followed.

Five cycles ago, in November of 2020, it became clear that the very sore loser of the U.S. presidential election was going into meltdown mode. That was when White House aides were talking about the “bunker mentality” on display in the White House, as the dumpster was “holed up” with no plans to journey out and no effort being made to facilitate a smooth transition of power. . . . and everyone is aware of what happened a few weeks later.

One cycle after that, in July of 2021, the Select Committee to investigate the coup attempt was holding hearings, and a great deal of information was being brought forward regarding the machinations associated with that conspiracy to overturn the election. On the first day of this trecena at that time ABC News reported on the “Smoking Gun” notes that revealed that the dumpster attempted to pressure the DoJ into declaring the election corrupt, in his “frantic efforts to cling to power at all costs”. As the trecena proceeded the U.S. Justice Department ordered the Internal Revenue Service to hand over six years worth of the dumpster’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means committee, information that had long been withheld, and the word “criminal” was starting to be used with regard to the dumpster’s overall activities. And now the world “criminal” is official, as he has just been convicted on 34 felony counts, and is awaiting sentencing.

It has now been two cycles since Special Counsel Jack Smith returned to Washington to lead investigations into the multiple offences that have been swirling around the dumpster. Since then 44 federal charges and 47 state charges, spanning four major indictments, have been issued against him, and within the context of the last cycle he has been convicted of fraud, rape, and 34 counts of falsification of business records in the first degree, a felony in New York. Trials relating to federal election interference and the retention of classified documents are still pending. Click here for a succinct tracker relating to these investigations.

And if that isn’t enough, the start of this trecena is bringing forth another trial – that of President Biden’s son, Hunter, who was charged with applying for a firearm license in 2018 when he was struggling with a cocaine addiction. So that will be grist for the Republican mill, as they try to deflect attention away from the dumpster, as judicial processing begins after his May 30th conviction. And in the midst of all that there are major issues associated with the Supreme Court itself, with pressure mounting for at least two of those judges to recuse themselves due to blatant political biases.

And then there are the wars – with Day 832 of the Russia-Ukraine war coinciding with the start of this trecena. Click here for a “War in Ukraine” tracker that summarizes the current status. While things are still bleak in that regard, a two-day Swiss peace conference on Ukraine is planned for the latter part of this period, with representatives from more than 100 countries and international organizations in attendance, so hopefully some “flickers of light” will come through the darkness at that time. A Ukraine Recovery Conference will also be taking place in Berlin. Similarly, it is possible that progress will be made during this period with regard to a ceasefire and the release of hostages in Gaza, and, hopefully, the opening up of much more aid for that region.

Keep in mind that this is a period that was seen traditionally as relating not only to darkness, but also to “early dawning”, so the watch is on for “glimmers of light” to start shining through.

D-Day Memorial sculpture by David Williams-Ellis

During this period there will be many special events that will remind us that, despite all the darkness, light is, indeed, getting through. With this being Indigenous History Month, many events will highlight progress being made (and challenges still needing attention) with regard to First Nations. The 80th anniversary of D-Day will bring commemorations and reminders of the futility of war.

And with the auspicious Ganga Dussehra in India coming up at the end of the trecena, one could always travel to India for a dip in the Ganges in order to get absolution from sins or achieve Moksha (liberation).

Although this will be a busy period as the battle for justice and accountability continues, keep in mind that these energies are also conducive for reflection. They tend to offer important opportunities for addressing and working through “deep, dark” challenges – particularly as they pertain to ethics, morality, and some of the “shadier” facets relating to the human condition. This is a good time to “look inward”, to explore the darkness and its mysteries, in order to find the light – all in the interest of clearing away obstacles and working towards brighter days ahead. Here are the energies that are coming into play:

1 Ak’b’al (June 4th) – the “initiation” of “darkness” (or “contemplation”), in association with deep mysteries, at the time when Venus is out of view, at its superior solar conjunction with the sun, marking the start of its transition from Morning Star to Evening Star. Mercury will pass close to Jupiter in the morning skies. This would have been Russian activist Alexei Navalny’s 48th birthday.

This is now marking the Calendar Round (aka “New Fire”) anniversary of the energies in place (Maya day plus Maya month) at the time of the infamous Watergate burglary in Washington DC, and the early morning arrest of the burglars, that ultimately led to impeachment proceedings against President Nixon, and to his resignation in 1974, three cycles + 3 days after that arrest. Interesting that this energy anniversary will be in place just five days after the first criminal conviction of a former US president, on multiple felony charges.

“The Confession” by 19th century artist Guiseppe Molteni. This image of the confession of “hidden secrets” is beautifully reflective of the general idea of this trecena. Contrition and the seeking of absolution for wrongdoing would tie in with this idea as well.

Moreover, this is marking five cycles exactly since US election security officials rejected the dumpster’s claims of election fraud, as they called it “the most secure in American history”, with no evidence whatsoever that voting was in any way compromised. It also marks four cycles exactly since it was reported that handwritten notes were found that revealed that the dumpster, in the final days of his presidency, had directly instructed the DoJ to take steps to overturn a free and fair election.

Currently this is the day when the results of India’s general election are expected to be announced, with Narendra Modi and his party expecting to win an historic third term. That election was the longest and largest in India’s history, with almost a billion eligible voters.

Looking further south – it has now been two cycles since Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took over as president of Brazil when he announced that “the nightmare is over” and vowed to pull Brazil out of Bolsonaro’s era of “devastation”. That was when da Silva began what had been termed the “herculean task” of sorting out all the damage caused by the mismanagement of that outgoing Bolsonaro government.

2 K’an (June 5th) – a dynamic type of energy often aligned with the germination of new possibilities, coinciding at this time with the UN’s World Environment Day, an important day for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This year Saudi Arabia is hosting this event, with the theme being “Land Restoration,  Desertification, and Drought Resilience”.

Sealaska Celebration 2024

On this fifth day of Indigenous History Month, this is the opening day for the biennial Celebration 2024 festival, the largest cultural event in Alaska, first held in 1982. This is a highly festive event that brings together Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian clans in a four day celebration of traditional song, dance, visual arts, foods, and languages, with this year’s theme being: Celebration 2024: Together We Live in Balance. Nearly 1,600 dancers from 36 dance groups are participating this year.

This is the Maya birth energy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who put forth passionate calls for freedom, justice, and equality during the 1960’s.

3 Chikchan (June 6th) – “the activation of lifeforce” – an important Burner Day oriented around the idea of “announcing the fire” at the start of a new “Burner” sequence, the type of energy that can sometimes “charge” people to take action, particularly if pressing issues suggest the need for consciousness raising. This is coinciding at this time with the New Moon, the start of the European Parliamentary elections (held every five years), and the highly anticipated fourth test launch of the massive SpaceX Starship, with the Super Heavy first stage set to  make a soft landing in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the 80th Gregorian anniversary of D-Day, when allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy during World War II in the largest land, sea, and air operation ever undertaken. Commemorations relating to this event are part of D-Day Festival Normandy that is taking place throughout this trecena.

D-Day 80th anniversary commemorations throughout this trecena

The commemorations will include a mass parachute jump, the lighting of “Lamps of Peace” (representing the “light of peace” that emerged from the darkness of war), and exhibitions such as the Standing with Giants installation that includes 1,475
silhouettes on a wild meadow that represent the number of British servicemen who died on D-Day itself.

Standing with Giants exhibition at the British Normandy Memorial in France

The website tells us that

On 6 June 1944 [which was a 7 Chikchan day] and in the days that followed, thousands of young men from fifteen different nations and 177 Frenchmen from the Kieffer Commando landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the country. By midnight on 6 June, more than 150,000 Allied soldiers were in Normandy, including 23,000 paratroopers and 20,000 vehicles of all sizes. 12,000 men had been killed, wounded or taken prisoner. Three months of battles followed to liberate  Normandy. Then it was the turn of Paris and finally the whole of Europe.

Due to Russia’s on-going war with Ukraine (now in Day 834), Russian was not invited to send representatives to this international commemoration ceremony.

This is often a “marker” day for consequential events, now marking two cycles exactly since the US Congress went through a large re-shuffle early last year, as Republicans assumed “control” of the House of Representatives. However, the outcome of that has been two full cycles of chaos and incompetence.

Currently this is the Calendar Round/“New Fire” return of the energy that was in place in 1972 when The Washington Post reported that one of the burglars in the Watergate scandal was the security director for the Committee to Re- elect the President (CRP). Exactly three cycles after that (in 1974) this was in place when President Nixon gave his resignation address before stepping down the following day.

And on a “purely fun” note – this is opening day of the 26th Elvis Festival in Tupelo, Mississippi, the home of his birth.

4 Kimi (June 7th) – a “defining” force associated with “absolute foundations”, representative of the sun in combination with “death” or the point at which “all is revealed” so that regeneration can begin, as was in place in the summer of 1974 when President Nixon stepped down after the release of the proof of his covert involvement in the Watergate scandal.

It has now been 11 cycles since that early August day in 2016 when fifty of the most senior Republican national security officials signed an open letter declaring that the dumpster “lacks the character, values, and experience” to be president and would put the national security and well-being of the U.S. at risk. They warned that not only would he be “the most reckless president in American history” but that he would weaken the moral authority of the country. They also emphasized that he has “demonstrated repeatedly that he has little understanding” of the nation’s “vital national interests, its complex diplomatic challenges, its indispensable alliances and the democratic values” on which American policy should be based. They couldn’t have been more correct, nor could they have foreseen the extent to which “failure of moral courage” would run rampant through that party as his minions fall over themselves to keep supporting him, despite all the havoc that he has fomented. It appears that they have all but forgotten President Reagan’s impassioned speech given to the British parliament on a 4 Kimi day in 1982, in which he warned against totalitarian forces and “their barbarous assault on the human spirit”. In his words: “If history teaches anything it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly”. In that speech he extolled the importance of freedom to vote and emphatically emphasized that

Ronald Reagan speech to the British parliament in 1982, when he also said that history tells us that “self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly”.

Reagan would have been appalled to see the state of his party today, and the revolting  behaviour of so many of its members.

Note, as well, that this day marks two cycles exactly since Special Counsel Jack Smith began his investigations into the dumpster’s criminality. That was nine cycles exactly after that warning issued by those senior Republicans about the perils that would lie ahead if the dumpster was ever elected. Could Smith have predicted that some members of the justice system and even some members of the Supreme Court would do everything they could to delay justice in the key cases that Smith is overseeing?

This is Canada’s 2nd National Day Against Gun Violence and the 10th National Gun Violence Awareness Day in the US, dedicated to honouring the lives of Americans affected by gun violence. Wear Orange Weekend, which begins on this day in the US, is related to this cause.

This would have been music legend Prince’s 66th Gregorian birthday.

5 Manik’ (June 8th) – a “blessing” or “precision” type of energy associated with reciprocity, coinciding at this time with the UN’s World Oceans Day, with this year’s theme being “Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate”, a global day to focus attention on stewardship and the need to conserve marine resources for future generations.

World Oceans Day is June 8th

At this point it has been six cycles exactly (6 x 260 days) since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in New York in March of 2020, and seven cycles since that massive June, 2019 National Day of Action in more than 100 cities and towns across the US that called for the first impeachment inquiry against the dumpster.

Currently this is the final day of Celebration 2024 in Juneau, Alaska, and the first day of Liverpool being turned into “Taylor Town”, with art installations celebrating the pop star continuing through the rest of the trecena. Taylor Swift will be performing there on June 13th.

6 Lamat (June 9th) – a “structuring” type of energy associated with the heralding of new ideas.  In 1815 (Feb. 26th) this was the energy in place when Napoléon Bonaparte snuck away from exile in Elba and returned to France in an effort to regain control. Three months after this return attempt he was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. Shades of things to come for the dumpster and his minions as Felon Don tries to downplay his multiple convictions, and his minions continue with their efforts to thwart the US justice system?

Note that it has now been five cycles since the dumpster announced that 2500 troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq, even though top military commanders called this a mistake and the former NATO Supreme Allied commander called it “astonishingly foolish, from both a military and diplomatic perspective as this would both embolden the taliban and put many lives at risk” – which is exactly what happened.

Three years ago this was in place when Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court said it would investigate President Bolsonaro for abuse of office, improper use of official communication channels, corruption, fraud, and other potential crimes in his attacks on electronic voting.

Hearkening back a few years, this was the energy in place at the time of a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court that settled a highly consequential recount dispute in Florida’s 2000 election between G.W. Bush and Al Gore, resulting in a Bush victory in that election, even though it was thought that a statewide recount would have resulted in a win for Gore instead of Bush.

Twenty years ago this energy was in place when a cornerstone was laid for One World Trade Center (aka Freedom Tower).

7 Muluk (June 10th) – a “self-generating”, pivotal, shape-shifting type of energy associated with water, coinciding at this time with Portugal Day, at a time when Dragon Boat Festivals (and races) are being held in many countries. In Colombia this is The Feast of the Sacred Heart (Sagrado Corazón), a tradition brought to South America by the Spanish during their colonization of Latin America.

This is the Maya birth energy of historian Timothy Snyder, author of the bestselling On Tyranny, one of many who warned that the dumpster would attempt to take control of the government. Six cycles ago, as of this day, Nancy Pelosi (who will not use his name) called the dumpster “the most dangerous person in the history of [the US]” – and that was well before the coup attempt, and well before all the convictions in both civil and criminal cases.

8 Ok (June 11th) – a “double sun” type of force, symbolic of the “resurrection of love, guidance, and loyalty”, coinciding with the opening of the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin, the first such conference hosted in an EU member state. The goal is to mobilise continued international support for recovery, reconstruction, reform, and modernization of Ukraine. This goes along with National “Making Life Beautiful” day in the U.S. at this time.

This is also World Pet Memorial Day, a special day to remember all the wonderful animal companions that have graced our lives – and all those “out there” who would desperately love to find “furever” homes and people to take care of them.

9 Chuwen (June 12th) “outwardly projecting creativity”, as was in place in 1969 at the time of the Beatles’ final recording session at Abbey Roads studios. In 1987 this was in place when David Bowie played a concert in West Berlin, with East Germans singing along, which seemed to be a trigger for tearing down the Berlin wall.

It has now been one cycle exactly since New York state Judge Arthur F Engoron issued a scathing ruling, in a New York civil case, that Trump’s business was based on rampant fraud and blatant lies. Judge Engoron found that the dumpster committed fraud for years while building his real estate empire, and that he and his company deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing. As Judge Engoron surmised that it was a “fantasy world” of real estate valuations that “can only be considered fraud”, as he ordered the dissolution of the dumpster’s businesses in New York. He also chastized his lawyers for being obstreperous, for presenting a defense based on bogus arguments.

an important “behind the scenes” witness

That was the publication day for Cassidy Hutchinson’s book titled “Enough”. She was a pivotal witness in the Jan. 6th Select Committee’s hearings, as she bravely provided testimony about key behind-the-scenes events at the White House during the Jan. 6th coup attempt.

And, as seen during the last trecena, less than one cycle after all that, Trump was convicted on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree, becoming the first former president to be criminally convicted at trial. As it happens, Stormy Daniels’ Full Disclosure book was published under this same influence, in 2018, on the same day as The New York Times published a report, based on tens of thousands of pages of confidential records, that revealed that Trump was bankrolled (in multiple ways) by his father and that the dumpster spent much of the 1990’s participating in dubious tax evasion schemes. (Doesn’t this sometimes seem like a “roadrunner” cartoon saga where Wile E. Coyote keeps falling off a cliff???)

This was the energy that was in place in January of 2013 when then U.S. President Barack Obama and then Vice-President Joe Biden were sworn-in for the second time. In 1775 this was the Maya Calendar energy in place at the start of the American Revolution, and in 1789 when the Bastille was stormed in Paris, marking the beginning of the French Revolution. In 1815 this was the energy in place when Napoléon Bonaparte landed back in southern France after leaving exile in Elba a few days earlier, on his futile quest to regain control.

10 Eb’ (June 13th) – “foundational animating vitality”, coinciding at this time with the opening of the 3-day 50th G7 Summit in Borgo Egnazia, in Apulia, Italy (at the last one, in Japan, Ukraine’s envoy to Japan emphasized that, as part of this summit, the leaders of G7 nations must condemn any threat relating to the use of nuclear weapons and vow “decisive action” against such a move). At the same time, Taylor Swift will be performing in Liverpool.

This is St. Anthony’s Feast Day, a popular Catholic celebration of a saint sometimes known as the Wonder-worker, the patron saint for the recovery of lost things. Also known as the marriage saint, he has been recognized in legends as facilitating reconciliations.  Celebrations in his honour will be held in many places worldwide at this time – perhaps to seek his help in the global effort to recover health, peace, stability, morality, and humanity.

This was also the energy in place when the sizzling 25 ton Aztec Calendar Stone was found by workmen repairing Mexico City’s Central Plaza (the Zócalo) in 1790, 234 years ago.

11 B’en (June 14th) – “inspirational personal authority”, coinciding with the superior conjunction of Mercury. Rituals related to the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, begin in the evening.

The last time this was in place President Biden gave an impressive and inspirational speech on Strengthening Democracy, at the McCain Institute in Tempe, Arizona, at the same time as the House oversight committee held a baseless impeachment hearing, with no evidence to support it, less than three days before a looming government shutdown. It was part of the Republican party’s attempt to erode trust in Biden, but even their own witnesses had to concede that there was no criminal evidence to support their innuendoes and accusations.

This is the Maya Calendar birth energy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the highly ranked 32nd US President (a Democrat), who took office during the Great Depression and brought in a profusion of new programs designed to stimulate reform and economic recovery. Currently this would have been the 100th Gregorian birthday of Arthur Erickson, who was seen as Canada’s most influential architect.

In 2011 this was the energy in place when the 30 ft. tall memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was unveiled in Washington D.C.

12 Ix (June 15th) a “gathering together” type of energy oriented around earth forces, deep mysteries, and the power of transformation, coinciding at this time with the start of a two-day Swiss peace conference on Ukraine, with representatives from more than 100 countries and international organizations in attendance. However, China and Russia will not be represented.

Beginning under the “gathering together” influence of 12 Ix

This marks the start of World Unity Week (June 15-22), an eight-day online celebration of global unity oriented around taking collective action on concerns such as climate action, human rights, disarmament, justice, and healing, by forming partnerships for peace and global governance towards sustainable and regenerative development, and interfaith and interracial harmony.

In London, this is Trooping the Colour day, as a military parade marks the monarch’s official
birthday. This involves hundreds of parading soldiers and musicians, and the monarch’s
personal guards with some 240 horses.

In 2010 this was the energy that was in place when the historic Health Care Reform Bill – “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” – was passed by the US House of Representatives. In 2021 this was in place when the US Senate passed the massive $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, following months of intensive negotiations.

This is the second Calendar Round (New Fire) anniversary of the birth of legendary actor Yul Brynner. On this day The Rolling Stones will be performing in Cleveland.

13 Men (June 16th) – transformational high vision, a high-energy “Eagle-eye” type of force that tends to be highly cause-oriented, and is often world-shaping, now coinciding with the final day of the D-Day Festival in Normandy, and the second day of the Swiss peace conference on Ukraine.

In India this is the start of the auspicious Ganga Dussehra festival, a highly auspicious day in the Hindu religion. It is believed that one can get salvation from sins or achieve Moksha (liberation) at this time by taking a dip in the Ganges River, which is seen as the incarnation of the Goddess Ganga. The Muslim celebration of Eid Al-Adha (“the celebration of the sacrifice”) or Qurbani, begins in the evening.

This is also Father’s Day and the day of the 77th annual Tony Awards, to recognize achievements in Broadway productions during the 2023-2024 season.

Note that this is an energy that has the potential to be “dangerously intense”, as could be seen 11 cycles ago, in 2016, when the dumpster was given his first intelligence briefing as the Republican nominee for president, even though the FBI and CIA were becoming aware of contacts between his campaign and Russia. As scarey as that seemed at the time, could anyone had imagined that, once his term was over, he would blatantly contravene the Espionage Act to the point where he would cart off and squirrel away boxes and boxes full of classified documents (the subject of one of the DOJ current cases against him). And even more bizarre that the situation could devolve to where they might have to brief him again, if, unfathomably, he again became the Republican nominee for president? And even more unfathomably – he would be a twice impeached nominee, as well as a convicted felon, fraudster, and rapist, who is still awaiting trial in three other highly consequential criminal cases! Let’s pray that this “13 Men” (Eagle) energy will help people to set their sights higher – much higher – so that clarity can be gained, and adjustments made, so that Wile E. Coyote no longer poses a threat to himself or anyone else.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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