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As fog creeps in and spooky adornments slink out to spread themselves over pillar and post in those parts of the world that partake of Hallowe’en, preparations for other festivals are underway in other regions. One of these is Galungan in Bali, a celebration that takes place every 210 days, in accordance with the Balinese calendar.

Galungan festival in Bali, 2011 (Photo by Spencer Weart, Wikimedia)

Galungan festival in Bali, 2011
(Photo by Spencer Weart, Wikimedia)

It is intriguing to see that at this time this festival, which marks the return of ancestral spirits to their former homes, coincides with the Maya date known as 11 Kimi (Oct. 23rd, which falls during the 11th week of the Balinese 210-day pawukon calendar) . With Kimi being an energy associated with “absolute foundations”, it is also often translated as “death”, and is symbolized by a skull.  So 11 Kimi  could be seen as “inspirational foundations” or as ” inspirational death”, which fits in perfectly with the first day of this particular festival in Bali, at which time prayers and offerings are made to the ancestors as they are welcomed home for a 10 day visit.

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