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Xochipilli, from the Museo Regional Altepepialcalli in Milpa Alta, Mexico City (Photo by Alejandro Linares Garcia)

Xochipilli, from the Museo Regional Altepepialcalli in Milpa Alta, Mexico City
(Photo by Alejandro Linares Garcia)

His Aztec name is Xochipilli (meaning Flower Prince) and 5 Ajaw (Five Flower) is his birthday. As an ancient Mesoamerican diety associated with the arts and beauty and games, Xochipilli was often depicted surrounded by flowers, immersed in the pleasures of life. Aligned with fertility, agricultural abundance, and feasting, he knew how to engage in the pleasures of life – sometimes to excess.

In an ancient Hymn to Xochilippi there is a line that says:

“O friends, the quetzal bird sings, it sings its song at midnight . . . The god will surely hear my song by night, he will hear my song as the day begins to break.”

Perhaps President Obama was hearing that song shortly after midnight as he signed the spending measure bill, ending the 16-day partial government shutdown and raising the U.S. debt limit. And many others (including U.S. federal employees) heard that song and felt the warmth of the sun as they received the go-ahead to resume their jobs. As a result, many joined in with the Flower Prince’s celebrations on this day.

Happy Birthday Xochipilli, and to all others born under this jovial influence! You are kin to the Flower Prince! And if you happened to be born on Oct. 30th, 1961 this would be your *New Fire birthday – often a significant, and even transformative time in one’s life. Anyone born in 1961, such as Barack Obama, would likely be feeling the effects of this New Fire during this year. Happy New Fire to you all!


*52 years after your Gregorian day of birth – less 13 days

Please note: This is not Barack Obama’s birthday (not his Maya birthday or his Gregorian birthday), it was the day he signed the bill.

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