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“Countdown to a Showdown” – Those were the words used by CTV News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme on One Kab’an (Sept. 4th), at the start of this current trecena, as two U.S. aircraft carriers with their battle groups and four destroyers maneuvered into readiness to launch an attack on Syria, if there is to be a go-ahead for military action.

This situation is eerily similar to that which unfolded on One Kab’an in late August of 1939, as German troops assembled for their invasion of Poland a few days later. As the world nervously waits to see what will happen, large numbers of people are taking up banners and joining anti-war rallies to protest against such action.

In response to the call by Pope Francis for a grassroots appeal for peace, some 100,000 people took part in a four-hour peace vigil for Syria in St. Peter’s Square yesterday. Significantly, that was Four Ajaw (a “double sun” energy which translates as “the defining of enlightenment”), at the completion of the first Tzolk’in cycle after Dec. 21st, and precisely 95 Tzolk’in cycles after the signing of the unconditional documents of surrender by German forces in 1945 at the end of World War II.

Today is Maya date 5 Imix, a Tzolk’in anniversary of VE Day, the day when people in Europe and elsewhere jubilantly celebrated the end of years of suffering due to that war, as seen in this classic image:

VE Day in London, May 8, 1945 Photo HU 41808 from the Imperial War Museum, U.K.; source

VE Day in London, May 8, 1945
Photo HU 41808 from the Imperial War Museum, U.K.;

This is what the world is waiting for – a universal celebration of peace.

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