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Once again we come to an important Shift-point within the 260-day Tzolkin cycle, as the opening of a trecena often brings forth dramatic shifts in state. This is the Muluk (Water) trecena, with its potential to be cleansing, healing, refreshing, and life-giving, but sometimes massively life-changing through its potential to promulgate monumental shifts in state. Often there is a lot of high – and sometimes even “electrifying” – energy swirling around, as happened last October, just before the US midterm elections. As this trecena opened at that time hundreds of thousands of people were energized to take part in a massive People’s Vote and Independence March for the Future in London to demand a vote on the Brexit proposal.

This time this comes into place just as Pride season is beginning in London, so there is no doubt that there will be much “electrifying” energy in that city during this period. Similarly, Miami will be buzzing as the three-day day “This is Zero Hour: The Youth Climate Summit” clicks into gear right in the middle of this time frame.

Wapta Falls, Yoho National Park, B.C. Photo Credit: Keith Young [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

While this water-oriented trecena was seen traditionally as being under the patronage of a deity depicted as a “jewelled” turkey, a symbol of abundance and magic, the great “watery” Feathered Serpent also provides support, which suggests a  generative “firewater” kind of force representative of the original creative forces that sparked life. These forces have been known to open the door to many new and exciting possibilities. Hopefully this will help the thousands of young people who will gather for that Miami event as they join forces to address the issues associated with climate change.

In the past the shifts that have taken place during this trecena have included the Black Tuesday crash of the New York stock exchange in 1929, King Edward VIII’s abdication of the English throne in 1936, the beginning of the Battle of Britain in 1940, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, India’s declaration of independence in 1947, the invasion of South Korea by North Korea in 1950, the Detroit race riots in 1967, and the widespread protests in Brazil last October at the same time as a “river” of thousands of immigrants were making their way north towards the US border as they fled from the violence in Honduras.

Due to the nature of the last few days of this time frame, its watery aspects are often felt quite intensely at that time, as could be seen in December 2015 when a massive tornado outbreak in the southern U.S. destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes. Christmas day that year (on 11 Kawak – “storm”) was particularly intense as the U.K. was hit by severe flooding and vast areas in South America suffered some of the worst inundations in 50 years. A similar situation took place in the U.K. on 11 Kawak in 2017, followed by Tonga being devastated two cycles ago (early last year) by Cat. 4 tropical cyclone Gita, the worst storm to hit that area in 60 years.

But as much as deluges have been engendered by these forces in the past, there have also been many inspirational events, many of which have taken place on 4 Eb’, representative of a solar force in combination with Eb’s “animating vitality”, which can create an uplifting, refreshing type of energy marked by a sense of the opening up of new possibilities.

This 4 Eb’ energy was in place in June of 1965 when the first spacewalk took place, and then again in 1968 when the “Earthrise” photo was taken from Apollo 8, becoming the iconic first photograph taken by a human of Earth from Deep Space. In 2008 this also was the energy in place when Barack Obama became the first African-American to win the U.S. presidential election. Six cycles ago, on Maya New Year’s Day in April of 2015, this same energy brought the announcement by President Obama that agreement had been reached on the framework for an historic nuclear reduction agreement with Iran, which was seen as a significant political breakthrough, the most important foreign relations negotiation of the Obama presidency up to that point. [But we won’t talk about what has happened with regard to all that in recent months.]

Three cycles ago, in the spring of 2017, this trecena got underway just hours after former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named as a special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the US election. Since then ample proof of that interference has been found, as detailed in his report. As it happens, he will be testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees towards the end of this trecena, almost exactly one cycle after the release, for the first time (44 years after the fact) of the factual “Road Map” for Richard Nixon’s impeachment (the report of the indictment evidence), which was seen as “a critical historical precedent for the Mueller investigation” for ensuring that the facts uncovered in Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation become public and serve as the basis for presidential accountability. That compilation of evidence that was collected and collated by the Grand Jury with regard to Nixon’s crimes and his connection to Watergate was enough for indictment, and cleared the way for the Judiciary Commmittee to start the impeachment process. But, in retrospect, things were “simpler” then and the situation in Washington is now much more dire and volatile.

And speaking of “dire and volatile”, with so many migrants arriving at the US border, with so many children separated from their parents, with hundreds of people now being held in inhuman conditions in what has been termed “concentration camps” at that border, with so many dying under these barbaric conditions, and with deportation threats hanging over the heads of hundreds of families, the need for action has never been greater in terms of providing assistance for these poor souls whose lives are currently at the mercy of very sick and disturbed people. Massive shape-shifting and cleansing is needed in this regard and – hopefully – some way will be found during this period to bring these people the relief that is so greatly needed.

In this regard, and in so many other ways, this would be a good time to tie in with the shapeshifting potential of water, a good time to think about and act upon ways in which you might co-create with this energy as it brings forth the changes that are needed on so many levels. During this period these are the energies that will come into play:

1 Muluk (July 7th) – “the initiation of water”, a kind of “double water” day associated with the Moon Goddess (symbolic of the Number One) in conjunction with the refreshing, shape-shifting energy of water, coinciding at this time with Tanabata, Japan’s “Star Festival”.

As noted above, this is an important 52-day Shift-point within the 260-day cycle, at the opening of a trecena that often brings forth dramatic shifts in state, as it did last October when Mexico opened the “floodgates” to allow the migrant caravan “river” to stream into Mexico from Guatemala.

General path of the “river” of migrants from Honduras, with many travelling as far as the US border at Tijuana. Photo Credit: PetrohsW [CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

On that same Shift-point day last year a massive People’s Vote and Independence March for the Future was held in London, from Park Lane to Parliament Square, to demand a vote on the final Brexit deal.

At this time this energy coincides with Ringo Starr’s 79th birthday and World Chocolate Day.

2 Ok (July 8th) – a dynamic yin/yang type of force relating to love, warmth, guidance, and loyalty (associated with the Maya glyph for Dog), this time correlating with Clothes Drying Day in China, associated with a legend that indicates that the Dragon King, chief of all dragons that control all the waters of the earth – oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams – would spend this day drying its scales

3 Chuwen (July 9th) – the “activation” of creativity; an important “time-weaving” type of energy that can often bring forth powerful shifts. Maya birth energy of both Rachel Maddow, the popular television journalist who shines so much light on political machinations in the US, and Michael Faraday, whose contributions to the creation of electric motor technology through his work with electricity and electromagnetism have been the “activating” forces leading to technological revolutions.

4 Eb’ (July 10th) – the “defining of animating vitality”; an uplifting, refreshing type of energy that often brings a sense of new possibilities, often significantly eventful. Within the Maya calendar this is the beginning of the Maya month of Xul, symbolized by both a dog and a baby jaguar, but also traditionally associated with Kukulcan (known as Quetzalcoatl to the Aztec), the great Feathered Serpent, who was thought to descend from the heavens to collect offerings at the end of this Maya month. Xul can also translate as “end” which suggests, at this point, that there might be some consequential endings during this period.

80th birthday of the marvelous Mavis Staples, one of the great queens of rhythm and blues who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999 and into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2017.  Her Maya birth energy is 8 Eb’ which ties right in with the uplifting nature of her music. As a civil rights activist her repertoire includes songs such as “Long Walk to D.C.” and “When Will We Be Paid?”

World Population Day image from Awareness Days

5 B’en (July 11th) – the “blessing of personal authority”, coinciding at this time with the 30th anniversary of  World Population Day, which was established through the United Nations Development Program in 1989 when the world’s population was some 3 billion less than it is now. This year the focus is being placed on the unfinished business that stemmed from 1994’s landmark International Conference on Population and Development. This will be followed by an international summit in November. Click here for worldometers that show the world’s rising population. Click here for an Interactive Map. It is expected that there will be demonstrations around the world at this time to focus attention on the fact that this is becoming a major crisis.

Opening of the Main Days for the World Bodypainting Festival.  Two cycles since the launch of Tesla’s roadster on its journey towards Mars.

Maya birth energy of Gloria Vanderbilt, the artist, actress, author, fashion designer, socialite, and mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, whose high profile life (even from childhood) came to an end last month at age 95.

6 Ix (July 12th) – the energy of the six directions in conjunction with the jaguar (and Jaguar Warrior) and the fate of the earth, on the day that a Congressional hearing will be held with Acting DHS and Customs and Border Patrol heads on the separation and treatment of immigrant children. On this day an international Lights for Liberty vigil will be held to protest the incarceration of children at migrant detention centres. This will include hundreds of demonstrations in all 50 U.S. states to protest the treatment of children in U.S. concentration camps on the Mexican border. Two cycles since Nancy Pelosi gave a record-setting 8 hr. 7 min. speech to the US House of Representatives in support of a legislative solution to the plight of the DACA recipients.

This is also the opening for the 3-day “This is Zero Hour: The Youth Climate Summit” in Miami. Earth Guardians and The Juliana vs. the US lawsuit are also associated with this. This trial, involving 21 youth plaintiffs who are poised to take on the Trump administration over the issue of climate change, was set to begin one cycle ago but, again, has been delayed.

The Youth Climate Summit takes place in the middle of this trecena.

In 1973 this was the energy in place when the Endangered Species Act passed legislation.

7 Men (July 13th) – a “self-generating” type of energy associated with the Eagle’s “higher vision”. Maya birth energy of Rigoberta Menchu, the K’iche’ Maya political and human rights activist from Guatemala who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. The first of the two day All Rise for the Planet activist event at the Tate Gallery in London.

8 Kib’ (July 14th) – the “resurrection” of the transmutation oriented force that can lead towards the restoration of order, this time in conjunction with the launch of Chandrayaan-2, a robotic lunar orbiter/lander/rover which is expected to land in early September. The Chandrayaan-I, India’s first mission to the Moon (launched in 2008) has already completed its mission of charting the lunar surface.

Bastille Day in Paris, 2017. Photo credit: Chief Petty Officer Michael McNabb [Public domain]. July 14th this year marks the 230th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

In France there will be nationwide celebrations for Bastille Day, on the 230th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in Paris in 1789, which was a critical turning point in the French Revolution – a significant event that led to the overthrow of the monarchy.  Many of the amazing events planned for this important day can be found in this Paris Insiders Guide.

In addition to the celebrations there will also be remembrances on this third anniversary of the day when 86 people were killed and 434 were injured in a terrorist attack on a promenade in Nice. This is also the last day of the Calgary Stampede, the last day of the Quebec City Summer Festival, and the last day of the Youth Climate Summit in Miami, at which time activist Greta Thunberg will deliver the keynote address as she calls for youth involvement “as the foundation for radical change in the Climate Movement”.

9 Kab’an (July 15th) – representative of “outwardly-projecting” longevity in connection with the earth and evolutionary movement, coinciding at this time with the beginning of the Summer Uprising in the UK, hosted by Extinction Rebellion, to put pressure on the government to Act Now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025. One cycle since Brazil’s highly polarized presidential elections, on the third anniversary of an attempted military coup in Turkey.

The launch of Apollo 11 in 1969, on its way to the moon. NASA [Public Domain]

10 Etz’nab’ (July 16th) – foundational “flint”; a sparkling, “knife-edged”, “flash-point” type of energy that can either dazzle or divide and separate, at the time of the Full Moon and a Partial Lunar Eclipse – on the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 en route to the historic Moon Landing. Publication date for Tim Alberta’s American Carnage, a book by POLITICO Magazine’s chief political correspondent, that details criticism of Trump from prominent Republicans.

This was the energy in place in 1861 when President Abraham Lincoln addressed the U.S. Congress in his call for 500,000 militia for the Civil War, followed by ratification by Congress.

11 Kawak (July 17th) – inspirational “storm of compassion”, on one of the days when the popular Yamaboko Junko (grand parade) takes place in Kyoto with its massive Gion Matsuri floats.

12 Ajaw (July 18th) – a “gathering together” force aligned with the full sun, coinciding with Nelson Mandela International Day, on what would have been his 101st birthday. An overview of goals for the next 10 years can be found at Mandela Day.

Opening day for Comic-con 2019, the longest continuously-run comic and popular arts convention in the U.S.

The Ithaca:Talk to the Skies installation, part of the Blue Dot Festival in the UK.

Also the opening day of the 4-day Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank in the U.K., described as “an intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture, and the exploration of space”, where over 200 astronomers and astrophysicists share information about the cosmos and its workings. One of its most important messages: “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.” (Carl Sagan)  This year this festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission and Moon landing.

Three cycles since a sacred fire ceremony was held in Whitehorse to mark the opening of the first public hearings into the long awaited National Inquiry into some 4000 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. One cycle since a third large group of people in Honduras began forming another migrant caravan, as they began heading north, on foot, from San Salvador, on a perilous journey towards Mexico and the U.S.

One cycle since the US National Archives released for the first time (after 44 years) the factual “Road Map” for Nixon’s impeachment (the report of the indictment evidence). One cycle since the founding of the Extinction Rebellion activist group in the UK.

13 Imix (July 19th) – “transformational birth”, another force that can be highly intense, as activists will amass across the UK for the “Requiem for a Dead Planet” push for newspapers to tell the truth regarding climate change .

On this day Disney will release its “live action” (mostly CGI) version of “The Lion King”.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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