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After traversing a 13 day period that pulled a lot of “deep dark” secrets out of the recesses  and into the light, exposing long undisclosed realities and truths (somewhat along the lines of exposing the “wizard of oz”, but much more dire), we now come to a period that tends to place emphasis on the question of “now what . . . how do we get down to the business of addressing the issues that have arisen”?

Luckily, a short term deal was reached in the US, at the very tail-end of the last trecena, to avert a government shutdown and severe disruptions of federal services, but high on the agenda at this time is the need to find ways to prevent the grotesquely dysfunctional Maga elements within the Republican party from holding the government hostage again in the future. The fact that there is no credible leadership in that party, with far too many still pandering to the criminally indicted “former guy”, is a major concern that is compounded by the fact that during the last trecena that guy’s entire business “empire” has been judged, in court, to be a gigantic fraud, a “fantasy world” built on blatant lies. Between this and the multitude of other obsenities exposed in that regard over the previous few days in that department alone, there is much to be done to deal with all the issues.

Fortunately, the Kib’ trecena is now stepping up to the plate, with Kib’ often symbolized by a vulture that is tasked with “cleaning things up” after some kind of carnage. The emphasis during this period tends to be on fomenting new ways of thinking and finding new ways of working in order to find solutions to significant problems. Traditionally there has been a strong emphasis on ingenuity, industriousness, practicality, and, indeed, learning to “think differently”. Because the stakes are often high this can be a time when important transmutations take place, often triggered by dramatic events that demand change.

Adaptation of the K’ib (Vulture) trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One K’ib) is represented by the little head of a vulture at the lower left (within the border). The other days of this trecena proceed from there to the right, and then up towards the top, to the head of a rabbit (Lamat) at the upper right. The daysign numbers pertaining to this trecena (beginning with One K’ib) are not shown, but implied. The patron deity associated with this trecena is shown on the left in the larger image at the top. That is the canine deity Xolotl, in his guise as a deity of Twins and Conjoined Things. His twin is Quetzalcoatl, shown in serpentine form on the right. Xolotl is also wearning a conch pendant, often associated with Quetzalcoatl. The fact that the serpent is depicted as cut into five pieces may reflect the fact that this trecena is often associated with the often challenging process of transmutation.

During this energy sequence there is often an emphasis on duality, sometimes involving paired events or paired ideas struggling to maintain equilibrium or overcome obstacles. Often there is a kind of “teetering” between two polarities, reflective of the “sun close to the earth” or “fire in the earth” kinds of forces associated with the patron energies of this period, energies that have been known to foment havoc for the purpose of transmutation, often as part of a push towards the birthing of a new type of order. In the past one of the  most vivid manifestations of this duality in action was the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 2001 when hit by two planes intent on wreaking havoc on the Western world. That world-shifting event brought massive changes in terms of national and international security practices.

The polarities can be seen very clearly in the US at this time with one major party seemingly hell-bent on destruction, under the leadership of a mob-boss type of madman who continues calling for violence, destruction, and even the trashing of government agencies, and the other party working frantically to uphold democracy and humanitarian goals both in that country and abroad.

Gorgeous white-backed vulture. Photo Credit: Alexf [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

But there is something about this Kib’ period that can bring forth significant shifts, generally towards the light, as reflected in the symbols associated with this period, one of which is “wax”, as in “candle” or “votive” (ie. light), symbolically seen as a piece of the sun that can help to restore hope and light the way. Another is the symbol of the Vulture, the high-flying bird that is often highly revered for its resourcefulness, intelligence, adaptability, and perceptive abilities, and for its connection to death and rebirth.  And this is the theme of the Kib’ trecena, with One Kib’, the first day of this time frame representing the “initiation of the restoration of order”, marking the beginning of a time frame often oriented around the idea of “getting down to business” in order to resolve problems.

We could see this five cycles ago, in early 2020, when ingenuity and “quick thinking” were rapidly called into play during this period, and humungous numbers of people were required to make huge adjustments to their lives due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. Indeed, one of the first big actions was seen when the whole of Italy was quarantined to prevent the spread of the coronvirus, and thousands of flights were cancelled worldwide. That was when the World Health Organization formally declared a global pandemic and called for governments to take “urgent action”.

Immediately thereafter countries around the world began going into lockdown, some completely, and some only partially. It was the beginning of what the director of the US Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy termed a “coronavirus winter”, and people had to find new ways to deal with the practicalities of life as they retreated and hunkered down.

But now there are other forms of “fire in the earth” that need to be addressed – including the global warming issue that triggered so many fires ON the earth over this past hottest summer on record. And now Australia and South America  are both undergoing “ferocious” heatwaves, with 40C plus temperatures in many areas. Note that it has now been seven cycles (7 x 260 days) since the 2018 release of the UN’s “final call” Climate Change report, and eleven cycles since 196 nations involved in COP21 in Paris voted to approve an historic global accord to fight climate change, with the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions and limiting temperature rises. But where are we now on this? With so much tension between the forces of freedom and oppression playing out, on so many levels, including in zones of outright war such as Ukraine, the bigger issues have yet to be resolved.

But big changes have been made during this trecena in the past, and people with integrity have stepped forward, as could be seen on the first day of this trecena in 1987 when President Reagan challenged President Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. In 2009  this was the trecena in place when the U.S. and Russia mutually agreed to reduce nuclear arsenals, which set the course to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. In 1972 this was in place when the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, and again in 2021 when the U.S. pulled out of Afghanistan. The last time this trecena was in place, last January, billions in military aid and equipment, such as tanks, were pledged to assist Ukraine, which has helped them make progress in pushing back against Russia, even though the war continues on. And now, as this trecena begins, the tentative nature of early support for Ukraine has changed into a unified commitment, with that commitment now seen as Europe’s top priority.

As always, this trecena holds great potential for illumination, pathfinding, and for the development of practical approaches towards finding solutions to even the most challenging of problems – all oriented around transmutation and the “restoration of order”. Here are the energies that are coming into play:

One Kib’ (Oct. 1st) – the “initiation” of the transmutation force that leads towards the restoration of order, at the beginning of Golden Week in China, currently marking the 74th Gregorian anniversary of the proclamation of the founding of The People’s Republic of China. This national seven day holiday can often foment massive traffic jams due to the humungous movement of people.

At this time this energy is also coinciding with

  • the opening day for Mental Illness Awareness Week, dedicated to education and increasing awareness about mental health.
  • the continuation of the Judeo/Christian Feast of the Tabernacles, aka Sukkot
  • Defenders’ Day in Ukraine, to honour armed forces veterans
  •  the UN’s International Day for Older Persons, on former President Jimmy Carter’s 99th birthday
  • the 65th Gregorian anniversary of the day in 1958 when NASA began its operations.

In Canada this is the beginning of Women’s History month, a good time to remember and honour the many women who have contributed so much to this country. Click here for one interesting article that ties in with this.

Statue of Shannen Koostachin who, at age 14, was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize for her work to end systemic underfunding of First Nations’ schools. Following her accidental death, a campaign titled Shannen’s Dream was born, to promote education rights for Indigenous students across Canada. This life-sized bronze statue of Shannen was created by sculptor Tyler Fauvelle.

This marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for the US government, now that some semblance of a new spending bill has been approved, even though much remains to be done to get this extended beyond November. Chaos will continue in the House of Representatives as the peons taking orders from the dumpster will continue to wreak havok as prosecutions close in and the first big trial gets underway. Note the contrast from ten cycles ago (2600 days), from mid-August of 2016, when the dumpster proclaimed:

“In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”

The number of grossly hypocritical falsehoods that have spewn forth since then have since turned into an almost daily barrage. But, as this trecena will demonstrate, accountability is now the name of the game, and this is now being activated very directly by the New York justice system. A New York court room, presided over by Judge Engoron, will be “Ground Zero” for that accountability during this time frame.

In the spring of 2010 this was the energy in place when The Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law in the US by President Obama. In March of 2020 the first day of this trecena was the significant “turning point” day when Joe Biden won several state primaries as it became clear that he would become the Democrat’s presidential nominee.

Three cycles ago the Canadian government announced that more than $180 million was being pledged for new programs to help address items on the action plan drawn up in response to the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

It has now been seven cycles (7 x 260 days) since the release of the UN’s “final call” Climate Change report (in 2018) that gave that extensive warning on the need to limit global warming to no more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, which would require “rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”.

The 74th International Astronautical Congress

2 Kab’an (Oct. 2nd) – a “dynamic” type of energy related to the earth, or “earth movement”, coinciding with the UN’s World Habitat Day. The theme for this year is “Resilient urban economies. Cities as drivers of growth and recovery” . . . , with this year’s global observance conference being held in Baku, Aberbajjan. This is also the opening day for the 74th International Astronautical Congress, the world’s premier global space conference, also being held this year in Baku, Azerbaijan, under the theme of “Global Challenges and Opportunities: Give Space a Chance”, running from Oct. 2-6.

This is the first day of the Trump Organization trial in New York, to settle questions related to the fraud case brought by New York attorney general, Letitia James. As seen last week, a scathing ruling has already been issued by Judge Engoron, based on overwhelming evidence that exposed the dumpster’s business as a complete fraud, and an order has been given to rescind the dumpster’s business licenses immediately. With that central question having been decided, this trial with focus on related matters, such as the penalties that will have to be paid.

The US Supreme Court also begins a new term on this day, with cases involving gun rights, the power of federal agencies, abortion, and social media regulation all coming up during this term.

In addition this is

  • the UN’s International Day of Non-Violence, always observed on Mahatma Gandhi’s Gregorian birthday.
  • the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding, as part of Mental Illness Awareness week
  • the beginning of “announcement week” for this year’s Nobel Prizes
  • day which the Catholic church commemorates as the Feast of the Guardian Angels or the Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels


It has now been five Tzolk’in cycles exactly since the WHO declared a global
pandemic in 2020 and called for governments to take “urgent action” against the

In 1968 this was the energy in place when Douglas C. Engelbart gave a 90-minute
demonstration at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco that included the world’s first mouse and word processor – key to our huge transition into the now ubiquitous use of computer technologies.

3 Etz’nab’ (Oct. 3rd) – the “activation” of a sparkling, “knife-edged” type of energy that can dazzle, shock, and/or begin a separation process, marking five cycles exactly since “America shut down”, as theatres, museums, restaurants, entertainment venues, colleges and school districts across the US closed up; and many other events were cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

Currently, in South Korea this is the Foundation Day public holiday, known as the “Festival of the Opening of Heaven”, Tangun Day or Gaecheonjeol, commemorating the traditional founding of Korea by Tangun in 2333 BC. The holiday is celebrated with ceremonies on the summit of Mount Manisan on Kanghwa Island, about 25 miles west of Seoul. According to tradition, this is where Tangun offered sacrifices to heaven.

4 Kawak (Oct. 4th) – a “defining” type of energy aligned with “storm”, representative of the sun working together with the energy of intense rain, which can sometimes manifest as a “storm of compassion”. This is one of the five key energies located at the centre of the Aztec Sun Stone.

also the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assissi

This is World Animal Day and the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment, a time for many Blessing of the Animals events. World Animal Day was initiated in 1931 at a convention of ecologists to highlight the plight of endangered species, and since then has been observed annually as a tribute day for all animals.

Five cycles ago this was in place when PM Justin Trudeau announced sweeping steps to tackle the coronavirus outbreak in Canada, and Canada began going into lockdown. In 1918 this energy was in place when a Madrid newspaper ran a story about a “fever” that had infected 80,000 people. This is what came to be known as the “Spanish flu”, which became the second deadliest pandemic in human history.

It has now been two cycles since the grand jury was impanelled in the Fulton County, Georgia case last year, pertaining to the dumpster’s attempted meddling with the results of the 2020 U.S. election. The first trial in that case is due to begin on Oct. 23rd.

5 Ajaw (Oct. 5th) – the “blessing of enlightenment”, a “full sun” day, coinciding with UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day, with this year’s theme being “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”.


Xochipilli, “Prince of Flowers” (Aztec god of art, games, beauty, flowers). Mexico City Museum of Anthropology.
Photo Credit: Anagoria [CC-BY-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons. Xochipilli’s birthday was celebrated on 5 Ajaw.

In ancient Mesoamerican mythology this is the energy associated with Xochipilli’s birthday. Xochipilli was an Aztec deity associated with the arts and beauty, and with games.

This energy, aligned with the sun, often manifests  as “enlightenment breaking through” in some way, but it can also bring forth a great deal of heat. Currently this marks the 170th anniversary of the start of the Crimea War in the mid 19th century, which Russia lost.

This is the Maya birth energy of Dr. Peter Bryce, the Canadian public health physician who highlighted the mistreatment of indigenous children in Indian residential schools during the early 20th century.

6 Imix (Oct. 6th) – an “everywhere” type of energy associated with “birth”, which can
often bring chaos as some new order of being is manifested, marking seven cycles exactly since huge migrant caravans began trekking north from Central America towards the U.S. border in 2018. This was also the energy in place at the time of the terrorist attack on, and demolition of, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001.

Currently this is the final day of the Judeo/Christian Feast of the Tabernacles, aka
Sukkot, and is the day when the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced.

7 Ik’ (Oct. 7th) – “self-generating” wind/breath/spirit, coinciding at this time with “Let Freedom Read” Day, and the 97th Gregorian birthday of Opal Lee, the feisty activist who fought long and hard to make Juneteenth a federally-recognized holiday in the U.S.

In the U.S., this day marks four cycles exactly since early December, 2020 when then-US Attorney-General Barr said that there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, a statement that preceded his resignation and the concoction of the BIG Lie on the part of the dumpster and his allies that led to the Jan. 6th insurrection and its aftermath. At that time Georgia’s voting systems implementation manager angrily admonished Republicans for spreading these lies, and specifically called upon the dumpster to “stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence”. This eventually led to the impanelling of that Georgia grand jury to investigate these issues, and the eventual indictments that followed.

8 Ak’b’al (Oct. 8th) – a “resurrection” type of energy associated with “temple” or “house”, “darkness”, and deep esoteric mysteries, as was in place five cycles ago when Dr. Michael Osterholm (Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy, and author of Deadliest Enemy) said (in March of 2020) that that was the first day of a “coronavirus winter”. At that time he warned that it was a situation that could last for months – a significant underestimate!

In 1909 this was the energy in place when the first National Women’s Day was celebrated in the U.S.  Currently this is the 82nd Gregorian birthday of political activist and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson.

Canada’s Thanksgiving is celebrated on Oct. 9th this year. Photo Credit: Vlad Litvinov, Toronto [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

9 K’an (Oct. 9th) – representative of “outwardly-projecting” longevity in association with germination, coinciding at this time with Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

In the US this is Columbus Day, a controversial observance, begun in 1792, to commemorate Christopher Columbus’s landing in the “new world” in 1492. Since it has now been estimated that over 100 million people inhabited those regions at that time, the absurdity of that “new world” claim can now be seen more clearly, and this day is now celebrated as Indigenous People’s Day in New Mexico, Oregon, Alaska, and many other states and cities, instead of Columbus day. Indeed, two years ago President Biden issued a proclamation officially commemorating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, becoming the first US president to do so.

This is Leonard Nimoy’s Maya birth energy – and he will always be remembered as Star Trek’s iconic “Mr. Spock”. Nine K’an could also translate as “Live Long and Prosper”, Spock’s famous Vulcan salute, that has now become a meme. In 1990 the Hubble Space Telescope was deployed under this influence, after its launch the day before.

World Mental Health Day is part of Mental Illness Awareness Week that began on Oct. 1st

10 Chikchan (Oct. 10th) – a Burner Day associated with “Foundational Lifeforce,
Liberation, and Higher Consciousness” that is often quite intense, currently coinciding with World Mental Health Day. In 1980 this was the energy in place when the World Health Organization announced that smallpox has been eradicated.

Note that 10 Chikchan is a kind of “seesaw” force that represents a balancing between Death (10) and Life (Chikchan), so the choices made at this time can be highly consequential. This was the energy in place five cycles ago when the dumpster in the White House told journalist Bob Woodward that his first instinct regarding the coronavirus was to “always play it down”. But after that millions of people in the US became infected, and well over a million in that country alone lost their lives to it.

Currently this is Party Foundation Day in North Korea, the celebration of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea in 1945, an annual public holiday that includes mass events and military parades.

11 Kimi (Oct. 11th) – “inspirational” death/new foundations, coinciding with National Coming Out Day and the UN’s International Day of the Girl, marking the 11th anniversary of the celebration of this day that promotes the human rights of the girl child in all areas, and helps to support their development.

At this point it has been 11 Tzolk’in cycles (11 x 260) since 196 nations involved in the COP21 (Climate Change Conference) in Paris, in 2015, voted to approve an historic global accord to fight climate change, signalling an end to the fossil fuel era, as they committed for the first time to a universal agreement that has the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions and limiting temperature rises. As we all know, politics, the pandemic, and wars have all played havoc with that goal.

12 Manik’ (Oct. 12th) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with reciprocity, coinciding with the World Health Organization’s World Sight Day.

In Spain this is the day celebrated as Hispanic Day, a national public holiday that commemorates the legacy of Spain worldwide, particularly the “claiming for Spain” of the Americas. In many places this is known as El Día de la Raza (“The Day of the Race”), a day to highlight the heritage and cultural diversity of Latin Americans wherever they may live and to recognize their resistance to the infiltration of Europeans. In Venezuela it is specifically known as El Día de la Resistencia Indigena (The Day of Indigenous Resistance).

In the spring of 1968 this was the energy in place when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his memorable “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speech the day before his assassination.

13 Lamat (Oct. 13th) – “transformational star”, an intense and often highly consequential “heralding” type of force, coinciding at this time with the UN’s International Day for Disaster Reduction. This was the energy in place at the time of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968; at the end of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, when the last remaining U.S. combat soldiers left Vietnam in 1973; and near the end of Kabul  evacuations in 2021, when US forces airlifted some 19,000 people out of Kabul over a 24 hour period.

Four cycles ago (in 2020) this was in place when the sun released a huge CME (Coronal  Mass Ejection) that hurled plasma and magnetic fields towards Earth, causing an increase in auroras about 3 days later. That was when it was announced that Solar Cyle 25, due to peak in 2025, could be one of the strongest on record. The last time this was in place (in January) Cape Canaveral launched another batch of 56 Starlink satellites. Currently this is the start of the Jasper Dark Sky Festival that runs through much of the next trecena.

Two cycles ago this was in place when a federal grand jury subpoena demanded that the dumpster turn over to the government all documents with classified markings that might still be at Mar-a-Lago. Currently the clock is ticking towards that classified documents trial, which will start on a 12 Lamat day, in May.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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