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In mid to late August the corn is high and the season’s bounty is ripe for the picking. The summer has been hot and challenging, and many of those challenges continue as fire fighting crews battle against ferocious wildfires in many different regions, particularly along North America’s West Coast. While this is going on, other areas have been hit by record-breaking rains, including the Kerala region in India, the Philippines, the U.S. Northeast, and even southern Nevada.

K’an is associated with “treasures”, as in the bounties of the earth

But this is also a time when fields become ready for harvest and important festivals take place, which ties in with the K’an trecena’s connection with the young Maya corn god who represents exuberance for life and the bounties of the earth.

Aligned with the general idea of both Germination and Abundance, this is a trecena that can open up many possibilities. It tends to be an energetic sequence that holds much potential as it provides the groundwork for the evolutionary push that will come through the trecena that will follow.

Still part of the traditional creation sequence that began 13 days ago, this K’an initiated time period tends to encompass some vigorous energies associated with the inception of new ideas or the forging of new directions. Suggestive of “anything is possible”, this is a period that can often become a time of “testing”, as new possibilities begin to take shape and the process of nurturing new endeavors begins. A metaphor would be a new plant just beginning to sprout. It needs light and air and nutrients, and room to grow.

Last year this trecena came into place twice, in early spring and again near the end of the year. During its appearance in March there was a lot of “testing” as many objectionable tactics (such as attempted travel bans and false accusations of wiretapping) were tried by the new Trump administration. But it wasn’t long before people began pushing back. The attempted travel bans were blocked, there was push-back on attempts to revise the Health Care system, and there was major chaos in Washington. By mid trecena at that time it was learned that Paul Manafort, formerly Trump’s campaign manager and chief strategist, had secretly worked for a Russian billionaire (a close Putin ally). At that same time former FBI Director James Comey told the U.S. House Intelligence Committee that the FBI was investigating the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow. The Russia investigation formally began two months later, and in late October Manafort was indicted on multiple counts, including conspiracy against the U.S.

Currently this trecena begins with the jury in deliberation after the prosecution rested its case during Manafort’s first trial, two cycles after the report came out about Manafort’s links with Russia. And now, with the K’an trecena in place once again the repercusions of that trial are unfolding. So once again we are seeing an “echo” of these threads from earlier events as this trecena comes back into being.

Another of these threads was in evidence one cycle ago as Robert Mueller zeroed in on those critical early days during which Michael Flynn was kept on at the White House as National Security Advisor even though he was known to be a security risk. About that same time a Russian report confirmed that Russia had indeed been involved in the attack on the 2016 election. With that confirmation, and Flynn now cooperating with the Mueller investigation, it will be interesting to see what else might be revealed during this current period.

Also noteworthy is the fact that this was the trecena in place at the time of the “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate in 1973. At the time of that “massacre” The Tonight Show was cancelled so that media could report on what was then seen as “the most serious constitutional crisis in [U.S.] history”, which erupted when President Nixon fired the special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, which also triggered the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson, who said that he could not carry out that firing. Despite the “massacre” the Watergate investigation continued on, with Leon Jaworski taking on the job of prosecutor.

Shortly after his appointment Jaworski asked the Supreme Court if a sitting president could be charged with a crime. Upon learning that this was possible (that a president is not above the law) Nixon was required to hand over sixty-four taped conversations (including what has been termed the “Smoking Gun” tape), which led to Nixon’s resignation shortly thereafter, after the first article of impeachment was drawn up. Given the developments and scandals that have been uncovered over the past two years that “crisis” now looks considerably mild in comparison.

Statue of Lady Justice near Hong Kong’s Legislative Council Building. Photo by ChvhLR10 [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons. Lady Justice is reminiscent of the blindfolded patron of this trecena who is associated with “fate”, representative of the need for prudence and vigilance at this time.

And now, as the threads from the last two cycles continue weaving through the fabric of time, the verdict will come through in the Manafort trial, with Michael Cohen (Trump’s former lawyer) standing in the wings awaiting his fate as Robert Mueller’s team goes through the millions of files that were seized from Cohen. With this in mind, it is not unlikely that more indictments from the special counsel’s investigation could be forthcoming at this time. Indeed, the blindfolded sacrificial deity who was seen by the ancients as an important patron energy associated with this time frame may well reflect Lady Justice, the allegorical personification of justice and morality. With the second patron energy of this time frame being associated with fate, it will be interesting to see whose fate is “sealed” as we go through this critical period – a time frame known for its unpredictability – as in “anything is possible”.

With this trecena’s energies holding the potential to bring forth surprises it would be a good idea to exercise care and prudence with anything that one might want to “germinate” at this time. With vigilance and care anything “planted” at this time could easily “sprout” into something strong and robust. Two cycles ago large numbers of people were organizing themselves around very specific causes, as they took part in such things as the huge anti-Brexit marches in the UK and the enormous anti-corruption protests across Russia as protestors carried “Down with Putin” signs and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The first few days of this K’an trecena are an extension of the creation sequence that began on One Chuwen (on August 3rd). Based on past events that have taken place on One K’an, there is the suggestion that during this time a number of influential energies that are embryonic to major world developments can come into play. This idea of attempting to “germinate” or set the foundations for new ideas can be seen in many key past events that have taken place during this trecena, as when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his prophetic speech about being a “drum major for peace” in 1968.

Other significant developments that have taken place during this trecena include the declaration of Napoléon Bonaparte as Emperor of France (in 1804) and Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers (in 1933). In 1978 it was this trecena that brought Cardinal Karol Wojtyla’s election as Pope John Paul II, and in 1985 this trecena saw Mikhail Gorbachev’s election as Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party. It was the first day of this trecena in 2008 when Barack Obama gave his historic acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium as the Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency. And four cycles ago it was this trecena that brought a stunning victory for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party during the Canadian elections.

One of the most important days for the Maya comes in on Eight Chuwen (aka 8 Batz’), the most significant festival day for K’iche’ Maya daykeepers. This is the sacred day that is oriented around the renewal of calendar traditions and the initiation of new daykeepers. Eight Chuwen represents a kind of “resurrection” of the type of solar energy that can “weave together” past and future to help the “new entity” gain a foothold on the road of life, with that “road” being represented by the 9 Eb’ energies that come in the following day.

During this trecena there is often an emphasis on working with “the unseen” or the unknown. Because of this aspect there is always a strong need for prudence and alertness during this period, as the implications of both thought and action could be very, very profound. This is the lead-up to the highly significant Kab’an trecena that begins later this month.

During this current trecena several important festival and ceremonial events will take place, including China’s Double Seventh and Hungry Ghost festivals; the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca; the Islamic holiday known as Eid Al-Adha; and the opening of the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

So as we connect once again with the K’an trecena energy sequence, again we will be germinating (or “planting the seeds”) for what is to follow. It is a time when some sacrifices may be required to make room for new growth and new life – which might take the form of an abandonment of old ideas in favour of something new, fresh, and life-enhancing. These are the energies that will come into play:

1 K’an (Aug. 16th) – an “initiating” energy associated with germination (or even the creation of new abundance), on the day when some 350 news organizations will publish a “coordinated response” on the dangers of the Trump administration’s assault on journalism and the press; while there will be different editorials, the core message of “the importance of a free and independent press” will be the same. This is the day when the jury in the Manafort trial will begin their deliberations.

This was also the energy in place ten years ago when Barack Obama delivered his historic acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium – a time of great hope and anticipation for millions.

2 Chikchan (Aug. 17th) – “dynamic lifeforce”, coinciding at this time China’s Double Seventh Festival (aka the Qixi or Qiqiao festival, also seen as “Young Girls’ Festival” or “Chinese Valentine’s Day” (based on an ancient love legend), at a time when Venus will reach its greatest elongation east.

Logo for the International Society for Animal Rights

3 Kimi (Aug. 18th) – the “activation of absolute foundations”, this time in conjunction with National
Honey Bee Day in the US. and International Homeless Animals Day

4 Manik’ (Aug. 19th) – a “defining” energy associated with reciprocity and the energy of deer – a kind of harmonizing energy connected with the natural world. In combination with the solar energy of the number four this is a “double sun” type of force, coinciding at this time with the UN’s World Humanitarian Day, on the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. This is also the opening day for the 27th International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver, in conjunction with the Vancouver International Bird Festival.

A “map” of the Kaaba, the building at the centre of Islam’s most important mosque, the focal point for the Hajj pilgrimage. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

This evening marks the beginning of the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, at which time millions of Muslims travel to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia for annual prayers.

Maya birth energy of Robert Mueller, the former FBI director who is now leading the investigation into Russia connections with the White House.

5 Lamat (Aug. 20th) – a “blessing” type of energy associated with Venus, which can serve as a
beacon or herald, this time coinciding with the opening of the Global Conference on Mathematical
Sciences and Statistics, in Dubai, at a time when Saturn can be seen close to the moon.

6 Muluk (Aug. 21st) – the energy of the six directions in conjunction with the purifying or shape-shifting energy of water, as the Islamic holiday known as Eid Al-Adha begins in the evening.

7 Ok (Aug. 22nd) – translating as “self-generating” love, guidance, and/or loyalty, as Mars will be seen close to the Moon. Two cycles since the dramatic hearing before the US House Intelligence Committee when former FBI Director James Comey told that committee for the first time that the FBI was investigating the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow – the first time a seated president has been under FBI investigation.

8 Chuwen, aka 8 Batz’ (Aug. 23rd) a highly auspicious day for the Maya, as this is the time when K’iche’ Maya daykeepers celebrate the renewal of their sacred calendar traditions and initiate new daykeepers.

9 Eb’ (Aug. 24th) – “outward projecting stream of consciousness”, or “outward projecting road”, an energy that could also translate as “immortal healing”. At this time this energy coincides with the final day of the Hajj. This day was also supposed to mark the start of the colourful 10-day Onam harvest festival in Kerala, India, but that festival had to be cancelled after Kerala was hit last week with the worst floods in nearly a century. A total of 444 villages were affected by the devastating monsoon rains.

Two cycles ago this was the energy in place at the unveiling of the nine-month renovation of the Edicule (the shrine in Jerusalem where Jesus was buried and resurrected).

10 B’en (Aug. 25th) – “foundational personal authority”; symbolic of the full authority of maize, this is the strong “pillar” energy representative of strength, inner power, and self determination. In 1973 this was the energy in place at the time of the “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate; on this night The Tonight Show was cancelled so that media could report on what was then seen as “ the most serious constitutional crisis in [US] history”.

This is also the Maya birth energy of Nostradamus, the 16th century seer whose predictions helped to fuel speculations about the “end times”. The Islamic holiday of Eid Al-Adha ends this evening.

Currently this coincides with the Chinese Hungry Ghost festival, part of what is
referred to as the Ghost month (Aug. 11th to Sept. 9th this year), during which many people carry protective amulets.

Hungry Ghosts scroll at the Kyoto National Museum. The scroll (one of Japan’s national treasures) depicts the world of the hungry ghosts, one of the six realms of Buddhism. It also explains how the hungry ghosts are saved by offerings from the living. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

11 Ix (Aug. 26th) – “inspirational magic” in conjunction with the jaguar and the mysteries of the earth, coinciding at this time with the Full Moon, with  National Dog Day, and with the opening of the Burning Man festival in Nevada, with its “I, Robot” theme this year, as Mercury reaches its greatest elongation from the sun. This is the New Fire (Calendar Round) anniversary of the first airing of the beloved Star Trek series. It is also the 275th Gregorian anniversary of the birth of Antoine Lavoisier, who is widely considered to be the “father of modern chemistry”.

25 ft. high steel “Coyote” structure at Burning Man in 2013. The head can rotate 360 degrees. Photo by dvsross [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

12 Men (Aug. 27th) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with the high vision of the Eagle. 110 years since the birth of Lyndon B. Johnson who assumed the presidency after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated (Johnson was born on 5 Etz’nab’ in  1908, the same energy that was in place at the time of the 2016 election)

13 Kib’ (Aug. 28th) – a transformation-oriented energy aligned with the ability to “fly high”, survey, and ultimately restore order. As Kib’ is an energy that can often force people to think differently, this 13 Kib’ energy can often push particularly hard, often compelling people to take some kind of direct action, as happened with the Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the U.S. three cycles ago, and in the massive anti-corruption protests across Russia, two cycles ago.

In 2010 NASA’s extraordinary Solar Dynamics Observatory was launched under this influence, and in 1963 Mount Agung in Bali began the rumbling that led to a massive volcanic eruption. In keeping with the strong weather activity that is often bought by this energy, 13 Kib’ delivered a major storm to Europe during its last appearance. This is the  13th anniversary of the Gregorian date when evacuation orders were given and states of emergency declared as Hurricane Katrina began its rampage on Louisiana and other southern states in 2005.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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