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“The most serious constitutional crisis in [US] history” – that was the phrase used in 1973 as the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate was being reported. But a great many are now stating flatly that the current administration’s “complete stonewalling of Congress”, combined with the appalling actions of the Attorney-General, has made the current crisis in Washington far worse. This is a dire and unprecedented situation, wherein the congressional checks and balances on presidential power are being blatantly and deliberately obfuscated by the occupants of the White House as well as by the Attorney-General, and there are no clear avenues for resolution. Add to this the on-going crisis in Venezuela, the massive protests in Sudan, the social upheavals in Europe, and (among other things) the fact that 100 million people living in northern India are now in the path of a massive cyclone, and we can assuredly say that this K’an trecena has its work cut out for it.

The highly revered 850 year old Jagannatha Temple in Puri, India, which is located in a region that is being affected by a massive cyclone just as this trecena gets underway. Photo by RJ Rituraj [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Traditionally this is a trecena that was thought of as being aligned with Germination, with the potential to be highly robust in the sense that it can open up all sorts of possibilities for action. Still part of the traditional creation sequence that began 13 days ago, this K’an initiated time period tends to encompass some vigorous energies associated with the inception of new ideas or the forging of new directions. In conjunction with this it can often become a time of “testing”, as new possibilities begin to take shape and the process of nurturing new endeavors begins.

In ancient Mesoamerica this trecena was seen as being under the patronage of a formidable deity known as the God of Frost, often associated with sacrifice, which sounds rather ominous. And it would seem that, given that the deaths of Aretha Franklin, Kofi Annan, John McCain, and Neil Simon all took place during the last appearance of this trecena, that there may be something to that.

However, this concept may also be representative of a need to retain a certain amount of caution if presented with enticing new ideas as there is a potential here for great bounty (in one form or another) to unfold, which could be jeopardized by “frost” (metaphorical or “real”). The idea is to carefully nurture, but not endanger, new opportunities. A second patron aligned with this time frame appears to be representative of “the fate of the earth”, which – given the current circumstances – also seems to fit, as many highly consequential decisions are going to have to be made at this time. As an energetic sequence that holds the potential to open up many new possibilities, this is a timeframe that often provides the groundwork for the “evolutionary movement” period that will follow.

One of the most noteworthy examples of the “testing” aspect of this trecena was in evidence – not surprisingly ¬– in 1973 at the time of that “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate. At that time there was enormous concern about what was then seen as “the most serious constitutional crisis in [U.S.] history”, which erupted in conjunction with President Nixon’s firing of special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, which also triggered the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson, who said that he could not carry out that firing. Despite the “massacre” the Watergate investigation continued on, with Leon Jaworski taking on the job of prosecutor. Shortly after his appointment Jaworski asked the Supreme Court if a sitting president could be charged with a crime. Upon learning that this was possible (that a president is not above the law) Nixon was required to hand over sixty-four taped conversations (including what has been termed the “Smoking Gun” tape), which led to Nixon’s resignation shortly thereafter, after the first article of impeachment was drawn up. Again, all this seems relatively mild compared with what is currently going on.

During the past few appearances of this trecena there has been a great deal of “testing” as many objectionable actions have been attempted by the current administration. During its last appearance Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty on several criminal counts and Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer, plead guilty to several criminal charges.  As this trecena returns again Michael Cohen will be reporting to begin a 3 yr. prison term for his offences.

And now there is the Mueller report with all the questions and loose threads still to be addressed, in addition to all the issues related to holding the executive branch of the government accountable.

In the past this was the trecena that brought Napoléon Bonaparte’s declaration of himself as Emperor of France (in 1804) and Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers (in 1933). In 1978 it was this trecena that brought Cardinal Karol Wojtyla’s election as Pope John Paul II, and in 1985 this trecena saw Mikhail Gorbachev’s election as Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party. It was the first day of this trecena in 2008 when Barack Obama gave his historic acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium as the Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency. And five cycles ago it was this trecena that brought a stunning victory for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party during the Canadian elections.

Given what is currently going on in Venezuela will there be an ousting of Maduro during this period and a declaration of victory for Juan Guaidó? And what about the battle for Tripoli – with tens of thousands of people now homeless, and UN-backed government forces now holding their ground, will there be an ousting of the renegade army that has been attacking that city? In Sudan will the hundreds of thousands of protestors currently taking part in a sit-in outside Sudan’s defence ministry manage to get the ruling military council to hand over power to a civilian administration?

One of the gorgeous creatures that is symbolic of this trecena, with their jewel-like features being reflective of the opulence so often associated with K’an. Their alert, perceptive nature and ability to react quickly to whatever comes their way ties in with the need for alertness and flexibility during this time of “testing”.

As this K’an trecena does certainly hold the potential to bring forth surprises it would be a good idea to exercise care and prudence with anything that one might want to “germinate” at this time. Certainly with vigilance and care anything “planted” at this time could easily “sprout” into something strong and robust. Recklessness, on the other hand, might be problematic.

The first few days of this K’an trecena are an extension of the creation sequence that began on One Chuwen (on April 20th). Based on past events that have taken place on the first day of this K’an time frame, there is the suggestion that during this period a number of influential energies that are embryonic to major world developments can come into play. This idea of attempting to “germinate” or set the foundations for new ideas can be seen in many key past events that have taken place during this trecena, as when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his prophetic speech about being a “drum major for peace” in 1968.

One of the most important days for the Maya comes in on Eight Chuwen (aka 8 Batz’), the most significant festival day for K’iche’ Maya daykeepers. This is the sacred day that is oriented around the renewal of calendar traditions and the initiation of new daykeepers. Eight Chuwen represents a kind of “resurrection” of the type of solar energy that can “weave together” past and future to help the “new entity” gain a foothold on the road of life, with that “road” being represented by the 9 Eb’ energies that come in the following day.

During this trecena there is often an emphasis on working with “the unseen” or the unknown. Because of this aspect there is always a strong need for prudence and alertness during this period, as the implications of both thought and action could be very, very profound. This is the lead-up to the highly significant Kab’an trecena that begins in the middle of May.

The coronation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama X) on an 8 K’an day in 1950. Photo from the Thailand Government Public Relations Dept. Public Domain via WIkimedia Commons.

During this current trecena several important ceremonial events will take place, including the coronation of the King of Thailand, and events associated with the new Emperor of Japan. Such events tie in well with the “opulence” that is often associated with K’an. It may even be that Congress will finally begin to get some of Trump’s financial records that have been subpoenaed from various organizations.

So as we connect once again with the K’an trecena energy sequence, again we will be germinating (or “planting the seeds”) for what is to follow. It is a time when some sacrifices may be required to make room for new growth and new life – which might take the form of an abandonment of old ideas in favour of something new, fresh, and life-enhancing. It is highly likely that during this period new life may also emerge in the form of a new royal baby in the UK, who most assuredly will be born into the realm of great opulence. These are the energies that will come into play:

1 K’an (May 3rd ) – an “initiating” energy associated with germination (or even the creation of new abundance), coinciding with the first day of the 3-day coronation ceremonies for His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand, the first coronation in that country since 1950. Prayers and rituals will be held on this day to honour past Chakri Dynasty kings. Sacred water and other aspects of the ceremonies can be found here: sacred water and royal regalia. At this time the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon CRS-17 cargo is due to be launched on its mission to the ISS in the early dawn.

On this opening day for the K’an trecena the monstrous Cyclone Fani is expected to make landfall along India’s northern coastline. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of people at risk, one of India’s oldest and most venerated Hindu temples, the Shree Jagannath (shown above) is also in the cyclone’s path.
One cycle since some 350 media organizations published a “coordinated response” on the dangers of the Trump administration’s assault on journalism and the press; with the core message in all editorials being “the importance of a free and independent press”, on the same day as the jury in the Manafort trial began their deliberations.

The worldwide March for Science 2019 takes place on May 4th.

2 Chikchan (May 4th) – “dynamic lifeforce”, coinciding at this time with a New Moon, and with World Labyrinth Day, the UN’s International Anti-Bullying Day, “Star Wars Day” (“May the Fourth be With You”), and March for Science Day, when demonstrations around the world will highlight important issues related to science and justice with regard to such things as healthcare, climate change action, and education.

On this second day of the coronation in Thailand the chief Buddhist priest will read the coronation proclamation, which will be followed by ceremonial chanting.

The royal throne and nine-tiered umbrella, an ancient symbol of kingship in Thailand, in the Gran Palacio, Bangkok. Photo credit: Diego Delso,, CC-BY-SA 4.0 via WIkimedia Commons

3 Kimi (May 5th) – the “activation of absolute foundations”, beginning with the peak of the Eta Aquarids meteor shower in the pre-dawn hours, tying in at this time with the enactment of the official coronation ceremony in Thailand. It was May 5th (an 8 K’an day) in 1950 when the last coronation was held in Thailand. This is also National Astronaut Day, Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo, and Liberation Day in the Netherlands, marking the end of Nazi occupation during WWII. During the evening, the beginning of Ramadan, a time for fasting from dawn to sunset, and attending to traditional Muslim spiritual practices, which continue for 30 days.

4 Manik’ (May 6th) – a “defining” energy associated with reciprocity and the energy of deer – a kind of harmonizing energy connected with the natural world. In combination with the solar energy of the number four this is a “double sun” type of force, the Maya birth energy of Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel who oversaw the investigation into Russia connections with the White House. The day Michael Cohen has to report for a 3 yr. prison term (delayed from March), seven days after his 10 Ajaw Maya birthday. The day when Deutzchebank is scheduled to start handing over to Congress documents relating to Trump’s finances (unless this, too, gets blocked).
Start of Teacher Appreciation week in the U.S. (to May 10th).

5 Lamat (May 7th) – a “blessing” type of energy associated with Venus, which can serve as a beacon or herald, this time coinciding with a conjunction of the moon and Mars in the evening sky. This is the 100th anniversary of the day when the peace document known as The Treaty of Versailles was presented to a German delegation after World War I (but not signed until several weeks later). Currently this is the day when the legendary rock band The Who kicks off their North American Moving On! symphonic tour. This is also the day of the irrepressible Met Gala where celebrities try to outdo one another with their extravagantly opulent outfits.

6 Muluk (May 8th) – the energy of the six directions in conjunction with the purifying or shape-shifting energy of water, at the time of a Mercury-Uranus conjunction, on the 74th Gregorian anniversary of VE Day in Europe in 1945. In the evening, the beginning of Israel’s Independence Day celebrations, marking the 71st anniversary (this year a few days ahead of the actual anniversary date).

7 Ok (May 9th) – translating as “self-generating” love, guidance, and/or loyalty, coinciding with the last day of Israel’s Independence Day festivities and with a large Call for Action to mobilize politicians and civil society for a large pro-European movement in conjunction with Europe Day 2019

Three cycles since the dramatic hearing before the US House Intelligence Committee when former FBI Director James Comey told that committee for the first time that the FBI was investigating the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow– the first time a seated president has been under FBI investigation.

8 Chuwen, aka 8 Batz’ (May 10th) a “resurrection” type of energy associated with play, creativity, and “time weaving” – a highly auspicious day for the Maya, as this is the time when K’iche’ Maya daykeepers celebrate the renewal of their sacred calendar traditions and initiate new daykeepers.

Opening day for the EECOM 2019 (The Canadian Environmental Education and Communication network) conference in Saskatchewan, on the theme of Action on Climate Change Through Education. Maya birth energy of comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who recently became the new president of Ukraine.

9 Eb’ (May 11th) – “outward projecting stream of consciousness”, or “outward projecting road”, an energy that could also translate as “immortal healing”. At this time this energy coincides with World Fair Trade Day, World Migratory Bird Day (with this year’s theme being “Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution”), and the start of Vancouver Bird Week. On this day former Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein (the Justice Dept. official who oversaw the Mueller investigation) leaves his post after handing in his resignation on April 29th.

10 B’en (May 12th) – “foundational personal authority”; symbolic of the full authority of maize, this is the strong “pillar” energy representative of strength, inner power, and self determination, this time coinciding with International Mother’s Day, which will be a day of activism in many places as in London with the call for a Climate Change Action march.

In 1973 this was the energy in place at the time of the “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate. On that night The Tonight Show was cancelled so that media could report on what was then seen as “the most serious constitutional crisis in [US] history”. As the US is currently in the midst of a situation that most are now seeing as much, much worse than that, it is anyone’s guess as to what this particular energy return will bring. It is noteworthy that this is also the Maya birth energy of Nostradamus, the 16th century seer whose predictions helped to fuel speculations about the “end times”. Is this what Nostradamus was seeing?

11 Ix (May 13th) – “inspirational magic” in conjunction with the jaguar and the mysteries of the earth, coinciding at this time with NATOA’s first Indigenous Women’s Summit and Gala, at the Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Maya birth energy of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, author of 27 books, including the recently published The Great Republican Abdication –A party that no longer believes in American values.

12 Men (May 14th) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with the high vision of the Eagle, in place on this 540th Gregorian anniversary of the dedication of the Aztec Calendar stone.  This is the 71st anniversary of the day in 1948 when the state of Israel officially came into being, and the Maya birth energy of Dean Baquet, executive editor of the New York Times. At this time the “Imperial” Aoi Matsuri (“Hollyhock” Festival) is celebrated in Kyoto, Japan.

13 Kib’ (May 15th) – a transformation-oriented energy aligned with the ability to “fly high”, survey, and ultimately restore order. As Kib’ is an energy that can often force people to think differently, this 13 Kib’ energy can often push particularly hard, often compelling people to take some kind of direct action. Currently this is the day when Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be providing testimony related to the Russia investigation to the House Judiciary Committee. It is also the 71st anniversary of Nakba Day (“Catastrophe”), marking the explusion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the creation of Israel. Given the newly enflamed conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians it is likely that some major action could take place at this time.

In 1963 Mount Agung in Bali began the rumbling under this influence, leading to a massive volcanic eruption. In 2010 NASA’s extraordinary Solar Dynamics Observatory was launched under this influence. Four cycles ago this was the energy in place at the time of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the U.S., and when the massive anti-corruption protests took place across Russia, three cycles ago. Two cycles ago, in keeping with the strong weather activity that is often bought by this force, this powerful energy delivered a major storm to Europe. Currently this is International Conscientious Objection Day.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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