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Here we are back at the beginning of a brand new 260-day Tzolk’in cycle, after making our way through one of the most surreal 260-day periods in recent memory.

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The “cosmic abyss” is often associated with the Imix trecena, a metaphor for the “realm of all potential”. Night sky image by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.vsuals) via Unsplash

Remember how it was 260 days ago – when we were “feeling good” after those rays of light broke through the clouds at the time of the Biden/Harris inauguration and things were beginning to move in a new direction? At that time, as that radical change in “atmosphere” coincided with the start of the new cycle, the White House was busy launching widescale administrative reforms, putting into action a comprehensive plan to tackle the raging coronavirus pandemic, and putting forward such things as a sweeping economic rescue plan; measures related to environmental protection and climate change; and measures to address ethics issues, human rights issues, and the deep divisions in that country stirred up by the previous administration. It was a well-thought-out agenda – which was fantastic to see after four years of freefall. And that plan included stabilizing relationships with the rest of the world, after four years of severe erosion.

And much HAS been done over the past nine months, particularly with regard to the fight against the coronavirus. As this new cycle begins we see that some 57% of Americans are now fully vaccinated, but things have not gone as quickly and easily as hoped in that regard, as some 66 million Americans are still unvaccinated, even though vaccines are now readily available. Covid-19 is still overwhelming hospitals in multiple states and hundreds of mostly unvaccinated people are still dying every day. As this new cycle opens the death toll in the US from Covid is just under 745,000 people, and it seems that new ways are going to have to be found to convince the holdouts to step up to the plate, not just in the US, but elsewhere as well, since the global death toll is rapidly approaching five million.

What was likely not fully anticipated 260 days ago was the extent to which the poison of the previous four years had permeated the population, stripping large groups of people (and far too many in leadership positions) of all sense of rationality and moral obligation. Also not fully anticipated was the fact that the source of all this moral decrepitude would continue ranting and raging and spewing forth venom long after being out of office, like some creepy zombie that refuses to acknowledge its own demise. Tied in with this, the fact that so many Republicans have gone along with the lies, to the point where democracy itself is in jeopardy and all but a handful of Republicans in Congress have turned into obstructionists, preventing the passage of important bills that the country wants and needs, has left those whose sanity is still intact shaking their heads in disbelief, as they struggle to find some new sense of direction in the midst of what has become a new civil war.

So what might we expect as this new cycle begins? Are there any rays of light at this time, as this new “realm of all potential” opens up? Well . . . yes there are – on several fronts.

Firstly, let’s keep in mind that despite the enormous polarization and all the confusion around it very large numbers of people in the US and elsewhere HAVE been vaccinated, and those people have been learning to adjust their lives to accommodate whatever needs to be done to keep themselves and others safe. They are the ambassadors in this struggle to move forward, in this life-and-death battle to overcome the deadly misinformation campaigns that have been so very problematic in this regard. As we begin this trecena we are now starting a second cycle of having vaccines readily available, and more and more of those vaccines will go out into the world to help immunize those regions – and countries – that are still in dire need of assistance in this regard.

Secondly, there are all sorts of signs that the orange tyrant’s influence is waning and that rational minds are finding countermeasures to turn the tide. This can be seen in the congressional hearings that are uncovering mountains of evidence of corruption and wrongdoing, especially relating to the insurrection, and even within the GOP there are a number of new organizations that are now dedicated to ridding the country of the dark forces that have gone along with all the insanity.

Groups such as the Renew America Movement and the Republican Accountability Project are now working to hold corrupt Republican lawmakers responsible. When the Republican Accountability Project was launched on One Imix, the first day of this trecena, last January, it also launched a $10 million billboard campaign across the country calling for prominent GOP members of Congress to resign for their role in the January 6 Capitol attack. These groups are also working to support Democrats and their agenda as they work to root out the darkness. Along these same lines Republicans for Voting Rights, an organization operating under the Defending Democracy Together umbrella, just launched a quarter-million-dollar campaign to erect dozens of these kinds of billboards in major markets across the country, including one enormous digital billboard right in the heart of Times Square that reads “Trump LOST. No more Audits”. Through this high profile campaign this Republican-led advocacy group is calling for high-ranking Republicans to end their “fraudits” of the 2020 election.

There appears to be a realization among these groups that until they can eject from Congress those who have “sold their souls” it will continue to be very difficult to have any kind of “normal” government, of the kind that can deal with key initiatives such as voting rights legislation, environmental issues, gun control, or anything else.

During the last trecena there were all sorts of “signals” related to world-oriented shifts that have been taking place, including the exposure of shadowy tax-havens used by many of the world’s wealthy, including many world leaders; major environmental issues that are soon to be tackled in the forthcoming COP26 conference; world supply chain issues; and the bizarre twists and turns associated with how people are handling the pandemic, including attacks on health care workers. So the stage is now set for a new 260-day cycle to begin.

As always, the first trecena of this new cycle is associated with birth, symbolized by the nourishing waterlily. And although this “realm of all potential”, or birth-oriented “generative nucleus”, can be quite chaotic at times, it also contains within itself myriad possibilities. The emphasis tends to be on “world-making”, in the sense of setting the stage for new initiatives or opportunities.

Adaptation of the Imix (Birth, Waterlily) trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One Imix) is represented by the little head of a crocodile at the bottom right corner (within the border). Note that this is the Aztec version. The Maya depicted this daysign as an abstraction of a waterlily. Each of the remaining days proceed around the edge from there towards the left, ending with 13 B’en (depicted as a Reed) at the upper left corner. In the centre on the right is Tonacatecuhtli, a “Supreme Creator” deity who is also seen as part of a progenitor pair, known as Ometeotl, associated with the dualities that drive life forward.

As always, the first day is symbolized by the Moon Goddess (aligned with the “initiating” energy of the Number One and the power of birth) working in tandem with Imix, the birth-oriented “generative nucleus” that begins and carries forward this initiatory 13-day period. The patron of this time frame was known to the Aztecs as Ometeotl, a dualistic “creator” deity who was often shown as a male and female pair, a “Lord and Lady of Our Sustenance” known as Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl. This is a rare binary deity that was seen as the ultimate progenitor, a generative kind of force that suggests that “anything is possible”.

As this trecena opens it will be almost 700 days since this pandemic nightmare began, and we have all had to make enormous adjustments in order to deal with it. And it will take many more adjustments before it is behind us. But we are learning, and we are becoming more and more aware of how necessary it is to have “all hands on deck” in order to jointly work through global challenges. The fact that the global population has now reached over 7.9 billion people is also noteworthy, especially considering the pandemic and the supply chain issues.

During this trecena there is often a focus on the cosmos (the “cosmic abyss”) and, indeed, many pioneering space-related events have occurred during this period, as when the astronomer Edwin Hubble chose this trecena in 1925 to announce the existence of galaxies other than the Milky Way, which greatly expanded our awareness of the universe. In 1931 the first human ascent into the stratosphere took place during this period. And then in 1957 the launch of Sputnik I (on the final day of this trecena) kicked off the space race. In 2013 this was the trecena that saw the launch of the European Space Agency’s Gaia probe on a 5.5 year observational campaign to map this Milky Way galaxy. Then, in early 2016, came the historic beginning of gravitational wave astronomy. And the last time this 13-day period was in place Mars missions were claiming the spotlight. Now it seems that space tourism is the hot commodity as billionaires try to outdo one another in their efforts to get off the planet.

The Jasper Dark Sky Festival runs through much of this trecena.

Along these lines were have a number of space-related events coming up at this time, including the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, the Orionid Meteor Shower, and the prestigious 72nd International Astronautical Congress.

So as we embark on this new cycle, we are again looking at many unknowns, many of which are still quite existential in nature. But this trecena does have a tendency to prompt people to think “beyond the box”, to embark on new adventures, and even find solutions to long simmering problems. It can be an exciting and even adventurous time frame – a period that can offer opportunities for people to make life-changing adjustments, if needed. Here are the energies that, collectively, we will be working with:

World Food Day coincides with the first day of this trecena. Photo by Nadine Primeau, Unsplash

1 Imix (Oct. 16th) – the initiation of the “realm of all potential” as the new 260-day cycle begins on the UN’s World Food Day, one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar. Hundreds of events will take place globally at this time to promote worldwide awareness and action with regard to global hunger and food-related needs.

As this trecena begins Earth is entering a period of heightened solar activity, known as solar maximum, so it is possible that more geomagnetic storm activity might trigger some dazzling auroras during this period and beyond. This day should also bring a resumption of communications with the Mars mission, after the Mars Solar conjunction period. Keep in mind that the energy of Imix is often “cosmos” oriented, and related to the “birth” of new possibilities, so this is the initiation (or “birthing”) of this “anything is possible” energy zone.

As of this day it has been two full cycles since Rick Bright, the whistleblower who was ousted from the position of Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (a key federal office in charge of developing medical countermeasures), testified in front of the US Senate concerning the previous administration’s lack of preparedness regarding the coronavirus pandemic. At that time Dr. Bright warned that without a response “based in science” the US would face “unprecedented illness and fatalities”. This was seen as a critical moment in the virus
crisis since Dr. Bright was the first federal health official to publicly and harshly criticize the former administration about the issues associated with this. Dr. Bright is now part of President Biden’s Covid-19 advisory board.

The last time this energy was in place Vladimir Putin signed the extension to the New Start nuclear arms control treaty into law. Originally signed in 2010, the treaty limits the US and Russia to 1,550 long-range nuclear warheads each – a preposterous number to begin with. It was the sixth day of this trecena last January when President Biden and President Putin “agreed in principle” to extend this treaty for another five years.

Oct. 17th is Conflict Resolution Day.

2 Ik’ (Oct. 17th) – a “dynamically balancing” energy associated with “wind, breath, and spirit”, as the Maya month of Sak (White Storm) comes into position. This is the UN’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, with this year’s theme being “Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet”.

This is also Conflict Resolution Day – wouldn’t it be ‘something” if all our global conflicts could be resolved on one day?

In the evening – the opening events of the Jasper Dark Sky Festival .

In 1974 this was the energy in place when the impeachment process against President Nixon was formally initiated.

3 Ak’b’al (Oct. 18th) – the “activation of darkness”, associated with deep mysteries and sometimes the unexpected, on the second day of the Jasper Dark Sky Festival.
This is Healthcare Aide Day in Manitoba and British Columbia; National Doctor’s Day in Brazil; Person’s Day in Canada, in commemoration of the historic day in 1929 when women were included in the legal definition of “persons”; and Anti-Slavery Day.  The evening brings the start of Mawlid al-Nabi, the observance of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad in the Muslim calendar.

It has been precisely 14 cycles since the UN announced (in 2011) that the global population officially hit 7 billion. As of three days ago we are now over 7.9 billion, just shy of an additional billion in only 10 years.

World Population as of the last day of the last cycle (13 Ajaw, on Oct. 15, 2021)

4 K’an (Oct. 19th) – a “defining” energy associated with the resurrection of youthful vitality, coinciding at this time with Mawlid al-Nabi, the observance day (until sunset) for the birthday of the prophet Muhammad in the Muslim calendar

As of this day it has been three Calendar Round’s (3 x 52 years) since Lewis Carroll published his children’s novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

5 Chikchan (Oct. 20th) – associated with the “blessing of lifeforce”, coinciding at this time with the Full Hunter’s Moon. This is the Maya birth energy of ground-breaking astronomer Harlow Shapley who is credited with being the discoverer of the dimensions of our Milky Way galaxy, and of finding the location of its centre.

6 Kimi (Oct. 21st) a “foundational” type of energy that can often manifest as a kind of “equalization everywhere” type of force, which can often bring a sense of “release”; sometimes oriented around the setting of foundations for restructuring or for “regeneration”.

This is the day for the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills in B.C. and worldwide. It is also a peak viewing time (through to the following morning) for the Orionids meteor shower which was created from debris from the famous Halley’s comet.

It has been two cycles exactly since museums began reopening in some countries as governments eased coronavirus restrictions as safety measures were put in place, but many faced permanent closure due to the pandemic. Studies showed that 90 per cent of the global museums had to shut at least temporarily.

The last time this was in place a state ceremony (“lying in honour”) was held at the Capitol Rotunda in Washington DC. for slain police officer Sicknick, who had died as a result of injuries sustained during the Jan. 6th insurrection. After the ceremony a long procession carried his remains to Arlington National Cemetery.

7 Manik’ (Oct. 22nd) – a “self-generating” type of energy generally associated with the idea of reciprocity, symbolized by the Deer – often a good energy for “generating sustenance”, for being involved in humanitarian activities, or for working through negotiations or joint ventures.

Traditionally it was recognized that there could be a strong sacrificial aspect to 7 Manik’ as well, as happened seven cycles ago, in October of 2016, when FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress indicating that he was “reopening” the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, an action that had catastrophic consequences for the US and the world.

At this time this energy coincides with the National Day of Protest known as The October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

8 Lamat (Oct. 23rd) – a “resurrection” type of force associated with Venus as a “heralding” energy, aligned with leadership; traditionally a Maya “Celebration of Abundance” day, this energy was known as “Rabbit” in some ancient Mesoamerican regions, and was seen as a symbol of abundance and proliferation. When this was in place last January the US Senate passed a budget resolution that allowed for the passage of President Biden’s $1.9tn Covid-19 relief package in the coming weeks without Republican support. Vice-president Kamala Harris broke a 50/50 tie by casting a vote in favour of the Democratic measure, which sent it to the House of Representatives for final approval. Given the GOP’s current obstructionism this seems to be the only way for legislation to get through in the current political climate.

This marks one cycle since the passing (last January) of Canadian national treasure Christopher Plummer at age 91. In his honour Canada Post released (just 9 days ago) a commemorative stamp as a tribute to him.

Canada Post stamp in honour of Christopher Plummer

9 Muluk (Oct. 24th) – representative of “the outward projection of water”, this is a path-finding and often “shape-shifting” type of force, coinciding at this time with the 76th Gregorian anniversary of the day when the UN’s Charter came into force. This is World Development Information Day, oriented around the idea that improving the dissemination of information and the mobilization of public opinion, particularly among young people, would lead to greater awareness of world problems and help to promote international cooperation in the search for solutions.

This is the Maya birth energy of both 94-year-old Sir Sidney Poitier, the first black actor to receive an Academy Award for Best Actor, and the celebrated fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy.

10 Ok (Oct. 25th) – a Burner Day representative of “foundational” fire (or “heart fire”), often associated with love, protection, guidance, and justice. Traditionally this would have been seen as an energy that “takes the fire”, as in the sense of setting something up for action. This energy can also provide a “course correction” if some significant adjustments are needed to a course of action.

This is the start day for the five-day 72nd International Astronautical Congress, in Dubai, the world’s largest space conference, in the first-ever Arab country to host this high profile gathering. This is also International Artist Day on what would be Pablo Picasso’s 140th Gregorian birthday. The Art Gallery of Ontario is currently featuring an exhibition of his Blue Period (1901-1904) paintings.

International Artist Day on Oct. 25th, Picasso’s 140th birthday

In 1968 this is the energy that was in place when Senator and prominent civil rights activist Robert F. Kennedy was mortally wounded (shortly around midnight) during the California Primary convention. He died some 26 hours later.

Currently this is the second Gregorian anniversary of the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who issued the first warning to colleagues that there were 7 confirmed cases of coronavirus. It is also the Maya birth energy of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

11 Chuwen (Oct. 26th) – a “change” oriented, “timeweaver” type of energy – the energy that brought forth the first untethered space walk in 1984. This is an energy that can prompt us to have fun, but also remind us to “be on our toes”. Maya birth energy of the beguiling super sleuth Mata Hari.

In 1920 this was the energy in place when the Treaty of Versailles came into force after the first world war, formalizing the end of war between Germany and the Allied Powers.

In 1866 this was the energy in place when the Congress of the Confederate States adjourned for the last time, near the end of the US Civil War. At that time President Andrew Johnson cited the end of the insurrection in Texas, and signed a Proclamation—Declaring that Peace, Order, Tranquillity, and Civil Authority Now Exists in and Throughout the Whole of the United States of America.

So – it seems they have been going backwards ever since – as could be seen six cycles ago when Walter Shaub, director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) departed from office. Given how frequently the dumpster’s White House had disregarded his recommendations, Shaub felt that his job was “pointless”. As he left he said that the U.S. was “close to a laughingstock”. It was his assessment that the dumpster’s administration had created an historic ethics crisis (and that was early on). Shaub called for major changes in federal law to expand the power and reach of the oversight office and combat the threat.

This is the Maya birth energy of Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker whose 2001: A Space Odyssey has been seen as one of the world’s most influential motion pictures.

12 Eb’ (Oct. 27th) – a “gathering together”, “stream-of-consciousness” type of energy that can be quite intense, often containing within it a “spark” or “essence of revitalization” that hints at refreshing new possibilities. One cycle since the UAE’s Hope Orbiter arrived at Mars and safely entered orbit, on the same day as the start of the dumpster’s second Senate impeachment trial, this time for “incitement of insurrection”.

This is the New Fire Maya birthday (the third – ie. 3 x 52 years) for Edith Cavell, the British nurse who saved so many lives during World War I.

13 B’en (Oct. 28th) – “transformational personal authority”, an energy under which many strongly transformative events have taken place in the past, as in the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, the inception of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the launch of Sputnik I by the USSR (signalling the beginning of the Space Age) in 1957, the toppling of the monarchy in Iran in 1979, the election of Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006, and the arrival of China’s Tianwen-1 mission at Mars last February.

Two cycles ago (in May of 2020) this energy was in place when the US erupted with widespread protests and rioting after the horrible death of George Floyd the evening before during his arrest by a police officer. This marked a major turning point that rapidly escalated the Black Lives Matter protest movement for racial equality and justice. One cycle before that, in 2019, this was the energy in place when Democrats began strongly advocating for gun safety action. That was the day when the House Judiciary committee laid out its procedures for their first impeachment investigation of the dumpster. Two cycles after that (in February of this year) the second impeachment trial, for “incitement of insurrection”, was underway – another one of those “energy echoes” that frequently can be seen as various forces cycle within the parameters of this calendrical system.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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