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Bob Dylan 1963

Bob Dylan performing at St. Lawrence University in New York in 1963. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

As Bob Dylan pointed out decades ago – The Times They are a-Changin’. How true that was 52 years ago – and how true it still is. Hard to believe but as this “Wind, Breath, and Spirit” trecena comes into being we return once again to the exact energy influences that were in play on that 4 Chikchan 13 K’ank’in day in the early 1960’s when Bob Dylan released this seminal album, with its title track that so caught the flavour of the “winds” of change that were blowing on multiple fronts at that time.

As it happens that same 4 Chikchan “defining of lifeforce” energy that sent the immortal “The Times They are . . .” out into the world on an early January day in 1964 comes in at this time on New Year’s Eve, carried as always by the wind, breath, and spirit of the Ik’ trecena. In tandem with that, this same Ik’ influence will also carry us into the first few days of the new year, which will begin with 5 Kimi, a “blessing” type of energy associated with “bare bones” foundations – a bit like starting with a clean slate. Associated with the wind deity, this is the trecena during which a tremendous number of major wind-related events have occurred in recent years.

Typhoon Roke

Tokyo during the onslaught of Typhoon Roke, during this trecena in 2011. Photo Credit: OiMax (Flickr: Passing Typhoon II) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In September of 2011 some 1.2 million people in Japan were evacuated at the beginning of this trecena as Typhoon Roke (equivalent to a Categ. 2 hurricane) hit Japan’s main island.

In February of 2013 this trecena began with a major snowfall on the U.S. East Coast, which, within relatively short order, turned into what was referred to as the Great Plains Blizzard. One cycle later, in November of that year, the beginning of this trecena brought the gargantuan Category 5 Super Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda – the “most powerful storm to ever make landfall”) to the Philippines, where it destroyed entire towns and left millions without power, water, fuel, or communications. By the middle of the trecena powerful storm systems (including tornadoes) were battering North America. 

Illinois tornado Nov. 2013

Widespread damage left by the EF-4 tornado that flattened at least 400 homes and damaged over 1000 in Washington, Illinois during the Ik’ trecena in November 2013. Photo credit: National Weather Service Central Illinois ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Another tornado of the same strength struck Illinois just 2 days before the start of this current Ik’ trecena.

Storm Prediction Center map of tornados, wind, and hail on 10 Chuwen towards the end of this trecena in Nov. 2013. Storm Prediction Center, Public Domain via WIkimedia Commons.

Storm Prediction Center map of tornados, wind, and hail on 10 Chuwen towards the end of this trecena in Nov. 2013. Storm Prediction Center, Public Domain via WIkimedia Commons.

One cycle after that, during the summer of 2014, North America was hit once again by wind damage at the beginning of this time frame, with tornadoes on the Canadian prairies as well as in Florida and Boston.

And, as we are currently seeing, the influence of this energy can be felt at times even shortly before the start of the trecena, as happened last April when another devastating EF-4 tornado struck in Illinois just before this trecena began, levelling or severely damaging dozens of homes – and now again, with the tornado/severe weather outbreak in the U.S. South that has triggered states of emergency in many areas due to heavy strong winds, heavy rainfall, and flash floods. Something similar happened on the last appearance of this trecena, with storms of a similar nature cutting a swath through the U.S. plains and deep south just as the trecena was ending.

Cloud near sunset, Qualicum Beach 2015. Photo: Marguerite Paquin

Cloud near sunset, Qualicum Beach 2015. Photo: Marguerite Paquin

As much as the winds can rage during this time frame, it is not just about rampaging air. This is a period also associated with the energies of breath, spirit, and communication – aligned with the Mesoamerican deity known as Ehécatl, the wind/ breath/spirit form of Quetzalcoatl. While Ehécatl is symbolic of wind, he is also representative of the breath of life, communication, inspiration, and many other things of a spiritual nature. For this reason this trecena was seen traditionally as being oriented around high magic, as in the rare transit of Venus across the face of the sun in 2012 on the first day of this trecena, and in the birth of a rare white buffalo calf (named Miracle) in 1994.

Other important events that have occurred within this Ik’ trecena include Amelia Earhart’s first flight across the Atlantic (in 1928), the first flight of the twin-engine all-metal Lougheed Model 10A Electra (the type flown by Earhart on her ill-fated final trip) in 1934, the inauguration of Joseph Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI during an open air mass at St. Peter’s on One Ik’ in 2005, the beginning of the Arab Spring in 2011, and the opening of the amazing poppy exhibit at the Tower of London in 2014. This past spring this was the energy in place when Hillary Clinton announced her campaign to become the Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidential election.

So with this trecena coming in at the end of the year and bringing in the new year it may be time to batten down the hatches, as the winds of change may be blowing strong. It is also a good time to “tune in” to spirit and lift spirits as we step forward into the new realm of the forthcoming year, to use the magic associated with this energy frame to breathe life into new possibilities.

We begin the trecena with One Ik’, with the energy of the Moon Goddess (generally aligned with the waters of life as well as healing and divination) working in conjunction with the great “Wind/Breath Spirit” deity. These forces influence the entire thirteen day period. Chantico, the Goddess of Terrestrial Fire, who serves as the patron of this time frame can sometimes add fire to the wind (as seen in S. Australia at this time) but she can also help to provide balance through the warmth and nourishment of her hearth fire when the “winds” that blow through this time frame become too ferocious. During this time of “high magic”, inspiration, and communication, these are the energies that will come into play:

1 Ik’ (Dec. 28th) – One Wind – the “initiation of wind/ breath/spirit”. Eleven years since the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI under this energy influence in 2005.

Wounded Knee

The mass grave at the Wounded Knee massacre site in South Dakota. Photo Credit: Philkon Phil Konstantin (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

2 Ak’b’al (Dec. 29th) – a “dynamic” type of energy associated with the temple or “house” of deep esoteric mysteries, this time in tandem with Mercury at its greatest Eastern elongation. This also marks two shameful anniversaries – one Maya and one Gregorian. The Maya one refers to the energy in place at the time of the horrific Baker massacre at Marias River, Montana in 1870, one of the worst ever slaughters of Native Americans by U.S. troops (where some 200 were killed, including large numbers of women and children). As it happens this Dec. 29th is the 125th Gregorian anniversary of something similar that happened 20 years later – the terrible massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890, considered to be the end of the “Indian wars” (the last major battle with U.S. troops). The legacy of those unspeakable atrocities continues to this day.

3 K’an (Dec. 30th) – an “activation” type of energy associated with both germination and opulence; the Maya birth energy of Queen Elizabeth II

4 Chikchan (Dec. 31st) – the “defining” of Lifeforce, a Burner Day associated with “running with the fire”, in conjunction with Quetzalcoatl’s connection with Liberation and Higher Consciousness, this time on New Year’s Eve.  Maya birth energy of Lt. Col. John McCrae, whose statue was unveiled last May 3rd, on the centenary of the penning of his In Flanders Fields. This day marks the New Fire anniversary of the release of Bob Dylan’s seminal The Times They are a-Changin’ album.

Happy New Year card

Image taken from a scrapbook compiled by Francis Parker, presented by J.F. Parker of Tickenhill Manor, Bewdley in November 1960. EFP/Parker Collection item number 698218, Library of Birmingham. Public Domain, via WIkimedia Commons

5 Kimi (Jan. 1st) – a “precision” type of energy associated with “absolute foundations” – often a “game changer”, and certainly a year changer at this time, as this is New Year’s Day

6 Manik’ (Jan. 2nd) – the energy of the six directions in conjunction with the reciprocity-oriented (but sometimes “sacrificial”) energy of the deer (traditionally seen as a “carrier for the sun” on Earth); the day when planet Earth reaches its closest point to the sun (Earth’s perihelion).

Michelle Obama 2013

Michelle Obama, Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy (P021213CK-0027 (direct link)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

7 Lamat (Jan. 3rd) – “self-generating star” or beacon; a strong “heralding” type of energy, as well as a force that is particularly associated with strong winds (even hurricanes); this time aligning with the Quadrantids Meteor Shower

8 Muluk (Jan. 4th) – the “resurrection” of water; strongly aligned with rebirth and “purification”. This return of 8 Muluk 17 K’ank’in marks Michelle Obama’s New Fire birthday (13 days before her 52nd Gregorian birthday); also Betty White’s Maya birthday (she will be 94 on Jan. 17th)

9 Ok (Jan. 5th) –an “outwardly-projecting” type of energy associated with love, loyalty, and guidance that can have long lasting influence; a “double-fire” type of energy often aligned with “hearth-fire” or even “heart-fire”, as seen in the works of Mark Twain and Steven Spielberg, both born under this influence. The day President Obama unveils new gun control measures.

10 Chuwen (Jan. 6th) – foundational play; a creative time-weaving type of force, this time in conjunction with Epiphany (Three Kings’ Day). This energy has brought severe weather systems with extremely intense winds over the past few years.

11 Eb’(Jan. 7th) – inspirational “animating vitality”, aligned with change and new possibilities, this time in conjunction with the first anniversary of the horrific attacks in Paris last January.

12 B’en (Jan. 8th) – a “grouping together” type of force aligned with personal authority, a double-Quetzalcoatl type of force; seven cycles since the beginning of the revolutionary wave (in January 2011) that became known as the Arab Spring

13 Ix (Jan. 9th) – “transformational Jaguar” – a double transformation type of energy associated with the Jaguar, earth mysteries, and high magic; the day of the opening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in China (2 trecenas after its premier on 13 Lamat)


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]


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