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Finally, a few signs that spring is coming – not many yet, but at least we have the return of Daylight Savings time coming in during this Eb’ trecena. And the trecena itself tends to be of a calmer, gentler nature than the stormy period that we have just been through. Hopefully this should give those buried under massive mounds of snow (as on the Canadian prairies and in California and Nevada’s Sierra Nevadas) a chance to dig out.

During this period a number of early spring festivals will also be taking place, and events such as International Women’s Day, which tend to be right in line with the Eb’ trecena’s path-finding, healing, and revitalizing nature. Fortunately this is often a time for miracles as well, as seen on the first day of this trecena in 1985, a week after the devastating 8.1 Mexico City earthquake, when more than a dozen babies were pulled out of the wreckage of a hospital, having survived without nourishment, water, warmth, or human contact for at least seven days.

Currently, of course, the focus is on the hope for a miracle in Gaza, as mediators press for an extended ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces, for the release of hostages, and for desperately needed humanitarian aid to be delivered to the hundreds of thousands facing famine and unconscionable conditions as the Israeli attacks have continued.

From the perspective of Mesoamerican mythology, it is the Aztec Goddess Mayahuel, associated with healing, who was seen, traditionally, as the deity who oversaw this time frame, which often brings some kind of rejuvenating change in direction. Often this is when people start to really address issues in ways that can help new options to open up just when it may have seemed like all has been lost.

Adaptation of the Eb’ trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One Eb’) is represented by the little jawbone with grass growing out of it, at the bottom right corner (within the border). Each of the remaining days proceed around the edge from there towards the left, ending with 13 K’an, depicted as a lizard, at the upper left corner. In the centre on the right is the Goddess Mayahuel, rising out of a maguey plant, whch has strong medicinal properties. She is the chief patron of this trecena. Click here for an overview of Richard’s various other versions of the same trecena (aka “Grass”).

Mayahuel, the goddess of maguey, is often shown sitting in the middle of a maguey plant, one of the most sacred plants in ancient Mexico. The sap from this plant was not only made into a drink that was used for important ritual purposes, but it also had strong medicinal qualities. It can be fermented and made into an alcoholic aphrodisiac called pulque, which ties in with the idea of “intoxification and excess” that is sometimes associated with this time frame. Sometimes the sense of new directions or possibilities that are often presented within this time frame can be so “intoxicating” that things can get a little “heady”. While the generative, and often celebratory, nature of these energies in place near the beginning of the trecena often foment “feasting, dancing, and pleasure-seeking” (as noted in ancient observations), a certain amount of caution may be needed to avoid issues that could be created through excess, particularly towards the intense final days of this time frame.

In terms of the “Serious Issue” facing the US, it may seem that this trecena is beginning in a “heady” way, as the US Supreme Court has just cleared the way for the dumpster to remain on election ballots, by saying that only Congress can enact procedures for disqualification under Section 3 of the constitution. However, this may only be a temporary victory, as this is the trecena where the dumpster will have to start “paying the piper” – or in this case, E. Jean Carroll, with that $83.3 million (and counting) judgment due to be paid to her by March 8th (International Women’s Day).

Looking back over the past few cycles it can be seen that this trecena as a whole has NOT been favourable to the dumpster. Three cycles ago this trecena brought a great deal of bad news for him and his cronies, including the first indictment from the justice department for someone who had threatened election officials in Georgia, and the discovery that Supreme Court Judge Thomas’s wife not only promoted right-wing conspiracy theories, but worked as a consultant for some of these groups. (One of the outstanding questions continues to be – “why has Judge Thomas not recused himself from any case relating to current US politics, given this blatant conflict of interest”?)

Going back even further we can see that in Dec. of 2019 the 300-pg. impeachment report was released during this trecena, with its conclusion that there was “overwhelming evidence” that the dumpster abused the power of the presidency and obstructed Congress. He was impeached by the House of Representatives shortly thereafter.

When this trecena was in place in the summer of 2020 the US Senate Intelligence Committee  released the 5th and final volume of its report on the Russia investigation, in which it laid out “a stunning web of contacts” between Trump, his top election aides, and Russian government officials, in the months leading up to the 2016 election, basically echoing the key findings from the Mueller investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 US election. Since then he has been impeached twice; convicted of massive fraud and ordered to pay over $500 million in fines and compensation; convicted of rape and defamation, for which he is being required to pay over $90 million in compensation; and charged with obstruction of justice, election interference, inciting an insurrection, and violation of the federal Espionage Act. And let’s not forget that he is due to pay that $500 million to New York later this month, and the criminal trial in New York related to the hush money case is scheduled to start on Mar. 25th, with other trials pending.

Indeed, on political fronts, this trecena has often had a way of bringing forth signs of hope, as it did two cycles ago when the first round of presidential elections in Brazil took place on the first day of this time frame. That was when Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva topped the first round of voting, and then went on to become Brazil’s 39th president. This time it seems that this could be the trecena that will bring forth the decision related to the status of the election interference case in Georgia, with a great deal riding on Judge McAfee’s decision. If he decides that DA Fani Willis can move forward with the prosecution, it will be “Game-On” once again.

In the US it was the Eb’ trecena that was in place in the summer of 2020 when Joe Biden accepted the nomination as the DNC’s candidate for the 46th president, with Kamala Harris joining him as his vice-presidential running mate, and glimmers of hope began to be seen. Once he was elected, action began to be taken to deal with both the pandemic and the climate crisis, with many important economic and humanitarian programs set in motion since he took office. Currently, of course, his administration is pushing hard to find a resolution to the Gaza situation, with a ceasefire coming through in the early days of this time frame being a strong possibility. President Biden will be delivering his State of the Union address on the third day of this period, at which time he will be addressing key issues associated with the wars, reminding the country about the current threats to democratic freedoms both internally and externally, emphasizing progress that has been made over the past year, and highlighting his vision for the future.

The timing for this is interesting, as this will take place just two days after the Super Tues. primaries in the U.S., when 16 states vote for their nominees for the 2024 presidential election. With the dumpster trending towards being confirmed as the Republican nominee, there could be an excessive and “intoxicating” wave of “winning-regardless-of-crimes” pushing through at this time, perhaps picking up on some of those regenerative forces. So that would be where caution would be needed, so as not to be “sucked in” by the wave. Keep in mind that those forces have the potential to bring a resurgence of vitality that can help with the regrouping, healing, and creation of the kinds of paths that will be needed in order to restore some sense of the equilibrium that is so greatly needed. Let’s hope that these energies, in tandem with those that are trying to herald spring and bring forth the return of light, will be more healing than “recklessly intoxicating”. Here are the energies that are coming into play:

Logo for the Crew-8 mission, due to arrive at the ISS on the first day of this trecena. NASA.

1 Eb’ (March 5th) – the “initiation” of “animating vitality”, a refreshing stream-of-consciousness, “find your own path” type of force, which often signals the start of promising new directions, in place as NASA’s Crew-8 arrives at the International Space Station to begin their six-month stint in space.

Back here on Earth this energy coincides with the Super Tues. primaries in the US, when 16 states vote for their nominees for the 2024 presidential election. Something that voters should be seriously keeping in mind at this time is that “stream-of-consciousness” rambling has become highly problematic for the presumed Republican candidate, whose noticeably “accelerating dementia” has advanced to the point where, seemingly, he can’t even remember who the Speaker of the house is, or who the current president of the U.S. actually is.

Other special elections will also take place at this time, such as the California primary for the U.S. Senate seat left open by the death of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

In China this is coinciding with the Feast of Excited Insects that announces the arrival of Spring. Hmmm – could there be some parallels here?

This is the energy that was in place in 1789 when George Washington was unanimously elected as the first US president. In 2022 this was in place when Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won the first round in the voting that led to him becoming Brazil’s 39th president when he assumed office on Jan. 1st last year.

2 B’en (March 6th) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with the “generation” of personal authority, marking 6 cycles exactly since the EU parliament declared a global “climate and environmental emergency” in response to the warning given the day before by climate change scientists about the “threats to civilization” that are being caused by climate change. That was when the EU parliament urged all EU countries to commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

3 Ix (March 7th) –the “activation” of transformation, marking the 59th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama, when (in 1965) the 25 year old activist John Lewis led over 600 protesters across the Pettus bridge, in what was intended to be a peaceful demonstration in support of voting rights. However, the violent assault on demonstrators by state troopers made this a key turning point in the civil rights movement in the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and A-G Merrick Garland both spoke in Selma this past Sunday.

In 1814 this was the energy in place when the Treaty of Chaumont was signed, when the 4 powers that defeated Napoléon Bonaparte (Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia) all agreed to ally for 20 years to stop France if it ever got too powerful again. It is evident that some similar type of action is now needed to put an end to Russia’s aggression.

In the US, President Biden delivers his State of the Union address at this time. In the UK this is World Book Day.

In Canada this is the deadline date to submit claims for part of the compensation related to the $8 billion drinking water class action settlement for First Nations. The settlement, struck in 2021, includes $1.5 billion to compensate First Nations and their members who were deprived of clean drinking water for at least one year between November 1995 and March 2024, along with $6 billion for the construction and maintenance of water infrastructure.

4 Men (March 8th) – a “defining” energy related to the “high vision” of the Eagle; a double solar Burner Day associated with “running with the fire”, an energy that can sometimes bring a great deal of “firepower”; the Maya birth energy of former US president John F. Kennedy.

This is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This is a “call to action” day for accelerating women’s equality, with this year’s theme being “Inspire Inclusion”.

International Women’s Day this year is on the 4th day of this trecena.

This is the day when the dumpster is required to either pay E. Jean Carroll forthright, in accordance with the $83.3 million judgment related to the defamation trial, or post a $91m bond for an appeal. However, his motion for a stay on this judgment has already been rejected. She has indicated that she is planning to give this money to “something Trump hates”.

This is the opening day for the 9-day SXSW (South by Southwest) conference and festivals in Austin, Texas – a diverse conglomerate of events dedicated to “helping creative people achieve their goals”, through a multi-track conference and festivals that “celebrate the convergence of tech, film, music, education, and culture”. It’s also the deadline day (again) for renewal of US government funding, in order to avoid a shutdown of some services. As this is also the day when Hungarian nationalist leader Victor Orbán will be meeting with the dumpster in Florida, the question of “Why???” looms large, and is setting off major alarm bells, particularly since Orbán has close ties with Putin.

This marks 7 Tzolk’in cycles since the Youth Strike 4 Climate, a coordinated global school walkout that involved an estimated 1.4 million young people in 2233 cities in 128 countries, in a coordinated global effort to call for political action regarding climate change, in March of 2019.  This was the precursor to the massive #FridaysforFuture demonstrations that took place almost exactly one cycle later.

5 Kib’ (March 9th) – a “blessing” or “precision” type of energy associated, metaphorically, with the “Vulture’s” ability to fly high, survey, and then “swoop down” to “clean things up”.

This is the energy influence that was in place at the time of the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln in 1861. It has now been six cycles since Ursula von der Leyen took over as head of the European Commission, the EU’s top position.

6 Kab’an (March 10th) – a “movement (or earth movement, even “evolutionary movement”) type of energy combined with the “all directions” force of the number six, coinciding at this time with the New Moon and the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.

Lots of “movement” happening at this time, including the opening of the Arctic Winter Games in Mat-Su Borough, Alaska , and the colourful “Ogoh Ogoh” festivities in Bali when large “Ogoh Ogoh” effigies are “caught”, paraded through the streets, and then ceremoniously burned, followed by dancing and feasting in conjunction with the New Moon, prior to Nyepi the next day. This coincides with a ceremony involving the cleansing and purification of sacred objects prior to the start of Bali’s traditional new year. This is also the day of the 96th Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood.

Ramadan begins the evening of March 10th. Photo by xvector, Freepik

The evening brings the start of Ramadan, the most sacred month in Islamic culture.
This was the deadline given by Israel for Hamas to release all hostages or they will launch an even greater offensive on Rafah. Negotiations are underway to secure hostage releases and a ceasefire before this time.

This day marks four cycles since May of 2021 when WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus commended the Biden administration for supporting global vaccine equity and prioritizing the expansion of vaccine manufacturing and distribution at a critical time in the evolution of the pandemic. That was when U.S. Republican Representative Liz Cheney warned that her party was “at a turning point”, and that Republicans were going to have to decide whether they would choose truth and fidelity to the Constitution or join the dumpster’s crusade to delegitimize and attempt to undo the legal outcome of the 2020 election. Over the past four cycles it became all too evident that far too many chose the latter, to the point where that party has all but disintegrated under the weight of MAGA extremism.

It has now been five cycles since the summer of 2020 when the Senate Intelligence Committee released that 5th and final volume of its report on the Russia investigation, in which it laid out “a stunning web of contacts” between the dumpster, his top election aides and Russian government officials, in the months leading up to the 2016 election, largely supporting the key findings from the Mueller investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 US election. Since then much, much more has been exposed relating to corruption in almost every realm of influence that the dumpster has been associated with.

7 Etz’nab’ (March 11th) –“self-generating flint” – a “knife-edge” type of energy associated with the power of discrimination, with many significant events coinciding with this day, including:

  • the beginning of Maslenitsa Week in Ukraine and other Slavic regions; this is an Easter Slavic religious and folk holiday similar to Mardi Gras. Sometimes called Pancake Week.
  • China’s Blue Dragon Festival (aka the Zhonghe or Longtaitou Festival, or “Dragon Raising its Head” Day), a traditional holiday related to welcoming in the first warming signs of Spring. The dragon was seen as the deity in charge of rain, with this rain festival involving ceremonies that invoke dragons to dispense “just the right quantity” of rain for spring planting. Traditionally this was the day to “wake up” the Dragon King after his long winter sleep. It is thought that cutting your hair on the Blue Dragon festival will get rid of bad luck and align you with the dragon’s dignity and power.
  • Nyepi, the Balinese “Day of Silence”, which includes fasting, meditation, and self-reflection, in conjunction with Bali’s New Year. During Nyepi shops are closed and there is no lighting of fires, no working, no venturing outside, no entertainment, no traveling, and, for some, no speaking. Lights are kept low and Bali’s streets will be empty. The emphasis is on praying for the purification of humanity, Earth, and the universe.
  • the first full day of Ramadan. This is a time for prayer, for fasting from dawn to sunset, for personal introspection, for charity-giving, and for attending to traditional Muslim spiritual practices, which continue for 30 days.
  • Commonwealth Day, observed by the 54 diverse member countries in the Commonwealth of Nations who cooperate within a framework of common values and goals. This year’s theme is: “One Resilient Common Future: Transforming our Common Wealth”. The 23rd Commonwealth foreign affairs ministers’ meeting is being held in London at this time.
  • the opening day for the 3-day 11th Annual World Ocean Summit & Expo in Lisbon, on this 13th Gregorian anniversary of the day in 2011 when a 9.0 earthquake struck Japan off the coast of Sendai, NE of Tokyo, triggering a devastating tsunami.
  • the opening day for the 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN (CSW68), with this year’s theme being “Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls” . . . which runs through to March 22nd.


This energy is marking six cycles exactly since early December of 2019 when the US House Intelligence Committee released (and voted to pass) the 300-pg. impeachment report, with its conclusion that there was “overwhelming evidence” that the dumpster abused the power of the presidency and obstructed Congress, and that his White House officals and associates knew of the Ukraine scheme. He was impeached by the House of Representatives shortly thereafter.

One cycle after that, during the 2020 DNC, President Obama delivered a scathing rebuke of the dumpster, referring to him as the “reality show president” as he highlighted the dumpster’s monumental failures. Obama’s speech was seen by many as a “dire warning”, and the “declaration of a national emergency” since the dumpster was “on the cusp of destroying democracy itself”. That was almost four years ago, and we have seen Republican members of congress facilitating that downward slide into chaos ever since!

Three cycles ago, in January of 2022, this was the energy in place when a massive cyber attack against Ukrainian government websites sounded the alarm about the increased possibility of a Russian military offensive against Ukraine, not long before the actual attack took place.

8 Kawak (March 12th) – “resurrecting storm”, sometimes associated with strong weather or some strong “push” towards enlightenment, coinciding at this time with both Democratic and Republican primaries in several states.

This was the energy in place on the final day of the Democratic National Convention in 2020, when Joe Biden accepted the nomination as the DNC’s candidate for president, as he vowed to protect the US. At that time more than 70 former national security officials from multiple Republican administrations, along with former Republican members of Congress, announced that they would support Joe Biden. They were from the former GOP, and not from the ranks of those now trying to inflict their own dark version of “reality”(ie. the dumpster’s vengeful and destructive take on reality) on everyone else.

This marks the fourth Gregorian anniversary of the day in 2020 when the United States  and many other countries began shutting down due to Covid, and stocks began plunging.

In Bali this is the Hindu Saka New Year, called Ngembak Geni, the day after Nyepi, a day to visit with families and perform religious rituals, to ask forgiveness for past wrongdoings, to start the new year with a clean slate. The Iranian fire festival known as Chaharshanbe Siri is also celebrated at this time, on the eve of the Wednesday before Nowruz, the Iranian New year. Fortune telling, rituals associated with purification and protection, and the eating of wish-granting snacks are all part of these celebrations.

9 Ajaw (March 13th) – an “outwardly projecting”, double-fire type of force associated with the full sun and “enlightenment”, marking the 11th anniversary of the election of Pope Francis in a papal conclave. This day marks nine cycles since the massive rally in 2017 that brought the start of the Me Too Movement.

World Kidney Day is March 14th

10 Imix (March 14th) – a “source” based energy aligned with birth and new possibilities, coinciding at this time with World Kidney Day, which emphasizes communication on how to prolong longevity and live well through effective management of the disease, with this year’s theme being “Kidney Health for All”.

This is also Pi Day, in celebration of the unique mathematical constant of pi.

This marks two cycles since the release of Michael Cohen’s book called Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized The US Department Of Justice Against His Critics. Michael Cohen will be a key witness in the criminal trial that starts on March 25th.

11 Ik’ (March 15th) – “inspirational” wind/breath/spirit – the energy that was in place on January 1, 2000 when millions of people celebrated the coming new millennium. This tends to be a point within this trecena when some major announcement or proclamation is made which needs to be heeded. In January of 2017 this was in place when John Dean, former White House counsel under President Nixon, warned that the dumpster was “just getting started” on “trashing the presidency”. At that time Dean predicted that it would all “end in calamity. Even Republicans know this.”

In Roman times this day (March 15th) was known as the Ides of March, and was seen as a day for settling debts. In 44 BC this was the Gregorian day when Roman general Julius Caesar was assassinated at a meeting of the Senate. It was said that as many as 60 conspirators were involved in the plot, with the assassination taking place not long after Caesar was declared “dictator in perpetuity” of the Roman Republic. Fears among the Senate that Caesar planned to claim the title of king, overthrow the Senate and rule as a tyrant, were thought to be the principal motives for his assassination.

Currently this is coinciding with World Consumer Rights Day, with this year’s theme being “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers”; World Sleep Day; and the 27th International Day against Police Brutality.

World Sleep Day on Maya day 11 Ik’

It is also Red Nose Day in the UK, a major fund raising day through comic relief, at which time people wear red noses, give special performances, and raise funds for charity.

This would have been Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 91st Gregorian birthday. If she had lived longer it is likely that the US Supreme Court would have been seen in a far better light than it is today.

Eight cycles ago, in May of 2019, Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and submitted his report to the DoJ. As as result of that report there were 37 indictments in 22 months (including 13 Russian nationals, 3 Russian companies, and 12 Russian intelligence officers), with a number of convictions, guilty pleas and sentences.

12 Ak’b’al (March 16th) a “grouping together” type of energy associated with darkness and deep mysteries, as was in place two cycles ago (October of 2022) at the time of the final public Jan. 6th committee hearings before the midterm elections. During these hearings evidence was presented to show that the dumpster had privately conceded that he had lost the election, but he “didn’t want people to know”. On that same day the Supreme Court rejected the dumpster’s attempt to try to prevent the DoJ from reviewing classified documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

Currently this is the due date for Trump to pay the $454 million judgment in the New York fraud case, plus interest that has been accruing at $112,000 per day. It is also National Panda Day.

St. Patrick’s day on the last day of this trecena

13 K’an (March 17th) – transformational “generative vitality”; a powerfully exuberant force that can instigate a great deal of action on many fronts, coinciding at this time with St. Patrick’s Day.

This is the final day of Maslenitsa Week that began in Slavic regions on March 11th. It’s also the final day of the so-called Russian presidential election (Mar. 15-17), with some sources suggesting that this could be when Russia begins full mobilization against Ukraine.

This is the energy that was in place on June 19th, 1865 day when Union soldiers landed at Galveston with news that the U.S. civil war had ended and that slavery had been abolished. In 1960 this was the energy in place when John F. Kennedy won the election to become the 35th President of the US.


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