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Heart Month, Black History month, Chinese New Year, Candlemas, the Beijing Olympics, Winter festivals, the start of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, the Russian threat on Ukraine’s border, the return of energies that were in place during the first and last cycles of World War I, the return of energies that were in place when the Spanish flu epidemic began in 1918, the on-going pandemic – all this, and much more, is on the agenda for this intense and pivotal Lifeforce-oriented trecena. In addition to this there are a number of highly consequential justice-oriented developments underway, which is very much in line with these energies.

February is Black History Month – background vector created by freepik –

The extensive agenda that is set to unfold during this period is very much in keeping with the Maya Calendar energies that will be in play, kicked off by One Chikchan, an important shift-point within the overall 260-day period. This marks the start of the third 52-day period within the 260-day cycle, a period which is often action-packed. The emphasis during this Chikchan-led time frame tends to be on actions aligned with justice, emergence, liberation, and “awakening”. Sometimes this manifests in the form of intense weather events such as tornadoes, but this is a period that also has been known to strongly energize and push people into action. Great passion, and even bravery, often comes into play at this time.

The principal “patron” of this time frame is a deity known as Xiuhtecuhtli, the Lord of Fire and Time, who often “kicks things up a notch” in order to foment change. His companion in this effort is a deity representative of Venus as the Morning Star, who serves as a herald – signalling that this is a time to really “pay attention”. And, as it happens, Venus at this time is, indeed, the Morning Star, as it slowly rises in the sky just before sunrise, in the vicinity of Mars.

Adaptation of the Chikchan trecena from the Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (Serpent) is found at the lower right and the 13 days of this trecena proceed from there to the left, and then up to the upper right, to the interlocking image of Kab’an. The daysign numbers in this image are not shown, but implied. The main image depicts Xiuhtecuhtli, the Lord of Fire and Time, on the right, who is the principal patron. On the left is Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, representative of Venus as the Morning Star, who serves as a herald.

As this trecena opens, as everyone is aware, we are beginning our third year of dealing with the pandemic. From the perspective of the Maya calendar, as we go through the trecenas, we will be working through the third revolution (or evolution) of each of these 13-day periods during this global crisis.

As this trecena opens we find that the global number of covid cases is now nearing 370 million, well over twice as many as had been reported one cycle ago. Canada is just reaching 3 million cases, but the US is sky-rocketing to 75 million cases, having added well over 41 million cases to its tally over the past 260-days, along with 300,000 more deaths, to bring its death toll to over 900,000. At the current death rate, that total could reach one million within the next 40 days. Similarly, many countries (including India, Brazil, France, Italy, and Spain) are still recording 100,000 to 200,000 (or more) new cases per day, with the UK registering just under 100,000 per day.

But with the UK’s lifting of most of its Covid restrictions on the last day of the last trecena, it seems that this represents a “whole new ball game” for that country, at a time when many countries are increasing mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and other measures in their efforts to combat the disease. Although this may feel like “liberation” (in line with this trecena’s energies) the world will be watching to see what kind of “liberation” this “what-the-heck, let’s-just-live-with-it” move will forment, particularly given the recent warning from the WHO that by working globally and cooperatively we could end Covid-19 as a global health emergency this year, but that this won’t happen if we “give this virus a free ride”. The Director-General warned that, in essence, there needs to be a “paradigm shift” in the way that global health systems are funded and managed. Moreover, the fact that Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee is scheduled to begin during this trecena, with all sorts of celebrational events coming up soon, this unrestrained “opening up” seems . . . well . . . . a little premature?

But that seems to be what we will be dealing with at this time – LIFEFORCE pushing through in many different areas, with many winter festival events taking place, including the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics, in Beijing. In addition, Chinese New Year, China’s biggest festival, which involves many days worth of events, will wind its way through most of the trecena, like the serpentine energy of a Chinese dragon or the Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent, in keeping with this trecena’s energies.

Chinese New Year festivities run throughout this trecena. A Chinese dragon is very similar to the serpentine Chikchan energies assocated with this time frame. Photo by Ridwan Meah on Unsplash

Let’s hope that Russia doesn’t hitch a ride on the tail of this Serpent, and push its way into Ukraine, or we will be looking at a situation similar to what happened in 1914, when these energies coincided with the start of World War I. We have only one trecena to go before the exact energies that were in place at the end of World War I return, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the war-ending forces are in play rather than the war-starting ones!

One of the major themes that tend to play out during this time frame is that of Justice, and at the moment there is a great deal of action happening with regard to the pursuit of justice with regard to crimes and other nefarious acts that have taken place at the highest levels over the past few years.

In the US, the Jan. 6th Committee is moving along quickly in preparation for the public hearings that will soon be held as their investigation of those involved in the planning and execution of the insurrection continues. More than 300 witnesses have already been interviewed and multiple related investigations are underway, at both state and federal levels.

Investigations in New York are also picking up speed as NY Attorney-General Letitia James has recently announced that evidence has revealed that the dumpster’s organization used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to obtain economic benefits, including loans, insurance coverage, and tax deductions.

Note as well that the 9th day of this time frame marks three cycles exactly since Democrats formally impeached the dumpster, for abuse of power (by putting his own personal interests above the interests and security of the US) and for obstruction of Congress. Those two articles, in the words of the eminent Harvard Law professor and constitutional expert Laurence Tribe, were the most serious abuses of power ever alleged against a sitting president. And that impeachment action took place two cycles after that infamous meeting between the dumpster and President Putin in Helsinki when Putin blatantly admitted to directing his officials to help Trump win the 2016 election.

So a great deal will be in motion during this period, and the battle for truth, accountability, and justice will be in high swing.

As always, this trecena marks a pivotal point within the overall 260 day Tzolk’in cycle. It is the beginning of an often transformative time frame oriented around justice, freedom, higher knowledge, cyclical renewal, and world-shifting actions. For those who are already deeply engaged in this battle for these causes, this energy frame should provide a great boost, and should be very helpful as President Biden works through the process of selecting the new Supreme Court judge who will replace Judge Breyer when he retires. For those who have been feeling the call to step up and become more engaged in this battle this is a great time to stand up for equality, integrity, and LIGHT, to keep pushing back at the clawing forces of darkness – including the darkness of the coronavirus.

Keep in mind that this is the energy field of the Plumed Serpent, a metaphor for “reaching for the sky”, towards Life and Light and Liberation. Tapping into this energy can help people to think and act differently, so they can break free of oppression and darkness and step into the new realm of possibilities. That “Lord of Fire and Time” patron energy is a reminder that great shifts can happen during this period. Here are the energies that are coming into play:

One Chikchan (Jan. 28th, 2022) – the “initiation” of Lifeforce/Higher Wisdom at the start of the third 52-day period within the 260-day cycle, an intense and highly influential position within the overall cycle. This marks two years since the US National Security advisor warned that Covid-19 would be the biggest threat to national security, like the Spanish flu.

In 1521 this was the Maya Calendar energy in place when the Aztecs surrendered to the Spaniards, sealing the fate and future direction of Mexico.

In 1914 this was the energy in place when Germany declared war on France, but it was also in place in 1918 as World War I was coming to an end.

In 1960 this was the energy in place when John F. Kennedy delivered his victory speech after narrowly winning the Presidential election the day before.

This day marks three cycles exactly since Democrats unveiled those two articles of impeachment against the dumpster, for abuse of power (by putting his own personal interests above the interests and security of the US) and for obstruction of Congress, the most serious abuses of power ever alleged against a sitting president.

2 Kimi (Jan. 29th) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with the “return to source” which often manifests as a push-pull type of force that can shake things up and set new foundations for action (as was in place at both the beginning and end of World War I). Three cycles ago (in Dec. of 2019) this energy saw considerable “pushing and pulling” in Washington as the two-day House Judiciary debates began on those articles of impeachment against the dumpster.

Two cycles ago (summer of 2020) a greatly scaled down Republican National “Convention” took place under this influence, at the White House. Campaign events were held in Washington D.C. with no evidence of any kind of party platform. It was all just a “show” to “reassert support” for the dumpster, even as the pandemic was ramping up and safety guidelines were being ignored by that administration.

This is the Maya birth energy of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the key US Congressmen involved in those proceedings, who is now the Senate Majority Leader. His first accomplishment as Senate leader was the passage of the Covid relief bill, one of the most important bills ever passed, and a fulfillment of the Democrats’ promise that “help is on the way”. He is now a member of the Jan. 6th committee, investigating the insurrection. It was one cycle ago, exactly, when a deal was reached to put this commission into action.

This marks two years exactly since the head of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme said (on 12 Men in the K’an trecena) that the “whole world needs to be on alert”. Entire cities in China were under shutdown, flights to and from mainland China had been suspended and tourist attractions in China were closed. Peter Navarro, the White House trade adviser, warned the White House about the risks of a pandemic.

In 1914 this was the energy in place when Germany invaded Belgium, and the UK declared war on Germany. In 1918 it was in place at the time of the ceasefire at the end of the war.

Statue of Freedom on top of the US Capitol building in Washington DC, by Thomas Crawford, born on 3 Manik’. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

3 Manik’ (Jan. 30th) – the “activation” of reciprocity, symbolized by a deer that “embodies” the sun on Earth, a kind of harmonizing, “hands-on” type of energy connected with the natural world.
This marks four Calendar Rounds (4 x 52 years) since the birth of Thomas Crawford, the sculptor who created the Statue of Freedom that is atop the dome of the US Capitol.

It also marks two years since the WHO declared a global health emergency. By this time the virus has spread to at least 16 countries globally, including Thailand, France, the US, and Australia. More
than 170 people had died in China, some 7700 people had been confirmed as infected, and another 12,000 were under observation. The White House had been given enough information by this time
for action to be taken but the dumpster continued to downplay it.

Significantly, this also marks three cycles (780 days) since “a new viral outbreak” (later called Covid-19) was first detected in China in early December of 2019, but not broadcast in China until several weeks later.

It also marks two cycles since the huge “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” Commitment March (in August 2020) that called for police reform, criminal justice reform, and racial equality. Marchers called on the US Senate to pass a voting rights bill named after the late civil rights icon John Lewis, and police reform legislation named after George Floyd, legislation that has already been passed by the House of Representatives. This is what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his caucus have been fighting for ever since. In 1913 a massive Woman’s Suffrage parade was held under this same 3 Manik’ influence.

4 Lamat (Jan. 31st) – a “defining” energy associated with Venus (representing the sun and Venus working together), often serving as a beacon or herald, coinciding at this time with the New Moon and Chinese New Year’s Eve – an important day for celebration, including family reunion dinners.

Six cycles ago (in 2017) this was in place when President Xi Jinping was declared “all powerful” in China, after a new body of political thought carrying his name was added to the Communist party’s constitution.

This is the Maya birth energy of Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor in Wuhan who issued the first warning to colleagues that there were seven confirmed cases of coronavirus, despite the fact that Chinese officials were trying to downplay it.

Chinese New Year festivities take place throughout this trecena

5 Muluk (Feb. 1st) – a “precision” (or “blessing”) type of energy associated with the shape-shifting energy of water, coinciding with the opening of Heart Month in Canada and the US, and Chinese New Year, the most important holiday in China. This is the start of the Year of the Tiger, and the start of the Spring Festival in China, which lasts until Feb. 20th. The giving and receiving of “lucky money” in red envelopes is one of the highlights of this day, but once again people in China are being discouraged from travelling to visit families and friends, or at least to exercise extreme caution, to curb the spread of the coronavirus. In Chinese tradition it is forbidden to sweep or clean at this time, so that good fortune does not get swept away. This is also Vietnam’s TET (Tet Nguyen Dan), Lunar New Year, the most important festival and public holiday in Vietnam, celebrated over 7 days starting on Jan. 31st.

In Canada and the US this is the first day of Black History month.  In Canada the theme for this year is February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day. In the US the theme is Black Health and Wellness. It is also the start of the UN’s Interfaith Harmony Week. In addition, this is the day when Irish fishermen will begin a peaceful protest to disrupt Russian naval war games off the coast of Ireland, and when vaccinations become mandatory in Austria.

It has now been one cycle since May of last year when much of the UK allowed restaurants, cinemas, galleries, sports events, and much of the accommodation sector to reopen, at which time Prime Minister Boris Johnson (who is now in “deep doodoo” for contravening covid regulations during the UK’s lockdown) confirmed that “hugging would be allowed” as of this day. At that time the UK had registered just under 4.5 million coronavirus cases, with just over 127,600 deaths. Over the past 260-day cycle the number of UK cases has zoomed to over 16 million, with over 154,700 deaths.

6 Ok (Feb. 2nd) – a “shine the light in the darkness, everywhere” type of force, coinciding with Groundhog Day, at the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, on the second day of Chinese New Year, the day known as the “Birthday of the Dog”, when dogs are given special treats – perfectly in line with this Maya “Ok” day which generally translates as “dog”.

In Mexico this is Dia de la Candelaria (Candlemas) a major fiesta that comes in 40 days after Christmas and heralds the arrival of spring. The lighting of candles is a big part of this celebration. In Puna, Peru this is the start of the colourful 10-day Candlemas fiesta in honour of the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron saint of Puna. This is one of Peru’s biggest cultural festivals and is strongly associated with pachamama or “mother earth”. Unfortunately Peru’s Covid numbers have climbed significantly over the last nine-month cycle, and is now over three million. Over 204,000 people have died from Covid there, so this celebration will likely be greatly subdued this year. Since the festival is also known as the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it will likely be an important day for prayers for healing.

The day marks one cycle exactly since the New York Attorney-General’s office announced that it had opened a criminal investigation into the dumpster’s company.

7 Chuwen (Feb. 3rd) –“self-generating play”, a highly creative “time weaving” (and sometimes trick playing) type of energy that can sometimes conjure up things of an unusual nature, coinciding at this time with Russia’s planned staging of live-fire naval drills off the coast of Ireland, against which Irish fisherman will be protesting.

This marks four cycles since the election of Volodymyr Zelensky (a comedian) as the new president of Ukraine. Exactly one cycle later the House Judiciary Committee released a 650-page impeachment report related to the dumpster’s attempt to coerce Ukraine into helping to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election.

One cycle ago (in May of last year) this was in place when the US House of Representatives voted to establish the Jan. 6th Commission. On that same day information was released about three major criminal investigations that were unfolding against the dumpster, all three of which have gained considerable traction since then. Grand juries are now investigating the reams of evidence that have been piling up.

8 Eb’ (Feb. 4th) – the “resurrection” of the pathfinding energy of vitality, associated with the “dew of life”; a day which the Maya traditionally devoted to the Celebration of Personal Life, coinciding at this time with the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics, in Beijing; the opening of the Québec Winter Carnival, seen as “the largest and oldest winter carnival in the world”, and the opening of Winterlude, Canada’s popular winter festival in Ottawa.

This is the auspicious fourth day of Chinese New Year, known as “Yang Ri”, the Day of the Goat, a symbol of luck; also the day of the Kitchen God Festival (associated with good fortune) – a good time to throw out rubbish and anything associated with bad luck.

This day marks two years since the coronavirus outbreak aboard the Diamond Princess, which led to the ship, with 2,666 passengers aboard, being quarantined in the Port of Yokohama. At that time the WHO reported that in the previous 24 hours there had been 106,000 coronavirus cases reported globally – the most in a single day since the outbreak began. Compare that to the over 3.5 million cases per day that were being recorded as this current trecena began.

At this time this energy is also coinciding with World Cancer Day, dedicated to raising awareness and promoting positive action, with this year’s theme being “Close the Care Gap”. This is also National Wear Red Day in the US, in support of heart health.

9 B’en (Feb. 5th) – the “outward projection” of “personal authority” (or “long lasting personal authority”), on the opening day for key Sapporo Snow Festival events, which will be online only this year, to Feb. 12th.

This is the fifth day in the Chinese New Year sequence, known as the “Birthday of Ox and Cattle” and the birthday of the God of Wealth (Caishen or Zhao Gongming) in China – a good time to welcome wealth into one’s home.

It has now been six cycles since the hair-raising “day of infamy” during the summer of 2018 when the dumpster met with Putin in Helsinki and basically threw U.S. intelligence agencies “under a bus” by siding with Putin rather than honouring the work done by US defence organizations. It has also been three cycles exactly since the dumpster was formally impeached (for the first time) by the US House of Representatives.

It is also two Calendar Rounds exactly since 9 B’en 11 Pax in 1918, the energies in place at the completion of the last major action on the Eastern Front near the end of World War I, with the Bolshevik capitulation.

This is former President Barack Obama’s Maya birth energy as well as the birth energy of the U.S. (the Declaration of Independence was adopted on a 9 B’en day in 1776).

Queen Elizabeth in March 2015. Photo by Joel Rouse (Ministry of Defence), and nagualdesign, OGL 3, via Wikimedia Commons

10 Ix (Feb. 6th) – a “source” based energy associated with the jaguar and the mysteries of the earth, coinciding at this time with a significant Accession Day anniversary, the start of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, marking the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. This is the first time that any British monarch has celebrated a platinum jubilee. A multitude of events related to this will be coming up this year, particularly in May and June.

This is the sixth day of Chinese New Year, known as “Ma Ri”, the Day of the Horse”, the day when, traditionally, families visit temples and send away the ghost of poverty.

In early April of 2009 this was the energy in place when the first human infection of the new influenza A H1N1 virus was detected in California, which led an estimated 60.8 million cases in the US between then and the following April. Significantly, 10 Ix 12 Pax (today’s Calendar Round date) was the exact energy in place two Calendar Rounds ago, in 1918, when a case of Spanish flu was recorded at an army camp in Fort Riley, Kansas, officially marking the beginning of that pandemic since that disease spread rapidly from that point on.

11 Men (Feb. 7th) – “inspirational Eagle” – a Burner Day that can bring about change or a new form of Higher Vision, coinciding with the seventh day of Chinese New Year, in celebration of the Day of Humans, in recognition of the “creation” of human beings. This marks two years since the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who issued the first warning to colleagues that there were 7 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

12 Kib’ (Feb. 8th) – a “gathering together” type of energy, associated with the ability to “survey”, clean things up, and ultimately restore order, coinciding at this time with the eighth day of Chinese New Year celebrations, traditionally aligned with the honouring of food and agriculture. This is one of two days associated with the Buddhist Parinirvana or Nirvana Day, celebrating the day when Buddha was said to have achieved Nirvana or full enlightenment (this is the one celebrated by most Buddhists, the other day is Feb. 15th).

Currently this marks three cycles (3 x 260 days) since the first cluster of patients with “pneumonia of an unknown cause” was first identified in China in December of 2019.

13 Kab’an (Feb. 9th) – transformational movement (or earth movement), a powerful force that can bring either heavy weather conditions, or significant “movement” of an evolutionary nature, coinciding with the ninth day of the Chinese New Year sequence, which is celebrated as the birthday of the Jade Emperor, Emperor of the Universe, the Supreme Deity of Taoism, a day honoured by all the deities of Heaven and Earth. In the Chinese New Year sequence this is the day of the Stone Festival, the birthday of the god of stone, known as “Shi Bu Dong” (not moving stone). Incense and candles are burned at this time, and stones or rocks are not moved or cut, in the interest of protecting crops.

This marks one cycle since Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Manhattan’s top prosecutor, convened a grand jury to consider potential charges in the Trump Organization probe.

It is also one cycle since Earth was hit by a “dense” Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, creating a minor Geomagnetic Storm, a reminder of the “ripple of a spacetime distortion” that hit Eath under this influence in 2015, and disturbed the detectors in the LIGO observatory, enabling physicists to observe the warping of space-time generated by the collision of two black holes more than a billion light-years from Earth. It begs the question: Could this have had anything to do with all the weirdness that has unfolded in the world over the past 6+ years?


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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