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Chinese New Year 2018

Red and gold, red and gold, everywhere red and gold – lanterns, pom poms, streamers, firecrackers – red envelopes with “lucky money”, lion dances, special treats – all are making their presence known as the Chinese Spring Festival gets underway. This year Chinese New Year is being celebrated as the Year of the Dog, coinciding at this time with the Ik’ (Wind/Breath/Spirit) trecena in the Maya calendar. As this trecena gets underway the spirit of celebration is in force as millions of people all over the globe are on the move to reunite with friends and families for a festival that commemorates deities and ancestors, a festival that sweeps away ill-fortune and places emphasis on good health, wealth, conviviality, and longevity.

Each time this trecena is in place some different aspect of that “Wind/Breath/Spirit” theme makes its presence felt. Often it is WIND – as happened in the fall of 2016 when Super Typhoon Meranti, one of the most powerful ever recorded, strengthened from a Cat. 1 to a Cat. 5 in just 36 hours at the beginning of this energy frame.

Super Typhoon Meranti over the Philippines and Taiwan on One Ik’ in 2016. Photo credit: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response, captured on Terra satellite [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This force knocked out power to some 500,000 households in Taiwan, before wreaking havoc on mainland China. Four cycles before that, under exactly the same “One Wind” influence, Cat. 5 Super Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda) devastated the Philippines.

But it isn’t just the first day that can spawn this type of intensity, as was seen in 2013 when a fast-moving thunderstorm system hurled over 80 “super cell” tornadoes at a town in Illinois on the tenth day of this time frame, levelling some 400 homes. At that time nearly 700,000 homes and businesses were left without power in the US, as intense winds in southern Ontario and Quebec also left some 100,000 in that region without power.

At the moment the monstrous Cat. 5 Cyclone known as Gita is swirling through the South Seas. New Zealand has been put on alert as there is a possibility that parts of that country’s North Island may receive some impact from this (from winds and flooding rains) a few days into this time frame.

During its last appearance the focus of this energy frame seemed to be on communication and cooperation as the trecena began with the announcement of an agreement between China and the EU to work together in support of the Paris Climate Accord. Even though the U.S. announced its withdrawal from the accord, the rest of the world took a pledge to remain united in its commitment to finding solutions to environmental issues. Sidestepping the announcement from the White House, a bipartisan group of US states even formed a United States Climate Alliance to continue the commitment to upholding the Paris Agreement.

By the fourth day (a “Burner day during this time frame) the spirit of activism was in full force as hundreds of thousands of people called for transparency as anti-Trump “March for Truth” demonstrations took place in 150 cities across the US and in several international locales. At the end of the trecena mass anti-corruption protests were unfolding across Russia (on Russia Day) as thousands of protestors rallied in more than 100 cities to denounce corruption and political stagnation.

Ehécatl, the wind/breath/spirit form of Quetzalcoatl. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

With this energy period – being pushed forward by the Mesoamerican deity known as Ehécatl, the wind/breath/spirit form of Quetzalcoatl – there is often a “breath of new life” aspect to this sequence of days, which is not only oriented around communication, inspiration, and many other things of a spiritual nature, but high magic, as in the rare transit of Venus across the face of the sun in 2012 on the first day of this trecena, and the opening of the amazing poppy exhibit at the Tower of London in 2014. High magic was certainly in play two cycles ago when, on the second day, the European Space Agency unveiled the most complete map of the Milky Way ever created, including over a billion stars, based on the first 14 months of the Gaia probe’s 5.5 year observational campaign, giving us a chance to see our place in the universe in a whole new way.

This is the trecena that brought forth the first flight of the twin-engine all-metal Lougheed Model 10A Electra (the type flown by Amelia Earhart on her ill-fated final trip) in 1934. Along those same lines, the first day of this trecena (“the initiation of wind/breath/spirit”) is the Maya birth energy of Charles Lindbergh, the aviator who made the first nonstop solo transatlantic flight, from New York to Ireland in the “Spirit of St. Louis”, in 1927. Little could he have imagined that a mere 71 years later the first module of the International Space Station would be transported into space (also during this trecena).

Currently the return of this trecena marks one cycle since Special Counsel Robert Mueller began assembling an elite team of prosecutors to assist him with the Russia investigation in the U.S. As the investigation continues there have been many significant developments, including several key indictments, and a very long list of individuals who have resigned (or been forced to resign) from the White House inner circle. As evidence for collusion and/or obstruction of justice continues to amass, this marks the point where only one more cycle remains until the 2018 U.S. elections during which hundreds of congressional seats will be contested. No doubt things will heat up considerably as this cycle plays out, particularly given the admission by U.S. intelligence agencies that there is a strong possibility that the U.S. electoral system is still in great danger of cyber-attack from Russia.

At this time many will likely feel the heat from Chantico, the Goddess of Terrestrial Fire, who serves as the patron of this time frame. Although she can also help to provide balance through the warmth and nourishment of her hearth fire if the “winds” that blow through this time frame become too ferocious, she can also be called upon to apply “heat” where it is needed. No doubt she will be gearing up to do just that during election time when this trecena returns later this year.

So once again we are welcoming in that time of “high magic”, inspiration, and communication. As always this is an excellent time to “tune in” and use the influential forces associated with this energy frame to breathe life into new possibilities.

With Chinese New Year currently coinciding with this time frame, and the first day of this period emphasizing “newness”, this provides extra focus and a strong additional boost towards such prospects. At this time these are the energies that will come into play:

1 Ik’ (Feb. 15th) – the “initiation of wind/ breath/spirit”, coinciding with the New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse, and with the “seating” of the Maya “Turtle” month known as K’ayab’ that has the young Moon Goddess as its patron. The first Lord of the Night is in place at this time. Intriguingly, all of this “newness” or “initiating” energy coincides at this time with the eve of Chinese New Year, a time when families clean their homes to sweep away ill-fortune and prepare the way for incoming good fortune. Decorations oriented around health, longevity, and prosperity are in abundance.

Red and gold decorations for Chinese New Year. From:

2 Ak’b’al (Feb. 16th) – a “dynamic” type of energy associated with the temple or “house” of deep esoteric mysteries, this time in tandem with Chinese New Year, which is celebrated by roughly one sixth of the world’s population. This year is the Year of the Dog, specifically the Earth Dog at this  time.

3 K’an (Feb. 17th) – an “activation” type of energy associated with both germination and opulence, coinciding at this time with the “Birthday of the Dog”, on Day 2 of Chinese New Year celebrations, the day when dogs are given special treats – perhaps extra special for this Year of the Dog. Opening day of the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg (Western Canada’s largest winter festival), which includes an international snow sculpture symposium where art works are created from blocks of snow. Opening day of the Nice Carnival, one of the largest in the world. The Maya birth energy of Queen Elizabeth II.

 4 Chikchan (Feb. 18th) – the “defining” of Lifeforce, a Burner Day associated with “running with the fire”, in conjunction with Quetzalcoatl’s connection with Liberation and Higher Consciousness. “Birthday of the Pig” in the Chinese New Year sequence. One cycle since the March for Truth rallies in more than 150 cities across the US and around the world.

5 Kimi (Feb. 19th) – a “precision” type of energy associated with “absolute foundations” – often a “game changer. At this time this energy coincides with Family Day in several provinces, with Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, and with the auspicious fourth day of Chinese New Year, known as “Yang Ri”, the Day of the Goat, a symbol of luck; the day when the Kitchen God (associated with good fortune) is welcomed in. A good time to throw out rubbish and anything associated with bad luck. President’s Day in the US – one cycle until the 2018 US election. Is there a portent here?

6 Manik’ (Feb. 20th) – the energy of the six directions in conjunction with the reciprocity-oriented (but sometimes “sacrificial”) energy of the deer (traditionally seen as a “carrier for the sun” on Earth), this time in conjunction with the fifth day in the Chinese New Year sequence, known as the “Birthday of Ox and Cattle” and the birthday of the God of Wealth – a good time to welcome wealth into one’s home.

Chinese New Year treats. From:

7 Lamat (Feb. 21st) – “self-generating star” or beacon; a strong “heralding” type of energy, as well as a force that has been historically associated with strong winds (even hurricanes) – correlating at this time with the Chinese New Year festival known as “Ma Ri”, the Day of the Horse”, the day when, traditionally, families sent away the ghost of poverty. Also International Mother Language Day.

8 Muluk (Feb. 22nd) – the “resurrection” of water; strongly aligned with rebirth and “purification”, coinciding at this time with a day in the Chinese New Year sequence known as “Ren Ri”, the Day of the Human, the day in Chinese mythology when the Goddess Nu Wa (aka Nu-Gua) created the world and human beings. Significantly this coincides at this time with an “8” day in the Maya Count of Days. In Chinese culture the number eight is representative of wealth, unity, and good fortune. Eight Muluk is the Maya birth energy of Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Betty White. It is also the Maya birth energy of the revolutionary Che Gevera who would have celebrated his 90th birthday on June 14th this year.

 9 Ok (Feb. 23rd) – an “outwardly-projecting” type of energy associated with love, loyalty, and guidance that can have long lasting influence; a “double-fire” type of energy often aligned with “hearth-fire” or even “heart-fire”, coinciding at this time with the day in the Chinese New Year sequence aligned with the honouring of food and agriculture. One cycle since that consequential day when former FBI director James Comey went before the US Senate Intelligence Committee to give testimony as to whether Trump tried to persuade him to stop the investigation into Trump’s connections with Russia.

The Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Kings surrounded by clouds. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
The Jade Emperor’s birthday is part of the Chinese New Year festival, coinciding at this time with the tenth day of this “Wind and Spirit”-oriented trecena.

10 Chuwen (Feb. 24th) – “foundational play”; a creative time-weaving type of force, coinciding at this time with the ninth day of the Chinese New Year sequence, celebrated as the birthday of the Jade Emperor, Emperor of the Universe, the Supreme Deity of Taoism, a day celebrated by all the deities of Heaven and Earth.

Three cycles since North Korea state media announced that it had successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb (the first since 2006). Since then that country has conducted multiple tests of weaponry in defiance of international calls for an end to such endeavors.

One hundred and seventy years since the end of the French monarchy in 1848.

11 Eb’(Feb. 25th) – inspirational “animating vitality”, aligned with change and new possibilities. In the Chinese New Year sequence this day is seen as the Stone Festival, the birthday of the god of stone, where incense and candles are burned for stones. Known as “Shi Bu Dong” (not moving stone), stones or rocks are not moved or cut on this day, in the interest of protecting crops. The day of the closing ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Logo for National Cupcake Day, a national fundraising day to support animals in need

12 B’en (Feb. 26th) – a “dedicated” type of force aligned with personal authority, a double-Quetzalcoatl type of force, coinciding at this time with the last day of the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg. In Canada this coincides with National Cupcake Day, a special fund-raising day for SPCAs and humane societies –a great time to bake, donate, and fund-raise in support of animals in need.

One cycle ago this coincided with the Equality March (for LGBT rights) across the U.S.  Ten cycles ago this coincided with the beginning of the revolutionary wave (in January 2011) that became known as the Arab Spring.

13 Ix (Feb. 27th) – “transformational Jaguar” – a double transformation type of energy associated with the Jaguar, earth mysteries, and high magic. One cycle ago this coincided with the beginning of a new wave of mass anti-corruption protests that took place across Russia. In 1916 one of the largest parades ever held  in New York (the Preparedness Parade, in preparedness for WWI) occurred under this same 13 Ix influence.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]


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