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Mid November and the end of the year is looming, and we are now coming close to the end of current One Imix-to-Thirteen Ajaw cycle. This Men (Eagle) trecena tends to be a kind of “head’s-up”, “call-to-action” period, associated with valour and the push towards supremacy. This is a zone that has been oriented, traditionally, around power, military strength, and transformative action, as symbolized by the eagle. The “call to action” aspect often prompts people to “step up” into positions that require courage and high vision, with many finding themselves called upon to “become warriors” for a cause.

African fish eagle. Photo by, CC-BY-4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

During this period the “call to action” is often prompted by some kind of extreme condition that requires people to pluck up the courage to get involved. Sometimes this involves standing up for principles, defending ideological positions, pushing back against injustices, or even dealing with life-and-death issues. Sometimes such issues have been weather related, such as the extreme storm situations (fires, typhoons, hurricanes) brought by the Men trecena in 2016, the extreme heat wave in June of 2017, or the severe cold in Europe and other areas last February – all within the Eagle trecena. In June of last year it was this trecena that brought the deadly eruption of 156 wildfires across Portugal. But currently it is California that is under seige, once again by fire, with millions of people under red flag warnings and thousands of homes under severe threat.

The ferocious CAMP fire that erupted on Nov. 8th north of Sacramento. Photo by NASA Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

With thousands of structures already lost, a great many people are facing enormous challenges are they continue the battle against these infernos and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Historically the very first day of this trecena has often been marked by significant events that tie in with these ideas, as when the U.S. declared war on Iraq in 2003 and began their invasion of that country, with its launch of airstrikes against ISIS groups in that country also taking place under this influence precisely sixteen cycles later during the summer of 2014.

In 2011 the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against social and economic inequality spread to hundreds of cities in 82 countries during this trecena, at the same time as major street riots in Tunisia initiated the downfall of that country’s government – the first major denouncement of authoritarian rule accompanied by a demand for democracy in the Arab world, a situation that instigated a wave of revolutionary events throughout that region. Three cycles ago, throughout this trecena, the crumbling city of Aleppo in Syria suffered through significant bombardment, with close to two million beleaguered residents under severe seige without access to clean water or assistance.

Not only is there often a “call to arms” during this time frame, but there also tends to be a great deal of political “maneuvering”, as in “jockeying” (or downright pushing) for power. In 2017 this trecena brought a clear majority to Emmanuel Macron as his new Republic on the Move! party swept the French parliamentary elections. Earlier this year Italy’s general election, regarded as “the most important in Europe this year” took place during this energy frame, which resulted in the election of 900 representatives for two houses of parliament, the ousting of former prime ministers, and the formation of a coalition government.

Near the end of the trecena the day known as 12 Kimi has had the tendency to bring forth events of a particularly consequential nature. Most certainly this was the case three cycles ago, on the day that Rachel Maddow referred to as one of the “most insane and consequential news days in the history of the US”. On that 12 Kimi day, towards the end of the Men trecena in October 2016, the Obama White House warned that there was evidence that Russia was trying to actively interfere with the U.S. election (a situation that has since been proven to be true). That same afternoon the Washington Post released a story about Trump’s revolting 2005 hot-mic conversation with Billy Bush (the “grabbing” tape), which was followed by predictions that Trump’s campaign was “over”, deteriorating from critical to terminal. But then – just 30 min. later – a cache of stolen Clinton campaign e-mails was released by Wikileaks, which triggered a new round of speculations, and suddenly no one knew who to trust – and so the stage was set for forthcoming “election from hell”.

One cycle after that, in June of last year, special prosecutor Robert Mueller, having been given the task of overseeing the Justice Department’s inquiry into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, was in the process of assembling an elite team of prosecutors. During the following cycle this phenomenal team conducted investigations that brought about the indictments of several key figures associated with Trump, including Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, and Rick Gates, the deputy- campaign manager, both of whom were indicted on multiple counts of financial fraud, and 13 Russians who were involved in significant election interference. Then, last February the first day of this “Eagle” trecena brought forth the arraignment of Manafort in Washington DC on dozens of felony charges, with even more charges brought against him two days later, in Virginia. As James Clapper, the ex-US Director of National Intelligence, emphasized at that time, “Watergate pales” in comparison with what they have been dealing with, with regard to the 2016 election and its consequences.

With more indictments expected to be issued from Robert Mueller at this time, with major questions being raised regarding the replacement for Jeff Sessions as US Attorney-General, and with major in-house conflicts flaring up yet again in the White House, this is sure to be another intense period as political battles continue to be fought on many fronts.

The Homestead Act, which was signed in 1862, came into effect on 10 K’an ( Jan. 1, 1863). Image by the Bureau of Land Management. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the key markers points during this time frame will be 10 K’an, in place on Nov. 24th. That is the Maya date 10 K’an 17 Keh, a Calendar Round return of the energy that was in place when the Emancipation Proclamation in the U.S came into effect three Calendar Rounds ago, in 1863. On that same day the Homestead Act also came into effect in that country, at which time a flood of white settlers began pouring into native territories. Given that the “caravan” of migrants escaping from horrendous conditions in Central America are now beginning to arrive at the US-Mexico border this is interesting timing. With regard to 1863 the question of how indigenous people might have felt about this flood of immigrants into their territories might be revisited, as once again a large push of people desperate to make new lives for themselves are seeking access to the same general area.

With this being a particularly high-powered energy frame, close to the end of the cycle, the question is “what can we draw upon to help us navigate through these 13 days”?

Xochiquetzal, patron of the Men (Eagle) trecena, from the 16th century Codex Rios. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

As always, we can take a cue from Xochiquetzal, the Aztec goddess who serves as a patron of this period.  Aligned with artistry and creativity, she reminds us to be resourceful and to act wisely when engaging in cause-oriented actions. No doubt she will be “speaking” with the diverse group of 102 newly elected women who have just arrived in Washington D.C. as they begin to learn the ropes before taking their seats in Congress early next year.

Keep in mind that it is Eagle, a high ranking avatar of the sun, that is representive of the principal force that is active at this time, symbolizing the need for courage, strength, and high vision at this critical time. The eagle can also remind us of the importance of “rising high” – to push towards the sun and light, to be creative in rising above the fray – in order to gain perspective when dealing with challenges. During this critical period these are the energies that come into play:

1 Men (Nov. 15th) – the “initiation” of the high-flying (Eagle oriented) solar energy, a kind of “pushing for supremacy” type of force that has manifested in the past in the form of major protest demonstrations, the beginning of major battles (such as Bull Run at the start of the U.S. Civil War), and even the push of natural forces such as the six significant volcanic eruptions in 6 countries on One Men in 2013, the major earthquake in Nepal on One Men in 2015, and the “beast from the east” that brought severe weather conditions to Europe earlier this year, on the same day as Paul Manafort was arraigned in Washington D.C.

It has now been four cycles since the unexpected death of rock icon David Bowie, two days after his 69th birthday.

2 Kib’ (Nov. 16th) – a “dynamic” type of energy that can “shake things up” but ultimately tends towards being a transmutation force that can lead towards the restoration of order, coinciding at this time with the UN’s International Day for Tolerance and World Philosophy. In Canada this day is commemorated by the Métis Nation as Louis Riel Day, as it is an anniversary of Métis leader Riel’s wrongful execution in 1885. Celebrations of Métis culture now coincide with this date.

On this day Mars will be seen close to the waxing moon, on the day when the celebrated Lights of Hope switch on at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

3 Kab’an (Nov. 17th) – the “activation” of “movement” or “earth movement” on the peak day for the Leonids meteor shower

4 Etz’nab’ (Nov. 18th) – a “defining” type of energy aligned with Etz’nab’s sparkling, “knife-edged” dazzle – an energy that can bring sudden change, which ties in with this being the deadline date for the recounts going on in Florida for the disputed midterm elections. Three Calendar Rounds (three 52-year cycles) since the beginning of the Battle of Chickasaw Batou (aka the Battle of Walnut Hills), the opening engagement of the Vicksburg Campaign during the US Civil War. During World War I this was the energy in place when unrestricted submarine warfare began.

5 Kawak (Nov. 19th) – the “blessing” of “stormy” compassion; a precision kind of energy that can stir emotions and trigger important events. The image on the cover of this day’s publication of The New Yorker shows a room full of white men in outline with a diverse group of women, drawn in detail with colour, coming through the door.

Maya birth energy of Albert R. Broccoli, the film producer who was a leading force behind the production of many of the James Bond films.

ISS Zarya module, the first module of the International Space Station to be launched. Photo by NASA, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Zarya is a Russian word for “sunrise”, signifying the dawn of a new era of international cooperation in space. It was launched on a Men (Eagle) day in 1998, with Nov. 20th being the 20th anniversary of this historic event.

6 Ajaw (Nov. 20th ) – an “everywhere” type of energy associated with full sun and the power of enlightenment, coinciding with what is known as a Tun Shift in the Maya Calendar, as the Long Count date clicks over to
As the Maya associated this energy with kingship, it seems fitting that this coincides with the 71st wedding anniverary of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Two cycles ago this was the energy in place when Emmanuel Macron and his party won the French presidential election. Currently this is the UN’s Universal Children’s Day, Revolution Day in Mexico (an official holiday), the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Zarya Module, the first component of the International Space station, and – in the evening – the beginning of Mawlid al-Nabi, the observance of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad in the Muslim calendar.

7 Imix (Nov. 21st) – “self-generating” birth, an energy often asssociated with the envisioning of a “new order of being”, as when Hernán Cortés and his Spanish conquistadores arrived at
Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) under this energy influence in 1519.

8 Ik’ (Nov. 22nd) – the “resurrection” of wind/breath/spirit; symbolic of the Corn God working together with the wind/breath/spirit aspect of Quetzalcóatl, coinciding at this time with Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., with WE day in Vancouver, and with the full day (until sunset) of Mawlid al-Nabi. With thousands of migrants now arriving at the US-Mexico border, after spending weeks fleeing from poverty and violence in places such as Honduras, their fate is now in the hands of those who have to determine whether or not to let them enter the US. Andy Marlette’s Thanksgiving cartoon about the “original migrant caravan” puts this into perspective.

Andy Marlette’s #Thanksgiving cartoon, Tweeted out on Nov. 20th

This is also the 55th anniversary of the world shifting day in 1963 when President
John F. Kennedy was assassinated, eight cycles since the March 2013 election of Pope Francis I, and exactly one cycle since the U.S. Ninth Circuit court ruled in favour of the Youth Plaintiffs in Our Childrens’ Trust, rejecting Trump’s attempt to evade the constitutional climate trial, with the court ruling that the Juliana v. U.S. case can proceed to trial. Although this trial was recently stalled again by the White House, earlier this month it was again cleared to proceed, with the court date now pending.

9 Ak’b’al (Nov. 23rd) – an “outwardly-projecting” type of force often aligned with the “temple” or “house”, deep esoteric mysteries, and even “darkness”, coinciding at this time with Black Fri., with the Full Beaver Moon (aka the Frosty Moon), and with the Loy Krathong and Yi Peng celebrations across Thailand, marked by placing floating candles into rivers and releasing thousands of paper lanterns into the sky for good fortune.

One cycle since Paul Manafort was arraigned on 18 felony counts in a federal court in Virginia (sentencing will be in early February).  Three cycles since Cat. 4 Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Atlantic storm since 2007, brought torrential rains and widespread destruction to the already impoverished Haiti, leaving 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. As this was unfolding 40 million civilians, tens of thousands of emergency workers and troops, and more than 50,000 vehicles were starting a 4-day nuclear war drill in Russia, prompting many to wonder what that was all about.

This is also the Maya birth energy of US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the former Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who has bluntly stated that Trump’s actions have often been in “blatant violation of the president’s oath of office”. She has recently been re-elected to the Senate.

Man reading a newspaper with an article on the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. US Library of Congress. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. The energy in place on Nov. 24th this year marks precisely three Calendar Rounds (3 x 52 years) since the 10 K’an 17 Keh day when this Proclamation came into effect in 1863.

10 K’an (Nov. 24th) – “foundational germination”, as was in place when the Emancipation Proclamation in the U.S came into effect three Calendar Rounds ago, in 1863. On that same day in 1863 the Homestead Act also came into effect, at which time a flood of white settlers began pouring into native territories. Was this not an example of “illegal immigration” from the perspective of the indigenous people of the land?
This is a force that can be quite volatile, as in the generation of strong weather conditions or in the eruption of strong emotion-propelled action (as was in place at the beginning of the Egyptian and Syrian Revolutions in 2011).

11 Chikchan (Nov. 25th) – inspirational Lifeforce, aligned with Liberation and Higher
Consciousness; a Burner Day traditionally associated with “extinguishing the fire” – often
signalling some kind of change in direction, as was the case in 2001 when the Patriot Act was passed by the U.S. Congress, giving federal agencies wide ranging powers in order “to intercept and obstruct terrorism”. In 2010 this energy also brought a major political change in the U.K. when David Cameron became the new Prime Minister of Britain, the youngest in two centuries.

Currently this energy coincides with the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the charming Motmot Festival in the Yucatan.

A gorgeous motmot bird on the island of Tobago. Photo by cheesy42. [CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Maya birthday of Sir Roger Moore, well known for his roles as James Bond and “The Saint”, once the highest paid actor in the world and a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador.

12 Kimi (Nov. 26th) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with “absolute foundations”; a “regrouping type of energy” that could help to lay the foundations for new ideas or ventures, coinciding at this time with Cyber Monday. Exactly three cycles since one of the “most insane and consequential news days in the history of the US”, just before the 2016 election in the US.

13 Manik’ (Nov. 27th) – “transformational deer”, coinciding at this time with Giving Tues. and the runoff election in Mississippi for the Senate seat representing that state.

In 1883 this was the energy in place when the Krakatoa volcano exploded with such a force that it blew the island apart, creating a 130 ft. tsunami and a humungus dust cloud that plunged Jakarta, 100 miles away, into complete darkness. This past Aug. 27th was the 135th anniversary of that event.

Exactly eleven cycles since the day in January 2011 when small anti-government protests began to erupt in Syria, at the same time as a “Day of Rage” erupted in in Cairo and many other cities in Egypt in an intense historic “meltdown” as tens of thousands of anti-government protestors took to the streets. Ten cycles ago this energy brought a day of “Global Revolution” as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against social and economic equality spread to cities around the world.

Three cycles ago Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Charleston under this influence, before looping back towards the Caribbean, as states of emergency were declared on the Eastern seaboard. Overall, this is a good day to exercise caution as this can be a highly intense energy.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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