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Tawny eagle. Photo Credit: Yathin S Krishnappa  [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons. In ancient Mesoamerica eagles were symbolic of warriors.

With just two trecenas remaining in the current 260 day One Imix to Thirteen Ajaw sequence, the Men (Eagle) trecena tends to be a time frame associated with valour and the push towards supremacy. This is a zone that has been oriented traditionally, around power, military strength, and transformative action, as symbolized by the eagle. This is a “call to action” type of force, summoning high vision and courage, an energy frame where people often find themselves in positions where they have no choice but to “become warriors” for a cause.

These days more and more individuals are feeling that call as more and more actions are being taken to counter corruption at both governmental and business levels. As seen within the context of the last trecena, commitment to the Paris Accord is being upheld by all other countries who endorsed the agreement despite the US withdrawal. And even within the US action is being taken by leaders such as Governor Jerry Brown of California to honour this critical arrangement.

The call to climate change action from Under2MOU (from

Not only did Gov. Brown just spend five days in China meeting with President Xi Jinping and signing bilateral climate change deals, but at the beginning of the last trecena he and many others  formed a Climate Change Alliance that is bringing independent states together to uphold the Paris agreement. Further to that, the Under2 Coalition is also “taking ambitious action at a subnational level” to help combat global warming. So battle lines are being drawn and highly committed “warriors” are emerging.

Historically the very first day of this trecena has often been marked by significant events that tie in with these ideas, as when the U.S. declared war on Iraq in 2003 and began their invasion of that country, with its launch of airstrikes against ISIS groups in that country also taking place under this influence, precisely sixteen cycles later during the summer of 2014. Exactly five cycles after that 2003 declaration of war North Korea conducted its first nuclear test, in 2006.

In 2011 the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against social and economic equality spread to hundreds of cities in 82 countries during this trecena, at the same time as major street riots in Tunisia initiated the downfall of that country’s government – the first major denouncement of authoritarian rule accompanied by a demand for democracy in the Arab world, a situation that instigated a wave of revolutionary events throughout that region. And on the last appearance of this trecena it was the once thriving, but now crumbling, city of Aleppo in Syria that was the focal point for significant bombardment, with close to two million beleaguered residents under severe seige without access to clean water or assistance.

First Battle of Bull Run, chromolithograph by Kurz & Allison, 1889 (Library of Congress) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. This first major battle of the U.S. Civil War took place on 1 Men 13 Sotz’, precisely 3 Calendar Rounds ago. This precise energy returns again (after 52 years) on June 13th.

At the current time the first day of this trecena precisely coincides with the Calendar Round anniversary (“New Fire”) of the first Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the U.S. Civil War (in July of 1861). At that time some 18,000 poorly trained and poorly led troops on each side faced off against each other, with the Confederates eventually gaining the upper hand. As a result both sides came to the realization that the North-South conflict might not be easily resolved – shades of what is currently unfolding in Washington D.C.

So as we embark on this trecena we can see a great deal of political “maneuvering” going on in many areas. In the U.K., the recent election threw a wrench into Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for a mandate and much negotiation is taking place to sort out the ramifications. Indeed, Theresa May’s political future hangs in the balance. In Venezuela and Russia mass anti-government demonstrations continue as protestors face off against national guards and riot police, and in the U.S. high level investigations continue into the Russia scandal, with the pressure and evidence rapidly mounting against the current administration, with the question of obstruction of justice being of foremost concern in the context of this investigation and others. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who has been given the task of overseeing the Justice Department’s inquiry into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, is in the process of assembling an elite team of prosecutors (including Dep. Solicitor General Michael Dreeben, referred to as the “most brilliant and most knowledgeable federal criminal lawyer in America”). However, as some within the Trump administration are attempting to have Mueller fired as well, the battle lines in this regard are clearly evident. 

The stakes at this time are incredibly high, with many critical battles being waged. As James Clapper, the ex-US Director of National Intelligence, emphasized just a few days ago, “Watergate pales” in comparison with what they are confronting now. It is entirely possible that these battles could set the foundations for great shifts in power, for the forming of new alliances, and for the framing of new approaches to government. Many will be called into action, many will be put to the test as they either rise to the challenge or get trampled underfoot by the intense forces in play.

So what can we draw upon as we navigate through these 13 days? As always, we can take a cue from Xochiquetzal, the Aztec goddess who serves as a patron of this period. Aligned with artistry and creativity, she reminds us to be resourceful and to act wisely when engaging in cause-oriented actions. The eagle, avatar of the sun, lends its strength at this time, and works with the rest of the days, reminding us of the need for courage, strength, and high vision. During this critical period these are the energies that come into play:

1 Men (June 13th) – the “initiation” of the Eagle’s lofty vision, a kind of “pushing for supremacy” type of force as could be seen on its last appearance at the time of the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, just as several major newspapers were publically endorsing Clinton. Such endorsements continued coming forth through the remainder of the trecena. Currently, with the focus of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee being on connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, this Men (Eagle) trecena opens with this committee’s questioning of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions with regard to his contact with the Russian ambassador during the presidential campaign.

140th U.S. Flag Day poster. 1777-1917. “Poster showing a man raising the American flag, with a minuteman cheering and an eagle flying above.” U.S. Library of Congress. Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons. June 14th (2 Kib’) marks the 240th anniversary of the adoption of this flag.

The opening of this trecena (One Men 13 Sotz’) also coincides with the third Calendar Round anniversary (“New Fire”) of the first Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the U.S. Civil War (in July of 1861).

At this time this is also St. Anthony’s Feast Day, a popular Catholic celebration of a saint sometimes known as the Wonder-worker, the patron saint for the recovery of lost things. Celebrations in his honour will be held in many places worldwide at this time.

Two cycles since the unexpected, and shocking, death of rock icon David Bowie, two days after his 69th birthday.

2 Kib’ (June 14th) – a “dynamic” type of energy that can “shake things up” but is ultimately aligned with a transmutation force that can lead towards the restoration of order, this time in conjunction with the 240th anniversary of the adoption of the U.S. flag (on National Flag Day in the U.S.) and the start of Honor America Days (for 21 days)

3 Kab’an (June 15th) – the “activation” of “movement” or “earth movement” coinciding at this time with the opening of the 4-day Hanuman Festival of Yoga, Music, and Community in Boulder, Colorado, and the opening of Art Basel in Switzerland

4 Etz’nab’ (June 16th) – a “defining” type of energy aligned with Etz’nab’s sparkling, “knife-edged” dazzle, at the time of the 9th crossing of Saturn’s rings by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

5 Kawak (June 17th) – the “blessing” of compassion; a precision kind of energy that can stir emotions and trigger important events, as occurred on its last appearance when it marked the end of the ESA’s Rosetta Mission, when the Rosetta spacecraft was crash-landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. At the current time this day coincides with the ceremony of Trooping the Colour in London when over 1400 officers and men of Queen Elizabeth’s personal guards go on parade with some 200 horses, to mark the official celebration of the Sovereign’s birthday.

6 Ajaw (June 18th) – an “everywhere” type of energy associated with full sun and the power of enlightenment, this time in conjunction with Father’s Day

7 Imix (June 19th) – “self-generating” birth, an energy often asssociated with the envisioning of a “new order of being”, as when Hernán Cortés and his Spanish conquistadores arrived at Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) under this energy influence in 1519. At this time this energy coincides with Juneteenth, known as African American Emancipation Day

 8 Ik’ (June 20th) – the “resurrection” of wind/breath/spirit; symbolic of the sun working together with the wind/breath/spirit aspect of Quetzalcóatl, coinciding at this time with National American Eagle Day in the U.S.  Six cycles since the March 2013 election of Pope Francis I, on the same day as the command of the International Space Station was handed over to Chris Hadfield, the high-flyer who was the first Canadian to walk in space. On the last appearance of this energy Cat. 4 Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Atlantic storm since 2007, brought torrential rains to Haiti.

Casino de Paris with Josephine Baker, by Louis Gaudin – Zig (1882-1936) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Currently this energy coincides with the U.N.’s World Refugee Day, and the day of a special congressional election in Georgia. As this is also the 180th anniversary of the day Victoria became Queen of England and the opening day of the Royal Ascot, no doubt there will be tributes to this special anniversary in the U.K.

Maya birth energy (in 1906) of the celebrated “American in Paris” entertainer, activist, and French Resistance agent Josephine Baker.

9 Ak’b’al (June 21st) – an “outwardly-projecting” type of force often aligned with the “temple” or “house”, and deep esoteric mysteries, coinciding at this time with the Summer Solstice. This is also National Aboriginal Day in Canada, the International Day of Yoga; and the opening day for the Glastonbury Music Festival. Maya birth energy of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the former Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who has bluntly stated that Trump’s current actions are in “blatant violation of the president’s oath of office“.

National Aboriginal Day at Trout Lake. Photo Credit:

10 K’an (June 22nd) – “foundational germination”, as was in place when the Emancipation Proclamation in the U.S came into effect in 1863. This is a force that can be quite volatile, as in the generation of strong weather conditions or in the eruption of strong emotion-propelled action (as was in place at the beginning of the Egyptian and Syrian Revolutions in 2011).

11 Chikchan (June 23rd) – inspirational Lifeforce, aligned with Liberation and Higher Consciousness; a Burner Day traditionally associated with “extinguishing the fire” – often signalling some kind of change in direction, as was the case in 2001 when the Patriot Act was passed by the U.S. Congress, giving federal agencies wide ranging powers in order “to intercept and obstruct terrorism”. In 2010 this energy also brought a major political change in the U.K. when David Cameron became the new Prime Minister of Britain, the youngest in two centuries.

Sir Roger Moore, by Allan warren [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Currently this is the final day of the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, Switzerland. Maya birthday of the recently departed Sir Roger Moore, well known for his roles as James Bond and “The Saint”, once the highest paid actor in the world and a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador.

12 Kimi (June 24th) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with “absolute foundations”; a “regrouping type of energy” that could help to lay the foundations for new ideas or ventures, this time coinciding with the New Moon, Armed Forces Day, International Fairy Day, and the Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun), Cusco’s biggest festival.

This is also the 40th anniversary of the first screening of Star Wars and the 70th anniversary of the first post-war UFO sightings in the U.S.  Maya birth energy of prolific composer Jerome Kern, one of the most important American theatre composers of the early 20th century. His songs included “Ol’ Man River”, and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, in a career that spanned more that four decades.

13 Manik’ (June 25th) – “transformational deer”, exactly nine cycles since the day in January 2011 when small anti-government protests began to erupt in Syria, at the same time as a “Day of Rage” erupted in in Cairo and many other cities in Egypt in an intense historic “meltdown” as tens thousands of anti-government protestors took to the streets. Eight cycles ago this energy brought a day of “Global Revolution” as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against social and economic equality spread to cities around the world.

Just one cycle ago Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Charleston under this influence, before looping back towards the Caribbean, as states of emergency were declared on the Eastern seaboard. At that time a growing number of Republicans were calling for Trump to step down and were withdrawing their endorsement of him, as reflected in headlines reporting that “Republican officials are stampeding away from Trump” and polls were showing a “seismic shift” in favour of Clinton. So this is a good day to exercise caution as this can be a highly intense energy. At this time this coincides with the end of Ramadan and the last day of the Glastonbury music festival.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]


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