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Two major speeches were delivered just hours prior to the start of this Eagle-oriented trecena – one from the instigator of brutal attacks on Ukrainian cities, and one from the key unifier of the NATO alliance that is supporting Ukraine. The instigator rambled on almost incoherently trying to blame the west for starting the war in Ukraine, while the unifier (President Biden) emphasized the need for continued allied support for Ukraine, to help with its defense against the ongoing bombardments. Representing two vastly different perspectives, these speeches took place just prior to the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine at the start of the war, with that anniversary coming up on Day 3 of this trecena. The first day of this time frame marks 13 Tzolk’in cycles exactly since the start of the 2013 Maidan Uprising in Ukraine, the wave of protest demonstrations against the then pro-Russian government that refused to work with the EU.

Euromaidan demonstrations in Lviv during this Men (Eagle) trecena in November, 2013. Photo by Helgi, CC-BY-SA 3.0 via WIkimedia Commons

Intriguingly, the beginning of this trecena also marks 7 cycles since the arraignment of Paul Manafort in Washington DC – Trump’s former campaign manager who has been serving prison time for such things as financial fraud and conspiracy. Significantly, Manafort used to work for the pro-Russian president of Ukraine at the time of those early demonstrations. It’s not difficult to connect the dots.

So these two speeches, and the accompanying speculation about what the first anniversary of this horrific war might bring, are now ushering in the Men (Eagle) trecena, which tends to be a kind of “call to action” type of period often oriented around the idea of “taking a stance” or standing up for particular convictions.

Eagle Warrior by artist Richard Balthazar

This is an energy zone, close to the end of the 260-day Imix-to-Ajaw cycle, that has been oriented, traditionally, around power, high vision, military strength, and transformative action, as symbolized by the eagle. Often there is a call for both high vision and courage, and people can find themselves in positions where they have no choice but to “become warriors” for a cause. Ideas such as “pushing for supremacy”, “sabre-rattling”, and war mongering or “battling” are often connected with this time frame.

Indeed, there is likely no better example of how out-of-control these energies can get than the events that took place in Washington DC on the first few days of this trecena three cycles ago, in January of 2021. The trecena began with many people eagerly awaiting the departure of the “former guy” from the White House, and anticipating the imminent official confirmation of Joe Biden as the new U.S. president, knowing that he would not only bring an end to the insanity of the previous administration, but also set in motion whatever was required in order to subdue and eradicate the raging pandemic.  It was the very first day of this period when the 117th US Congress was sworn in, and Nancy Pelosi made history once again by securing a fourth term as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

This was the day after the deceptor-in-chief in the White House had “berated, begged, and threatened” Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the results of the election in that state. Then, on that One Men day, the deceptor held a meeting at the White House with a large group of DoJ officials to try to get them to overturn the election – a meeting that backfired as hundreds of DoJ officials threatened to resign en masse if he went through with his scheme. Outside in the streets hundreds of soon-to-be-insurrectionists began gathering, leading up to the explosive fourth day of this trecena when the violent insurrection unfolded at the U.S. Capitol. Once things were brought under control, much dueling continued as charges began to be laid, and before the trecena concluded the US House of Rrepresentatives had impeached the rabble rouser for the second time.

Last June, exactly two cycles after the insurrection, as if “on cue”, after conducting over 1,000 interviews and collecting over 140,000 documents, the Jan. 6th Committee began holding their public, telecast hearings, with three of those extraordinary sessions taking place within this Eagle-related time frame as the committee presented their findings, conducted additional hearings, and presented new, substantial, evidence associated with the planning and execution of the insurrection attempt. With the results of that lengthy process now in the hands of the DoJ, and with other investigations still on-going, the legal implications of all of that have yet to be revealed, but it would not be surprising to see some movement in that regard during this trecena or the next, prior to the end of this current cycle. Note that MSNBC legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner recently said he believes that the dumpster “will be indicted” and during that process “he will throw every single person under the bus, including his own family members, if it will reduce his prison term by just one day or one hour . . . So hold on tight because that’s coming.”

During this time frame the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal (Flower Feather) was seen as being the key patron of this energy period. She is aligned with artistry, creativity, household arts, fertility, and female sexual power. She was also a protector of young mothers and a patroness of childbirth. This may sound unusual, given the “eagle warrior” theme of this trecena, but this deity represents a connection to the idea of “women as warriors”, particularly those who died in childbirth who were esteemed for their bravery.

Adaptation of the Men (Eagle) trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One Men or One Eagle) is represented by the little head of an eagle at the lower left (within the border). The other days of this trecena proceed from there to the right, and then up towards the top, to the head of a deer (Manik) at the upper right. The daysign numbers pertaining to this trecena (beginning with One Men) are not shown, but implied. The patron deity associated with this trecena is Xochiquetzal, Flower Feather, shown at the left of the larger image at the top. To the right is Tezcatlipoca, aligned with fire, “supremacy”, and transformation.

In addition it was thought that a fearsome deity called Tezcatlipoca, who was highly aligned with fire, strength, “supremacy”, and transformation, was a second overseer of this time frame, so these deities would work together to provide a double layer of influence. Bravery, strength, creativity, and transformation are all aligned with these ideas.

And as we journey through this energy period, there are many battles to be fought. With the first anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine coming up on the third day of this period, and no end in sight, there is considerable regrouping as leaders work out plans for how to move forward. And the battles that lie ahead are not only in war zones. With thousands dead and millions displaced due to the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the needs in that region are staggering. Down south thousands are still missing after the deadly Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand’s North Island, with a similar situation in Brazil after floods and landslides hit Sao Paolo state. And on more mundane levels, the battle to keep ahead of inflation and overall rising prices continues on, along with the battle to help our planet to refresh and restore itself, and the battle to defeat dark forces wherever they lurk. During this period there are several special days, like the World Ocean Summit, International Polar Bear Day, and the UN’s World Wildlife Day that remind us of the importance of pushing on.

These are all things that require us to be like eagles – to “rise high” and push towards the sun and the light – towards the ultimate goal of clearing and healing. As we push our way through all this let’s take one day at a time and look towards the last day of the trecena when India’s Holi festival begins, to symbolically celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Hopefully there will be many triumphs to celebrate by then. During this critical period these are the energies that come into play:

One Men (Feb. 22nd) – the “initiation” of a high-flying (Eagle oriented) solar energy, a kind of  “pushing for supremacy” type of force that, in the past, has manifested in the form of declarations of war, major battles, anti-government demonstrations and significant calls for reform, and even aggressive actions that have served to advance select interests. At this time this “eagle warrior” energy marks 13 Tzolk’in cycles exactly since the start of the 2013 Maidan Uprising in Ukraine, the wave of protest reactions that sprung up when the then-pro-Russian government declined to sign association and free-trade agreements with the EU, which outraged the large numbers of people who saw this as “a big step backwards”. Little did they know at that time that they would be brutally attacked by Russia in subsequent years, beginning with the annexation of Crimea by Russia a few months later, in Feb. of 2014.

In 2014 this was the energy in place when the U.S. launched airstrikes against ISIS groups in Iraq.

This is Ash Wednesday, the “Day of Ashes”, or day of repentance, prayer, and fasting, when Christians traditionally confessed their sins at the start of the Lenten period leading up to Easter. In Canada this is Pink Shirt Day, with its anti-bullying focus and its focus on finding ways to reduce conflict and foster positive relationships.

Inner sanctuary at Abu Simbel, Egypt, which will be lit by the sun on the first day of this trecena.

In Egypt, this is first of two days this year when the statues in the interior of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel will be lit up by the sun, including the statue of Ra, the Sun God. Hopefully this will help to “bring light to the world”.

This marks the third Gregorian anniversary of the day in 2020 (2:22:20) when towns in northern Italy began locking down due to the coronavirus, including Milan, where shops, museums, theatres, restaurants, schools, and universities began closing, as the number of cases quickly rose. This was a
real “head’s up” as to the seriousness of what was quickly developing into a pandemic.

Currently this marks ten cycles since the unexpected death of rock icon David Bowie.

2 Kib’ (Feb. 23rd) – a “dynamic” type of energy that can “shake things up” but ultimately tends towards being a “getting down to business” type of force that can lead towards the restoration of order, now marking the completion of one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This is also marking two cycles since the release of the Woodward/Costa book titled “Peril”, that closely examines the tumultuous time at the end of the “former guy’s presidency”, spanning the November 2020 election, the January 6 insurrection, and President Biden’s inauguration, shedding considerable light on what CNN called “one of the most dangerous periods in American history.” That was the day when President Biden addressed the UN General Assembly to urge world leaders to commit collectively to vaccinating 70% of the world’s population against C-19 within a year.

3 Kab’an (Feb. 24th) – the “activation” of “movement” or “earth movement”, marking one year since Russia unleashed a full-scale invasion of Ukraine involving cruise and ballistic missiles, and tanks entering from Belarus and Crimea. At that time (and continuing) the targets appeared to be infrastructure locations near major cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Dnipro. In response President Zelenskyy ordered a full military mobilization for Ukraine and thousands began boarding trains and finding various ways to leave the country. That was beginning of the Battle of Hostomel, that continued for 5 weeks, as Russian forces occupied the Antonov airport and surrounded it with reinforcements. (Five weeks later Ukrainian forces eventually took back control.)

Logo of the US House Select Committee on the January 6 attack. Public Domain. This committee’s public hearings began one cycle ago.

Currently, on this one year anniversary candlelit vigils and special “Stand with Ukraine” prayer ceremonies will take place globally in support of Ukraine.

This also marks one Tzolk’in cycle exactly since the start of the Jan. 6th Committee public hearings in Washington D.C.

This is the Maya birth energy of Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to the US Congress – and a true “visionary warrior”.

4 Etz’nab’ (Feb. 25th) – a “defining” type of energy aligned with Etz’nab’s flint-oriented, “knife-edged”, “shock and awe” dazzle – an energy that can bring sudden change, as it did three cycles ago, in January of 2021, when that frenzied mob, worked up by a diabolical covey of seditious politicians who were trying to subvert the election results, violently attacked the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. at the very time when the Joint Session of Congress was attempting to ascertain and count the Electoral College Votes to formally declare the results of the 2020 election.

The last time this was in place Rudy Giuliani was hit with charges of ethics violations over baseless claims he made about the 2020 presidential election being stolen, and former Bolivian president Jeanine Áñez was found guilty of orchestrating a coup that brought her to power during a 2019 political crisis. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Which begs the question – if Brazil can do this expeditiously, why is there so much foot-dragging in the U.S.?

Currently this is the closing day for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, although this was already cancelled in some areas, due to the storm in the last trecena. This would have been George Harrison’s 80th birthday.

5 Kawak (Feb. 26th) – the “blessing” of “stormy” compassion; a precision kind of energy that can stir emotions and trigger important events, as it did three cycles ago in the early morning hours of Jan. 7th, 2021 when members of Congress returned to complete their task, even though they had been under attack for hours. That was when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were confirmed as the new U.S. president and vice-president. On that same day Joe Biden announced that he was nominating Judge Merrick Garland to serve as the next U.S. attorney general. That was the day, as the mess from the insurrection was being cleaned up in Washington, when newspapers around the world ran headlines such as ‘Trump blows up US democracy’: the world watches in horror” (The Guardian).

The last time this energy was in place (last June) massive “March for Our Lives” demonstrations took place in some 450 cities across the US, to increase pressure on Congress to act on gun reforms. Given that there were at least 10 mass shootings in the US last weekend alone, this issue still badly needs to be addressed.

Currently this is the closing day for the Nice Carnival and for Maslenitsa Week in Ukraine.

6 Ajaw (Feb. 27th) – an “everywhere” type of energy associated with full sun and the power of enlightenment, coinciding with International Polar Bear Day, and the opening of the 3-day 10th Annual World Ocean Summit & Expo in Lisbon.

Polar Bear with cub. International Polar Bear Day is Feb. 27th (6 Ajaw)              Photo credit: Polar Bears International.

In Barcelona this is the opening day for the 4-day Mobile World Congress, referred to as “The largest and most influential connectivity event”.

In northern India this is the beginning of a kind of transitional, “laying low” type of period known as Holashtak, leading up to the colourful Holi festival on March 8th. In that region this pre-Holi period is thought to be inauspicious for engaging in new ventures. But this day is considered ideal for alms giving and prayer offerings are encouraged.

In the US this is the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Wounded Knee siege, a 71-day occupation of the town of Wounded Knee in South Dakota (site of the infamous 1890 massacre) by some 200 members of the American Indian Movement in 1973 to protest treaties broken by the U.S. government. A series of commemorative events will take place on this day and several days leading up to it.

It has now been three cycles since Twitter “saw the light” under this influence and “permanently” suspended the dumpster’s account for “severe violations” of their civic integrity policy – until Elon Musk mucked things up by buying Twitter and reinstating that account.

This is the Maya birth energy of Bernard Lyot, the French astronomer who invented the coronagraph to study the sun’s corona and its prominences without having to wait for a solar eclipse.

7 Imix (Feb. 28th) – “self-generating” birth, an energy often asssociated with the envisioning of a “new order of being”. This “mid-point of this trecena” energy was in place when Hernán Cortés and his Spanish conquistadores arrived at Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) in 1519, marking the beginning of a “titanic” struggle for power that involved the Spanish siege of Tenochtitlan and its ultimate defeat two years later.

The last time this was in place (last June) Queen Elizabeth II became the second longest-serving monarch in history. She was also the longest-reigning Queen.

Four cycles ago (early 2020) the dumpster had “one of the worst days in one of the worst weeks” in his so-called “presidency” under this influence as even his closest allies were backing away from his increasingly inane statements about how to deal with the pandemic. And now he’s trying to become president again???

Josephine Baker in 1940, by Studio Harcourt. Public Domain.

8 Ik’ (March 1st) – the “resurrection” of wind/breath/spirit; symbolic of the Corn God working together with the wind/ breath/spirit aspect of Quetzalcóatl, at the start of Women’s History Month  in the U.S., with this year’s theme being DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

This is the Maya birth energy of the mesmerizing Josephine Baker, the famed jazz singer who became a spy for the French Resistance during World War II. This day is also human rights activist
and actor/singer Harry Belafonte’s 96th Gregorian birthday. Happy birthday Harry!

This energy also marks 14 cycles since the March 2013 election of Pope Francis.

9 Ak’b’al (March 2nd) – an “outwardly-projecting” type of force often aligned with the “temple” or “house”, deep esoteric mysteries, and even “darkness”. In 2016 (9 cycles ago) this was the energy in place at the beginning of a 4-day nuclear war drill in Russia involving 40 million civilians, tens of thousands of emergency workers and troops, and more than 50,000 vehicles. Looking back it is frightening to speculate on why such a drill was even deemed to be necessary.

It has now been three cycles since the Jan. 11th, 2021 “incitement of insurrection” article of impeachment (against Trump) was introduced in the US House of Representatives, as a growing number of Republicans were declaring that Trump was unfit for office. At that time Republican Senator Toomey said that the dumpster had “descended into a level of madness and engaged in activity that was absolutely unthinkable and unforgivable.” At the same time Mitch McConnell met with two longtime advisors, at which time he said: “The Democrats are going to take care of the son of a bitch for us . . . If this isn’t impeachable, I don’t know what is.” That was 780 days ago – and the foot-dragging and waffling around continues on . . . .

10 K’an (March 3rd) – “foundational germination” – a force that can be quite volatile, as in the generation of strong weather conditions or in the eruption of strong emotion-propelled action that could “germinate” into new directions, coinciding at this time with the UN’s World Wildlife Day, devoted to celebrating and raising awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. This year’s theme is “Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation”.

World Wildlife Day 2023

In Japan this is Hinamatsuri, aka Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day, a day devoted to celebrating female children and to pray for their health and happiness.

In 1813 this was the energy in place when James Madison (“The Father of the Constitution” and the main force behind the ratification of the US Bill of Rights) was inaugurated for his second term as US President.

11 Chikchan (March 4th) – inspirational Lifeforce, aligned with Liberation and Higher Consciousness; a Burner Day traditionally associated with “extinguishing the fire” – often signalling some kind of change in direction (particularly of an energy sequence), as was in place in 2021 on Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, aka Orange Shirt Day. Currently this energy coincides with “March Forth” or “Do Something” Day, and a World Day of Prayer, a global ecumenical movement that began in the 19th century.

This was the energy in place in 2001 when the Patriot Act was passed by the U.S. Congress, giving federal agencies wide ranging powers in order “to intercept and obstruct terrorism”.

It has been five cycles exactly since August of 2019 when an unidentified whistleblower sent a credible complaint (“an urgent concern”) to the inspector general of the US intelligence community, which (eventually) led to Trump’s first impeachment trial in early 2020. Two cycles after that, precisely, the US House of Representatives impeached the dumpster for the second time (the first time this had ever happened), via a bipartisan vote.

This is the 116th birthday of Maria Branyas Morera, the Spanish supercentenarian who was declared the world’s oldest person last month.

12 Kimi (March 5th) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with “absolute foundations”; a “regrouping type of energy” that could help to lay the foundations for new ideas or ventures. In China this coincides with the Feast of Excited Insects that announces the arrival of Spring.

This marks exactly nine cycles since this energy brought one of the “most insane and
consequential news days in the history of the US”, just before the 2016 election. It was the day when the dumpster’s campaign almost imploded but was somehow “revived” when the hacked Clinton campaign e-mails were suddenly released by Wikileaks, setting the stage for the forthcoming “election from hell”. Amazingly this was also the energy in place when John F. Kennedy was nominated by the Democratic Party as their candidate in 1960 and it was also in place at the time of the death of Ted Kennedy in 2009. In addition, this is US Vice-President Kamala Harris’s Maya birth energy.

13 Manik’ (March 6th) – “transformational deer” (which could translate as “transformational harmonization”), coinciding at this time with the opening day for the 67th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN (CSW67), with this year’s theme being “Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls” . . . .
This is also the beginning of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (to Mar. 13th)

The evening brings in the start of Purim, one of the most joyous holidays in the Jewish calendar. This is a Jewish celebration of deliverance that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, an official who was planning to kill all Jews in the Old Persian Empire. This festival is in honour of the “miracles” of Purim that were involved in the saving of the people.

In 1883 this was the energy in place when Krakatoa volcano erupted with such force that it blew the island apart, creating a 130 ft. tsunami and a humungus dust cloud that plunged Jakarta, 100 miles away, into complete darkness. Overall, this is a good day to exercise caution as this can be a highly intense energy.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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