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Crystal Skull (symbolic of Kimi) at the British Museum. Photo Credit: By Vassil [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Update Sept. 11, 2022:  As this is the trecena that has brought the death of the much-loved Queen Elizabeth II, new information has been added to this trecena, as of the third day of this period, the day of her passing. This now includes events leading up to her state funeral, which will take place on the first day of the next trecena. As already noted, the first day of this period (One Kimi) was when the UK’s new prime minister met with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral. New information related to events associated with this offical period of mourning have been added to the “days” section below.

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Early September and summer is winding down – time to prepare for a new season. The Tzolk’in is telling us that the Kimi trecena is coming in, with its “bare bones” type of feel. And it does seem like much has been stripped down, or is in a state of flux, with the general mood being that of both expectation and uncertainty.

A new school season is beginning, but the pandemic is not fully over. Millions of people are on the move, having been displaced through wars or climate change, looking for ways to rebuild their lives. Tens of millions in China are again under semi-lockdown, and  people are being forced to work from home. Russia is cutting off gas supplies to Europe, threats to democracy continue to loom large, and if you live in South Korea, you are likely already feeling the impact of the monstrous Typhoon Hinnamnor.

Looking at the symbolism associated with the Kimi trecena we see that the first day is represented by a skull, indicative of “returning to Source”, going back to “bare bones” foundations in order to regroup. The principal patron of this time frame was seen as the Conch-shell Lord known as Tecciztécatl, a proud and richly attired deity who somewhat reluctantly sacrificed himself to become the Moon. He is often shown accompanied by Tonatiuh, God of the Sun, so here we have the Moon and the Sun working together to bring light to the world. In mythology this pairing is part of the creation story so this trecena might be seen as a “regeneration” point, or as a starting point for regrouping.

Adaptation of the Kimi trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One Kimi or “One Death”) is represented by the little skull at the bottom right corner (within the border). Each of the remaining days proceed around the edge from there towards the left, ending with 13 Etz’nab’ (Flint, depicted as a knife with a face) at the upper left corner. In the centre on the left is Tecciztécatl, the Aztec Conch-shell Lord who became the Moon, the chief patron of this trecena. On the right is Tonatiuh, God of the Sun.

In ancient Mesoamerica the power and potency of One Kimi were such that a great festival often accompanied the arrival of this trecena, often beginning the evening before. Two cycles ago we saw this in Egypt when the mummies of many of Egypt’s royal ancestors (18 kings and 4 queens) were ceremoniously transferred in a spectacular “Golden parade” from Cairo’s old Egyptian Museum to the new one, starting at sundown the evening before. There was certainly a “bare bones” aspect to that ceremony, as well as a connection to “resurrection”, through the idea of these royal personages truly becoming “immortal” through that elaborate re-entombment.

Three cycles ago (in July, 2020) the death and memorial events associated with civil right activist and “Conscience of the United States Congress” John Lewis were the focus of much attention in the US, as John Lewis had been a leading figure, over many decades, in the fight for equal rights and social justice. At that time the first day of this trecena marked the 200th day since the first warning from China regarding Covid-19. That was when the dumpster was aggressively pushing for Americans to start taking certain anti-malaria drugs — particularly hydroxychloroquine — despite the fact that such drugs has not been approved for treating covid. By then over 310,000 cases had been reported in the U.S. and that country was in a mad scramble to try to find respirators and protective equipment for medical workers.

One cycle after that (at the time of the Golden Parade) Joe Biden was at the helm of the presidency and an aggressive vaccination program was underway. More than 56 million people in that country were fully vaccinated by then, and over 100 million partially vaccinated, so regrouping was definitely underway. Unfortunately, the severely delayed start coupled with such things as vaccine hesitancy, conspiracy theories, and political obstructionism did much to slow down the momentum in the US, and, with over 96.6 million registered cases of Covid at this point (more than twice as high as India with 44.4 million cases), the US still ranks highest in the world both for registered cases as well as deaths. In some parts of the country the vaccination rate is still well below 50%, so there is still a lot of room for progress.

As in the U.S., this battle against the disease is being fought in many areas in tandem with many other issues, many of which constitute life-and-death challenges. In China some 65 million people in several cities are again facing severe semi-lockdown restrictions in an effort to curtail outbreaks of Covid prior to the National People’s Congress coming up in October. Although hospitals remain open, specialist health services and dental clinics are required to close. Pharmacies are also restricted in terms of what they are allowed to provide.

By the time we reach the middle of this trecena Ukraine will be marking 200 days since Russia began the attack on that country. And here we can see some major echoes coming through, going back to the Kimi trecena in February of 2014. At that time the very first day of this time frame was to be a day of mourning in Ukraine for victims who had been killed or wounded in severe anti-government clashes with riot police over the two days prior to the start of this trecena. However, this turned into another deadly day of fighting, with at least 75 people killed and hundreds more wounded in hours of fierce combat. Things unfolded quickly after that, as pro-Russian president Yanukovych was ousted, and a warrant for his arrest was issued (for all the people killed and injured during the combat). After a nationwide manhunt was launched to find him, he reappeared in Russia, where he gave a defiant speech. By the middle of the trecena a new interim government was being formed in Kiev, and Russia was proceeding with the takeover of Crimea.

If we look back even further, to 1812, we can see another significant event in Russia’s history, which not only relates to this trecena, but undoubtedly factors into Russia’a aggressive nature even in current times. On the very first day (One Kimi, or “One Death”) of this trecena, 210 years ago, some 52,000 Russian soldiers were either killed or wounded in the bloody Battle of Borodino, after Napoleon’s Grande Armée marched into Russia. As the Imperial Russian Army was defeated by that Grande French Armée in that battle, could it be that a certain Russian tyrant is holding an “ancestral” grudge and is still out for revenge for the humiliation of that historic defeat? Or is he just plain vengeful?

Battle of Borodino, Sept. 7, 1812 by Louis-François, Baron Lejeune. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Many times in the past we have seen this trecena associated with both natural disasters and major crises that have forced people into positions of profound loss (as when Puerto Rico suffered the full force of Hurricane Maria in 2017). Such losses have brought many to the point where the only option available was to “start again”, pushing them to build new foundations in order to “regenerate”. Such events generally force people to take a good hard look at many aspects of their lives. Many have no choice but to reassess their values and priorities, and make hard decisions about changes (and often sacrifices) that may have to be made. So many are having to restructure on various levels, including personal, local, national, and international, as well as on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Tying in with this idea of “returning to source” in order to regenerate, there is often a “letting go of restrictions” aspect to this time frame, in order to achieve a higher level of evolution. Often there is an emphasis on communicating with ancestors, which was something that could be seen, remarkably, in Egypt when this trecena came into place in April last year.

As always, Kimi represents a key genesis point for regeneration. As always, this is a time frame that tends to bring things “back to basics” so that restoration and renewal can be addressed. It is for this reason, as difficult as it may seem at times, that this trecena has often been associated with “luck” and even good fortune as it presents an opportunity to “pause and regroup”, to review one’s overall “state”, and even to clean out whatever is not wanted or needed in order to set up new foundations for what you want to rejuvenate or bring into your life. For many this may mean simply finding new ways to live with all the current uncertainties until new pathways start to open up. As there are a number of Independence day celebrations taking place in Latin American countries during this period it could be that a new sense of pride in accomplishments could be forthcoming in many places in the context of these festivities.

There can be no doubt that many events unfolding during this period will continue to be life changing for millions of people, in one way or another. Keep in mind that this trecena can sometimes shed light on amazing new possibilities, that could include completely new ways of knowing, as it did one cycle ago with the launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope that has already shed considerable light on the nature of the universe. There is a strong likelihood that whatever unfolds during this current period will again set new foundations for restoration and renewal. Note that the final day of this time frame is often particularly intense. During this period these are the energies that will come into play:

One Kimi (Sept. 6th) – the “initiation” of “death/return to Source” foundations (the point at which new life can be engendered), on “back to school” day, which is also the day when Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, the UK’s Prime Minister-elect, travel to Scotland for an audience with Queen Elizabeth. This is when Boris Johnson formally announces his resignation to Queen Elizabeth, who will then officially dismiss him, prior to formally appointing his successor, who will become the 15th UK Prime Minister appointed (so far) during her reign. This is also the 25th anniversary of the funeral for Diana, Princess of Wales.

In the US there will be a celebrational event at the White House on this day in honour of the signing into law and enactment of the historic Inflation Reduction Act.

This energy marks 12 cycles exactly since the beginning of Russia’s invasion and subsequent annexation of Crimea. That One Kimi day in early 2014 brought a significant escalation of violence in Kiev as pro-Russian and opposition forces engaged in fierce combat, that included police and security forces firing on crowds of protestors. Many more key events unfolded over the following days, essentially setting the foundation for the crisis that is still playing out in Ukraine.

The day marks two Calendar Rounds precisely since hospitals in Philadelphia began filling up with people ill with the Spanish flu, after the super-spreader Liberty Loan parade in 1918, with another outbreak emerging at a US Army training camp and a naval facility in Boston. This was the start of the highly fatal 1918 outbreak.

This marks 20 cycles exactly since One Kimi in 2008 when then-Prime Minister Harper, on behalf of the Government of Canada, delivered a formal apology in the House of Commons to former residential school students and their families for the abuses they had suffered. That was 69 Tzolk’in cycles after his own One Kimi birth. On that same day members of the Tseycum tribe flew home with the remains (some 2000 years old) of their ancestors that had been in the American Museum of Natural History in New York for 100 yrs.

Two cycles (520 days) ago Egypt transferred its pharonic mummies from the old museum in Cairo to its new Grand Museum in a “Golden Parade” that began the evening before.

This is actor/activist Jane Fonda’s Maya birth energy.

2 Manik’ (Sept. 7th) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with the idea of reciprocity, which can sometimes tilt towards “polarization”, This marks the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino where the Imperial Russian Army was defeated by Napoleon’s Grande Armée in 1810, and the 200th Gregorian anniversary of Brazil’s Independence.

Prince Pedro announcing the news of Brazilan Independence, Sept. 7th, 1822. Painting by François-René Moreaux. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrational events will take place across Brazil and President Bolsonaro has also called for nationwide demonstrations in support of his government. However, as anti-government demonstrations are also likely to take place, this will surely be a time to exercise caution, or to remember the Archbishop of Belo Horizonte’s advice from two years ago when he invited every Brazilian “to see the many riches that exist in our differences”.

On this day portraits of President Obama and Michelle Obama will be unveiled at the White House. This is the Maya birth energy of Nichelle Nichols, the actor who played Lt. Uhura in the original Star Trek series, who passed on July 31st. Her ashes will be launched into space later this year.

3 Lamat (Sept. 8th) – the “activation” of the “bright star” heralding energy often associated with leadership, particularly in a “signalling capacity”. This was the day when Queen Elizabeth made her departure from this realm.

This marks three cycles since a global team of astrophysicists released the largest ever 3D map of the universe, marking the culmination of 20 years of cosmology surveys with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).

This is the most auspicious day within India’s Onam festival sequence, and is the opening day for Vancouver’s 11- day Finge theatre Festival.

This marks 12 cycles since the Ukrainian parliament voted to dismiss the pro-Russian then-president Yanukovych, in the midst of major clashes in the streets in Ukraine cities, and several Lenin statues were toppled in Western Ukraine.

Currently this is Senator Bernie Sanders’ 81st Gregorian birthday. Happy Birthday Bernie!

4 Muluk (Sept. 9th) – a “defining” day associated with the shape-shifting energy of water, one of the 5 energies at the centre of the Aztec Sun Stone, coinciding at this time with the first full day of the reign of King Charles III. This was the beginning of the official 10-day mourning period – with gun salutes, flags lowered, and bells rung 96 times at various locations across the country.

This was the last (and biggest and most spectacular) day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival that began on Aug. 31st. Called Anant Chaturdashi, this is the day when the deity Ganesh is immersed in a lake or ocean to help this deity become “formless” once again so he can “return home”.

In the UK this is the opening day for the 21st annual Jane Austen festival in Bath as hundreds gather to participate in what is seen as the largest gathering of Jane Austen enthusiasts in the world.

In Alberta this is the start day for the Kananaskis to Calgary Kidney March.

In 1994 this was the energy in place at the signing of the Budapest Memorandum by the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States, that prohibited these countries from threatening or using military force or economic coercion against Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan – in return for an agreement that these countries would give up their nuclear weapons. Yet another agreement torpedoed by the Russian thug?

Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore. Photo Credit: Sengkang via Wikimedia Commons

5 Ok (Sept. 10th) – the “blessing of love”, also associated with fire, protection, guidance, and justice, at the time of the Full Moon, on the day of the formal ceremonies and proclamations of Charles as the new King.

This is the day of the Chinese Moon Festival (aka the Mooncake Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival), one of the largest festivals in mainland China and East Asia. It’s also Teachers’ Day in China, an important national holiday.

This is the Maya birth energy of Uğur Şahin, the CEO and one of the founders of BioNTech, the company that developed the Pfizer vaccine against Covid.

At this point it has been three cycles since 48 senators introduced legislation in the US to restore the Voting Rights Act after it was gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013. But Republicans refused to take up the bill in the Senate.

Currently this is the day of the leadership election for the Conservative Party of Canada. In 2014 this was the energy in place when a charge of mass murder was issued against Ukrainian president Yanukovych (for all the people killed during the protest demonstrations), and a nationwide manhunt was launched for his capture after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

6 Chuwen (Sept. 11th) – a “six directions” type of energy aligned with creativity and play, but sometimes associated with the unexpected, marking two Tzolk’in cycles exactly since the death of Prince Philip in the UK. This is the day when the Queen’s coffin will be driven from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh. It will rest in the Throne Room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse until the following afternoon.

As of this day it has been one cycle since the launch of the new James Webb Space Telescope, which ushered in a new era of astronomy, as this telescope has a field of view 15 times wider than that of the Hubble Space Telescope, and is capable of detecting faint infrared light from very early galaxies, as it has already demonstrated.

The Cosmic Cliffs, the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. Located approximately 7,600 light-years distance, NGC 3324 was first catalogued by James Dunlop during 1826. Photographed by NASA’s James Webb Telescope. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This is the 21st Gregorian anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy in New York. It is also National Pet Memorial Day in the US.

7 Eb’ (Sept. 12th) – a “self-generating stream-of-consciousness” type of energy; a revitalizing force representative of the fertile “mid-point” in this trecena; sometimes a turning point towards the opening up of new possibilities.

This is the day when the Queen’s coffin will be taken in a ceremonial procession from the palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles’ Cathedral, where she will rest in state to allow people to pay their respects. The King and Queen Consort will make an appearance at Westminster Hall before flying to Edinburgh to participate in that ceremony and attend the Scottish parliament to receive a motion of condolence. In addition there will be a service of prayer and reflection for the life of the Queen at St. Giles’ Cathedral, which will include the Vigil of the Princes.

In the U.S. this is the registration day for the 127th Boston Marathon.

This marks four cycles since a judge in New York ordered the dumpster to pay $2 million in damages for misusing his charitable foundation, referred to as “a shocking pattern of illegality”. In retrospect, this could be seen as almost a “drop in the bucket” compared with the widespread havoc and unthinkable destruction that he has unleased since then. This marks the 200th day since Russia began attacking Ukraine with cruise and ballistic missiles.

8 B’en (Sept. 13th) – the “resurrection” of personal authority, as was in place in 2014 on the day when formal approval was given to the new interim government in Ukraine, at the same time as dozens of armed pro-Russians seized the Crimea regional parliament, as Russian fighter jets were engaged in massive war games near the border.

Currently this is day of the Queen’s “last flight” as her coffin is flown from Edinburgh to London by the Royal Air Force. It will then be driven to Buckingham Palace, where her coffin will rest in state in the Bow Room. The King and Queen Consort will fly to Belfast, where they will visit Hillsborough Castle and view an exhibition on the Queen’s long association with Northern Ireland. Charles will meet the secretary of state and party leaders for Northern Ireland.

Three cycles ago this energy brought the first of several commemorative events pertaining to the life and death of Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis in the U.S.

This is also the opening day for the 77th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 77) and General Assembly week, on the 15th anniversary of the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

9 Ix (Sept. 14th) – an often consequential, “outwardly projecting”, type of energy often associated with deep mysteries and transformation – the day when the Queen’s coffin will be borne on a gun carriage from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in London for her lying in state, with King Charles leading the procession. A short service will be held inside Westminster Hall, conducted by the archbishop of Canterbury, to be attended by members of the royal family. Then the lying in state begins, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to file past the coffin to pay their respects over the next five days. At some stage, senior members of the royal family are expected to stand guard around the coffin, the tradition known as the Vigil of the Princes.

Three cycles ago Congressman John Lewis made his “Final Crossing” of the infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge under this influence, in a processional ceremony that preceded his Lying in State at the Alabama State Capital.

This marks seven cycles precisely since Puerto Rico took the full force of Cat. 4 Hurricane Maria in 2017. Called “the storm of the century”, it delivered a devastating blow that killed over 3000 people, shattered homes and infrastructure, and completely destroyed Puerto Rico’s power grid.

The last time this was in place (last December) the pandemic was in a particularly aggressive state, with over 300,000 new cases of coronavirus per day being registered in the U.S. This trend continued over the following few days, sometimes reaching over 500,000 new cases per day. At that time the US had registered over 54 million cases, but since then that figure has climbed to over 96 million.

Events that take place under this energy influence can have long range consequences, as when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Immigration and Nationality Act under this influence in 1965.

10 Men (Sept. 15th) – “foundational higher vision” – a Burner Day aligned with “taking the fire” in conjunction with the “high vision” of the Eagle, a strong energy that has the potential to open up far-reaching possibilities, marking two cycles exactly since Ukraine announced that Russia had moved 80,000 troops to the border. In 2014 this was the energy in place when Russia executed a de facto military takeover of Crimea after the Russian parliament authorized Putin to intervene militarily “to protect Russian interests”. Called a “bloodless coup”, it was seen as a “counter-revolution within a revolution” that was welcomed and cheered on by pro-Russian Crimeans. At that time pro-Russian demonstrations broke out in several Ukraine cities, with the Russian tricolour flag being raised in many areas. This move by Russia prompted an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Currently this is the first day of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Uzbekistan. Members of that organization include China, Russia, and India, as well as Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and several Central Asian nations. This summit is being described as an “alternative” to the West.

The Queen’s lying in state continues on this day, which is Prince Harry’s 38th birthday. This is the UN’s International Day of Democracy, and Hispanic Heritage Day, at the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage month begins on Sept. 15th. Poster credit: National Archives

This is the 201st anniversary of Central America (including present day Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras) officially declaring its independence from Spain in 1821, on the the eve of Mexico’s Independence Day. Every year on the eve of Independence Day Mexico’s president re-enacts some version of El Grito de Dolores (the “Cry of Dolores”), in a “Viva México! Viva la Independencia! Vivan los héroes!” ceremony broadcast throughout the country, in remembrance of the call to arms that triggered the Mexican War of Independence.

With regard to Sept. 15th, Mesoamerican archaeologist/mythologist Karl Taube, and others, have made reference to the local Maya belief in the Yucatan that on September 15th “giant feathered serpents, the noh kaan, emerge from the sacred lakes of Coba to create havoc where they fly”. So it seems that if one is in the Yucatan at this time this would be not only the eve of a great national festival but also a day to watch out for plumed serpents. It may be that, since feathered serpents are symbolic of freedom and liberation, this could be a variant on the independence day celebrations.

11 Kib’ (Sept. 16th) – an energy that can be either change-oriented or “inspirational” (or both), often aligned with Kib’s orientation around shedding a kind of “first light” on things towards the restoration of order, or finding practical approaches to problem solving – coinciding at this time with the second and final day of the SCO summit. This is the UN’s International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The Queen’s lying in state continues on this day.

This is Mexico’s Independence Day, celebrating 212 years since Spain withdrew and officially recognized Mexico as an independent country. Celebrations over the past two years have been cancelled due to the pandemic, but it appears that parades, feasting, and fireworks will be allowed this time . Hopefully, caution will still be exercised as Mexico still has the world’s 5th highest death toll from Covid, and over seven million cases have been registered in that country. This was the energy in place in early March of 2014 when Ukraine mobilized for war and two Crimean army bases were surrounded by Russian soldiers.

12 Kab’an (Sept. 17th) – a “dedication” type of energy associated with movement, particularly “Earth movement” – often a powerful energy associated with moving new ideas forward, as heads of state and other dignitaries begin arriving in London for the Queen’s state funeral. Her lying in state continues at this time.

This is also coinciding with World Cleanup Day and with the UN’s International World Patient Safety Day. This marks the start of Munich’s 187th Octoberfest, one of the largest festivals in the world.

This is also the day when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host “An Evening of Conversation, Healing, and Celebration” as part of their formal apology to Sacheen Littlefeather for the appalling treatment that she received when she accepted an Oscar in 1973 on behalf of Marlon Brando. Click here for further information.

In early March of 2014 this was the energy in place at the time of what was referred to as “the biggest crisis” of the 21st century when Russia issued an ultimatum to Ukraine to surrender Crimean military zones and “recognize the new Crimean authorities” by 3 a.m. the following morning.

Three years (4 cycles) later, in early 2017, U.S. intelligence agencies released the report that described Russia’s sophisticated cybercampaign that was directed towards discrediting Secretary Clinton and undermining the U.S. democratic process during the 2016 election campaign.

13 Etz’nab’ (Sept. 18th) – “transformational flint”, a “heavy-duty, knife-edged” (and often “dazzling”) force for change, marking exactly one cycle since New Year’s Day, and now coinciding with the final day of the Queen’s lying in state, as dignitaries continue arriving in London for the Queen’s state funeral.

Significantly, this marks precisely 16 cycles since the spectacular wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in 2011, watched by over a million people on the streets of London and an estimated 2 billion via the media. It also marks 9 cycles precisely since Barack and Michelle Obama had lunch with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle (in 2016).

This is both the UN’s second International Equal Pay Day, and with Independence Day in Chile.

The 73rd International Astronautical Congress in Paris starts on Sept. 18th (13 Etz’nab’)

This is the opening day for the 73nd International Astronautical Congress, the world’s premier global space conference, being held this year in Paris from Sept. 18-22. It is also Terry Fox Run day, continuing the tradition of raising significant funds for cancer research – more than $800 million so far.

In early March of 2014 this was the energy in place when, in a live address on Russian television, Putin insisted that Russia would not go to war with the Ukrainian people. But that was also a day when Russia test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Nine cycles ago, in 2016, this was in place at the signing, by 175 nations at that time, of the historic global accord to fight climate change (the Paris Climate Change Agreement).

Five cycles later (four cycles ago), in mid-November of 2019, this energy was in place when public hearings began for the impeachment process related to how the dumpster had threatened to withhold aid for Ukraine if they weren’t forthcoming with “political dirt” that might be used against Biden. That was when lawmakers still had a chance to bring an end to the “reign of terror”, but too few had the courage to do what should have been done.

Back in 1861 this was the Maya calendar energy in place when Abraham Lincoln appointed General McClellan to lead the Union Army forces, at the start of the U.S. Civil War. Four years later, in 1865, this was in place at the time of the Grand Review of the Armies, when Union Army troops paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue to celebrate the end of the American Civil War.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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