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As has been seen so many times before, the timing is jaw-dropping. As we begin this “storm” related trecena, with One Kawak’s “initiation” of a “catalytic storm” on Feb. 27th, we can see once again how events tend to repeat (or “update” themselves) when specific energies return. One of the most striking examples of this is the fact that the trecena will open on the day when Trump will be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, precisely one cycle since he met with him on One Kawak last year in Singapore, on Russia Day. As that meeting took place just over one cycle after their infantile verbal sabre-rattling in 2017, this can be seen as the third “echo” of that same theme.

Kawak: Storm, heavy rain

Three days after that Singapore meeting last year, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was sent to jail on witness tampering charges, which added to the list of multiple other charges against him. And now, with the return of this trecena comes his sentencing in Virginia, to be followed shortly thereafter with his Washington sentencing.

Similarly, one cycle ago Michael Cohen was anxiously awaiting outcomes from the FBI’s seizure of copious records from his home, office, and hotel room a few weeks before. He was anticipating that criminal charges might be brought against him related to bank fraud and campaign related crimes. And now, during this current trecena, Cohen is due to testify publically in an open hearing before the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform to answer questions pertaining to campaign finance felonies, Trump’s conflicts of interest and potentially fraudulent business practices, and even Trump’s attempts to intimidate Cohen and interfere with the investigation. It is anticipated that Cohen is also likely to accuse Trump of criminal conduct while in office, and to provide evidence to verify this. Cohen’s testimony to Congress began on the last day of the last trecena and continues into the first two days of this Kawak trecena. Many see this open hearing as a critical historical moment.

So this is a trecena that kicks off with this “catalytic storm” energy and contains many other days that are often highly consequential, such as Two Ajaw (“dynamic enlightenment”) as was in place in 2013 when President Obama gave an address in East Berlin where he outlined his vision for a safer, more cooperative world. Here is a short excerpt from that speech:

When we respect the faiths practiced in our churches and synagogues, our mosques and our temples, we’re more secure. When we welcome the immigrant with his talents or her dreams, we are renewed. When we stand up for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and treat their love and their rights equally under the law, we defend our own liberty as well. We are more free when all people can pursue their own happiness. And as long as walls exist in our hearts to separate us from those who don’t look like us, or think like us, or worship as we do, then we’re going to have to work harder, together, to bring those walls of division down.

Four years after that, on Three Imix (the day after Two Ajaw) Obama delivered his poignant farewell address as president on the same day as the chiefs of U.S intelligence agencies presented Obama, the bipartisan Gang of Eight Congressional leaders and Trump with a two page summary of explosive information related to the hacking of the DNC and other related topics, that should have brought everything to a standstill (as in the Nixon downfall), but rather marked the start of an overt and shameful campaign of deception and political manipulation than has continued ever since.

In line with Kawak’s “heavy water” nature, this is a trecena that is often fueled by passion and compassion, often oriented around significant causes, as when it triggered the first national integrated civil rights march in the U.S., in the summer of 1963, in the largest civil rights rally in U.S. history. Six cycles ago, in November of 2014, massive protest rallies took place throughout the trecena, for many different reasons, in places such as Hong Kong, Mexico City, the U.S., Cairo, and Eastern Canada. And with so many volatile issues rapidly intensifying at this time, such as the desperate humanitarian crisis and intense political maneuvering in Venezuela, the Brexit hot potato in the UK, and the fabricated “national emergency” in the US, there are many “storms” brewing.

Weatherwise, this is the trecena that has brought the likes of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Supertyphoon Soudelor in 2015; the trecena that ignited the Okanogan fires in Washington state in 2015, which became the largest in that state’s history; the trecena that brought forth the massive Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016 and widespread flooding in Texas last year.

Mimosa, a symbol of International Women’s Day. The custom of giving the mimosa flower goes back to Italy around 1946, where these flowers were given as a sign of respect. Photo by Alberto Salguero Quiles [CC BY 3.0 vis Wikimedia Commons]

But despite all this, the nature of the “storm” that characterizes this energy frame is not always monstrous nor is it always weather related. Indeed, during this current period this trecena will bring the start of Women’s History Month in the U.S., spectacular carnivals in Mexico and Rio de Janeiro, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and The Blue Dragon Festival in China. It will bring International Women’s Day, and the opening of the UN’s 63rd Status of Women Congress. Running throughout this trecena will be the UN’s 40th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, where discussions are focusing on issues such as the right to privacy, the rights of persons with disabilities, the rights of minorities, and the rights of children.

Keep in mind that this is a strong water-oriented time frame, a period seen in ancient lore as being under the auspices of Tláloc, the Aztec god of rain (known as Chac to the Maya). Chac was seen as a deity who often announces his presence in dramatic, sometimes highly tempestuous ways. This often manifests as a highly catalytic energy traditionally associated with clouds, lightning, thunder, and heavy rainfall that has the potential to create either a “water blessing” that can purify and transform, or set off some sort of complete disaster. As the catalyzation process triggered by Chac can take many forms, with much of it being water oriented, many significant floods have been triggered during past cycles. But it can also trigger floods of tears and deep compassion.

As this trecena opens there are many questions waiting to be answered. What is going to happen in Hanoi as this trecena gets underway – will Trump’s actions reflect the interests of the US, or himself, or Russia? What will Michael Cohen say to Congress and what will be the implications? What is Congress going to do with regard to the misappropriation of funds associated with the fabrication of a national emergency? What is going to happen in Venezuela if military leaders continue to switch their allegiance and give their support to Juan Guaidó? To what extent will women’s voices be heard during these opening days of Women’s History Month and through their work at the UN? What is going to happen as the Brexit deadline approaches?

Keep in mind, as well, that Chac has been known to be benevolent, with the capacity to trigger the kind of catalyzation that can eventually lead to a cleansing and clearing of dark forces. And at this current time it seems like much is “on the brink” of change. It is likely that this trecena will contribute significantly to the shifting and clearing that is needed. Here are the energies that will accompany those shifts:

Pink Shirt Day on the first day of this trecena.

1 Kawak (Feb. 27th) – the “initiation” of a “catalytic storm”, at the time of a conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter. The day of Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, exactly one cycle since he met with him last year in Singapore. This is also the day when Michael Cohen is to answer a multitude of questions about Trump in an open hearing before the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

In Canada this is the day when Jody Wilson-Raybould will appear before the House of Commons justice committee to testify as to her position with regard to the SNC-Lavalin situation. This is also Pink Shirt Day, part of the important campaign to put an end to bullying. In Mexico this is the opening day for the Carnaval de Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico, called “The World’s Most Cheerful” carnival, and the largest in Mexico.

The Veracruz carnival, the largest in Mexico, kicks off this trecena.

2 Ajaw (Feb. 28th) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with the full sun, full power, and the idea of “enlightenment”, on the day when Michael Cohen will testify before the House Intelligence Committee in a closed door session. This is the second and final day of the Hanoi meeting. Eight cycles since President Obama gave an address in East Berlin where he outlined his vision for a safer, more cooperative world.

3 Imix (March 1st) – the “activation” of “birth” or the realm of all potential, at the time of a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn. The beginning of Women’s History Month in the U.S. with this year’s theme being “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nionviolence”. This is also the opening day for Carnival in Rio, known as “the biggest show on earth”.

Sambradrome image from Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2014. Photo credit: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil [CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Sixty years since the “trigger point” that started the Tibetan Uprising in 1959.

Maya birth energy of Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who many have recognized as the interim President of Venezuela, who is currently battling against Maduro and working with thousands of people in efforts to bring humanitarian aid into his country.

This 3 Imix day marks three terrifying, and often nauseating, cycles since President Obama’s farewell address to the nation in 2017, on the same day as the chiefs of U.S intelligence agencies presented the explosive information relating to, among other things, the hacking of the DNC. One cycle since the Justice Department’s Inspector General released a sweeping report on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton and her email server, with the conclusion that the FBI’s (and James Comey’s) actions not only “cast a cloud” over the bureau but also did a grave disservice to Clinton.

4 Ik’ (March 2nd) – the “defining” of wind/breath/spirit; an important energy associated with the connection between the sun and Quetzalcoatl/Feathered Serpent, at the time of a conjunction between the Moon and Venus (which is associated with Quetzalcoatl). This is one of the five energies at the centre of the Aztec Sun Stone. Precisely seven cycles since the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (five years ago as of March 8th). The day for NASA’s launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, a demonstration of how a privately built spacecraft can ferry people to the space station.

One cycle since Paul Manafort was arraigned on witness tampering charges. His sentencing date for the Virginia case is March 8th.

A photogram of algae by pioneering photographer Anna Atkins, as part of her 1843 book on Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, the first book composed entirely of photographic images. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

5 Ak’b’al (March 3rd) – the “pinpointing” of deep esoteric mysteries. Ten years ago this was the
energy in place when CERN’s Large Hadron Collider accelerated to the highest level ever achieved (up to that point) as part of a test to “unlock the secrets of the origins of the universe”.  Maya birth energy of pioneering photographer Anna Atkins.

6 K’an (March 4th) – a “six directions” type of energy aligned with “youthful vitality”, coinciding at this time with beginning of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. In 2005 this was the energy that turned Katrina into a Tropical Storm (pre-hurricane) at the same time as it triggered an extreme solar geomagnetic storm.

7 Chikchan (March 5th) – a self-generating Liberation/Lifeforce type of energy that was seen
traditionally as the daysign of Chicomecóatl, the Aztec Goddess of agriculture (especially maize) which was representative of the more positive aspects of this time frame, with its potential for providing conditions that are favorable for bringing forth nourishment.

The Goddess Chicomecoatl, Goddess of Agriculture, from the Codex Borgia. Public Domain.

In 1944 the greatest amphibious assault in history, known as D-Day, took place under this influence, marking the beginning of European liberation.

Currently this energy is coinciding with Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”, the last day of Carnival season) in New Orleans. This is also start of the sixth 3-day World Ocean Summit 2019, and the day when Barack Obama will speak at a Greater Vancouver Board of Trade event at the Vancouver Convention Centre. In Beijing this is the opening day of China’s National People’s Congress, a gathering of nearly 3000 representatives.

On this day in Paris, Chanel will unveil Karl Lagerfeld’s final collection, which will undoubtedly be quite emotional for those in attendance, given his sudden demise on Feb. 19th. Over the past two weeks there have been many tributes to his creative genius.

8 Kimi (March 6th) – a “resurrection” type of energy associated with “death” or “absolute spiritual foundations” coinciding at this time with the New Moon and Ash Wednesday. This was the day Michael Cohen was originally supposed to report to prison, but that has been delayed for two months. Instead, on this day he will return to Congress to provide further testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in another closed door session. Three cycles ago this energy coincided with a nationwide pre-inauguration protest in the U.S., dubbed a Day of Resistance, at which time Sen. Bernie Sanders and his allies led a nationwide rally against the Republicans’ new agenda.

Maya birth energy of the amazing Jonathan Larson, the American composer and playwright who won three posthumous Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the rock musical Rent.

9 Manik’ (March 7th) – an “outwardly projecting” type of energy associated with reciprocity, an important Maya calendar anniversary of the day when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his memorable “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial during the first national integrated civil rights march in the U.S., the largest civil rights rally in U.S. history. In 1983 Prince recorded Purple Rain live under the same energy influence.  Four cycles since the start of the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Currently this is the day when Paul Manafort is due to be sentenced in Virginia (the Washington sentencing will be six days later).

10 Lamat (March 8th) “foundational bright star” – a foundational “signalling” type of energy, coinciding at this time with the return to Earth of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon test flight in the early morning, and with The Blue Dragon Festival (aka the Zhonghe or Longtaitou Festival, or “Dragon Raising its Head” Day) in China, a traditional holiday related to welcoming in Spring.

Representation of the People Act on Maya Calendar day 10 Lamat, in 1918.

This is also International Women’s Day, with this year’s theme being #BalanceforBetter, during which time many different types of events will be held worldwide. In 1918 this was the energy in place when the Representation of the People Act became law, extending the vote to 8.4 million women in the UK over the age of 30.

11 Muluk (March 9th) – the “change” in conjunction with “water” energy that has accompanied many very intense water related events, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Two cycles ago this was the energy in place when Hurricane Nate reached hurricane strength in the Gulf of Mexico, before making landfall near the Mississippi Delta two days later.

Maya birth energy of pioneering artist/archaelogist William Henry Holmes. Click here for more information on his work as an illustration of how this kind of energy can work through a “bearer” of 11 Muluk as a birth energy.

12 Ok (March 10th) – a “grouping together” energy associated with love, warmth, and guidance – and sometimes even fire, on the day when Daylight Savings Time begins. This is the 60th anniversary of the start of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising against Chinese rule in Tibet. At this time China is barring foreign travellers to Tibet until April 1st over fear of demonstrations that would mark this anniversary.

Tibet Uprising commemorative protest in Oregon in 2017. Photo by Gyalpot [CC BY 4.0 vis Wikimedia Commons]. 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of this uprising.

13 Chuwen (March 11th) – “transformational monkey” or “transformational play”, an intense and highly creative “time weaving” type of energy, sometimes referred to as “Thirteen Threads”; a powerfully innovative type of force traditionally aligned with play, creativity, “time-weaving”, and even intense “trickery”; this is the kind of energy that can sometimes prompt one into thinking differently or trying out new possibilities, as was in place, amusingly (or not), at the time of the swearing in of the 45th U.S. president three cycles ago. The “monkey business” associated with that day now stands as one of history’s “national jokes” as the perceived number of people who attended the inauguration (as interpreted by the president-elect) stands in stark contrast to the visual evidence of the sparse crowds.

The last time this energy was in place things were much more playful, as it was International Fairy Day. That was also the opening day for Toronto’s 38th Pride Parade, as well as Inti Raymi in Peru, the Festival of the Sun, Cusco’s biggest festival. That was also the day when Saudi Arabia lifted the driving ban for women. Currently this energy is in place at the time of a conjunction between the Moon and Mars, coinciding with the opening of the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN (CSW63) .


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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