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After traversing a trecena that brought both extreme heat and massive floods to many parts of the world, we come to a sequence of days that are still part of the mythological “creation” sequence, tied in with the previous trecena, but with an emphasis that leans more towards Germination – the early stages of sprouting new possibilities. This trecena opens with One K’an, an energy tied in with the young Maya corn god who represents exuberance for life and the bounties of the earth (as does the lizard, the namesake for this trecena). Although this opens up all sorts of possibilities, the trecena overall can often manifest as a time of “testing”, as new ideas or ventures begin to take shape and the process of nurturing new endeavors begins.

Itztlacoliuhqui, the God of frost, cold, ice, winter, and even sin. Adapted from the Codex Borbonicus by Mexicolore. Note that he is holding a broom Click here for further information.

In ancient Mesoamerica this trecena was seen as being under the patronage of a formidable deity known as the Itztlacoliuhqui, the God of Frost, often associated with coldness, punishment, rigidity, and even blindness, sometimes seen as representing “blindness to the implications” of what others might have to suffer through harsh treatment.

There is a potential here for great bounty (in one form or another) to unfold. But there is also the potential for things to be jeopardized by “frost” or by the kind of “blindness to realities” (metaphorical or “real”) that has been so central to the Trumpian saga that has been playing out over the past few years. Indeed, in that regard, some of the dumpster’s worst nightmares have manifested during this time frame, beginning back in 2018 when his ex-campaign manager was found guilty on 8 counts of tax fraud, and his former “fixer” pleaded guilty to an number of other felony charges. The Guardian called that day, the 6th day of this time frame, “momentous”, stating that: “There has never been an hour in the history of the American republic like it . . . separated by 230 miles and 60 minutes, in two courts, in two cases brought by two different prosecutors, a US president’s former longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, were found to be crooks . . .”

Then, in January of 2020, five cycles ago, this same trecena brought the start of the dumpster’s first impeachment trial, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. One cycle after that, in October of that same year, as the world was grappling with Covid, the “super-spreader-in-chief” was either denying that there was a global health problem or making extremely dangerous claims as he shut down all negotiations for a Covid relief stimulus package in the U.S., even though over a million people had already died globally from Covid-19, and other countries were shutting down. And if that wasn’t bad enough, that same constricted vision was spreading to his cohorts, to the point where, not long after the U.S. elections last November, many congressional Republicans were actively revealing their myopia during this time frame, as they plotted ways to bring chaos to the House of Representatives as soon as they got control of it, to purposely bring an end to any form of responsible governance.

But even though this trecena’s “God of Frost” patron deity provides a reminder of potential jeopardies, he is sometimes shown holding a broom, which can be read as being representative of the idea of “sweeping clean” whatever might endanger Germination, in order for new life to emerge. The general idea with regard to this patron is to carefully nurture, but not endanger, new opportunities, because if caution is not exercised, there could be disasterous results, as in the mythological story of this former Lord of the Dawn being turned into the God of Frost when the Sun shot an arrow back at him when he tried to engage in a shooting match with the sun. Seems to be a major metaphor here that is pertinent to the current situation with the dumpster, who seems to be engaged in his own self-defeating shooting match.

Adaptation of the K’an (Lizard) trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One K’an/One Lizard) is found at the lower left (the little lizard). The other days of this trecena proceed from there to the right, and then up to the upper right, to the little vulture head, which represents Kib’. The daysign numbers in this image are not shown, but implied. The larger image at the top, on the right, is a depiction of Black Smoking Mirror, in his guise as the God of Fate. On the left is the formidable Itztlacoliuhqui, the God of Frost (a “cautionary” symbol). These are the patrons of this time period.

The second patron aligned with this time frame (shown in the trecena image above), was known as Black Smoking Mirror, representative of the mysteries of the cosmos and “the fate of the earth”. And it is not difficult to see how key events that have happened during this period have set trajectories for “the fate of the earth”. In the past this trecena was in place when Napoléon Bonaparte proclaimed himself as Emperor of France in 1804, and when Hitler acquired dictatorial powers in 1933, and then became Führer of Germany the following year. But for both of these oppressors this trecena later brought a turn of the tide, as Napoléon was exiled to Elba during this trecena in 1814, and Hitler died at his own hands during this trecena in 1945. At that time the unconditional surrender of the German forces in Italy took place near the end of the trecena, along with the surrender of German forces in Berlin. Other key events during this time frame have included the “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate in 1973, Mikhail Gorbachev’s election as Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party in 1985, and Barack Obama’s acceptance as the Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2008.

So it seems that many leaders in the past have intuitively aligned themselves with that key idea of Germination that is characteristic of this period – jumping in and opening up all sorts of new possibilities. And, indeed, that is what happened one cycle ago (last November) as the DoJ’s Special Counsel Jack Smith began his federal investigations into the wrongdoings of the disgraced, twice-impeached, defeated, former “illegal” occupant of the White House. After being appointed just before the completion of the previous trecena last November, Smith’s first full trecena in action in this position was during this K’an trecena, when he began working to essentially “set the trajectory for the fate of the earth” as things unfolded over the last nine months. Most certainly his work during this past cycle is now providing the foundation for what lies ahead, particularly between now and the next election. But he is not alone in these efforts, as Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has also been working diligently to investigate the conspiracy to reverse the results of the 2020 election in Georgia, and it is anticipated that racketeering charges will soon be forthcoming, likely during this current time frame.

As we move forward, keep in mind that this is a period where very “big”, very consequential, things can happen – sometimes so big that they are almost incomprehensible, often involving “high drama” related to “outrageous behaviour”. When this trecena was in place three cycles ago, during the summer of 2021, major discoveries were revealed about gross atrocities inflicted on indigenous children at Catholic-run residential school in Canada; the January 6th select committee was formed in Congress to take on the very large task of investigating the insurrection attempt in the US; and 15 tax related criminal indictments, including federal fraud, conspiracy, and grand larceny, were brought against the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, who then surrendered and later served prison time for crimes committed as CFO of that organization. He was led away in handcuffs to be formally charged in the New York Supreme Court. Two cycles ago the brutality of Russia was on full display as Russian unleashed a horrific bombing attack on the city of Mariupol in Ukraine. And now military drills are taking place in Belarus, not far from Poland and Lithuania. It is anyone’s guess as to what the next chapter might be in that regard.

As we move through this period, 8 Chuwen, on Aug. 17th, is of particular importance as this is the most auspicious festival day for K’iche’ Maya daykeepers. This is a sacred day oriented around the renewal of calendar traditions and the initiation of new daykeepers, but is also a special kind of force aligned with “weaving together” past and future to help the “new entity” (associated with the fate of the world) gain a foothold on the road of life, with that “road” being represented by the 9 Eb’ energies that come in the following day.

One of the gorgeous creatures that is symbolic of this trecena, with their jewel-like features being reflective of the opulence so often associated with K’an. Their alert, perceptive nature and ability to react quickly to whatever comes their way ties in with the need for alertness and flexibility during this time of “testing”.

As we journey through this energy sequence keep in mind that whatever happens will be “planting the seeds”, and providing the groundwork for what is to follow. This is a period when sacrifices may have to be made to make room for new growth and new life. This may well require the abandonment of old ideas in favour of something new, fresh, and life-enhancing. As this trecena holds the potential to bring forth surprises it would be a good idea to exercise caution, care, and prudence with regard to anything that one might want to “germinate” at this time. Certainly, with vigilance, anything “planted” and carefully tended at this time could easily “sprout” into something strong and robust. Coldness and recklessness, on the other hand, could be problematic, and it appears that there is a high likelihood that, in “some” arenas, that will happen in spades. Here are the energies that will come into play:

World Lion Day is Aug. 10th. Photo credit: Clément Bardot [CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

1 K’an (Aug. 10th) – an “initiating” energy associated with germination (or even the creation of new abundance), coinciding at this time with World Lion Day, a day to raise awareness about lions and to garner support for their conservation.

It has now been two cycles since President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s impassioned address to British MPs in the House of Commons, the first of several such addresses to world parliaments during this time period earlier last year, as he called for assistance to help defend Ukraine from Russia’s attacks. Unfortunately the war continues, now into Day 532, and tensions are rising as military drills are carried out in Belarus near the Poland and Lithuanian borders.

Currently this day will bring an escalation of the legal quagmire associated with the dumpster, as further hearings are scheduled to be held on this day in Florida in the classified documents case, as co-defendants enter their pleas, and the dumpster is arraigned on three new charges. Without doubt there will be many more developments during this trecena with regard to the multitude of charges against him, both civil and federal, with further charges expected to be forthcoming in Georgia, possibly as early as the following week.

In Hawaii, in Portugal, in BC, and many other places, the battle to contain and quench out-of-control wildfires will continue.

2 Chikchan (Aug. 11th) – a “dynamic, yin-yan” type of energy associated with lifeforce, and often with “justice”, coinciding at this time with a hearing related to the proposed protective order in the Jan. 6th case, as the special counsel’s office and the dumpster’s legal team have filed “dueling motions” with regard to how evidence in the case should be handled.

3 Kimi (Aug. 12th) – the “activation of death/absolute foundations”, seen in Maya creation mythology as the day when “the first death” was “invented”. This marks five cycles exactly since January 2020 when a 35-year old man in Washington state, who had recently returned home after visiting family in Wuhan in China, became the first person in the US to be diagnosed with Covid-19. At that time the first confirmed case was reported in South Korea and China began warning the world about the coronavirus. Note that early warning are now beginning to come out about a new Covid variant.

This same 3 Kimi energy was in place in 1918 when a U.S. public health report was released about severe cases of influenza (Spanish Flu) that had broken out at an army base in Kansas several days earlier. This became the trigger for the deadliest pandemic in human history.

In 1934 Hitler became Führer of Germany under this influence and in January of 2020 this was in place on the eve of the start of the dumpster’s first impeachment trial in the US Senate, as the rules for the trial were being discussed. This was also in place in August of 2018 at the time of the death of Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General (the world’s top diplomat for 10 years from 1997-2006) and Nobel Peace prize laureate who was well known for quietly reminding world leaders that they needed to put their duty to their citizens above their own political careers.

Currently this is the UN’s International Youth Day, with this year’s theme being: “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”. It is also World Elephant Day – a good time to remember these amazing beings that are in need of help in many places on this planet.  The World Elephant Day website lists many ways in which people can help. A list of specific things that can be done are shown on their “How to Help Elephants” page.

African bush elephant with six week old baby. Photo by Charles J. Sharp
[CC-by-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]. World Elephant Day is Aug. 12th.

4 Manik’ (Aug. 13th) – a “defining” energy associated with reciprocity and the energy of deer – a kind of harmonizing energy connected with the natural world, but there is also a strong “sacrificial” aspect to it. In combination with the solar energy of the number four this is a “double sun” type of force, as the deer was seen as an embodiment of the sun. This is the Maya birth energy of George Floyd, whose death sparked the widespread Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S. in 2020.

Currently this is the first of three days of Obon, the Japanese Buddhist Festival of Souls during which rituals and celebrations are performed to honour the spirits of ancestors. On this first day fires and lanterns are lit to guide spirits home and altars of fruit, incense, and flowers are set up. Ancestral tombs are cleaned and decorated, prayer services are held at temples, and special meals are prepared. This is also the peak of the Perseids meteor shower, the most anticipated one of the year, at the time of a conjunction between Venus and the Sun.

Obon Festival in Japan, when the departure of ancestral spirits is marked by lanterns and fire.  Photo:

5 Lamat (Aug. 14th) – a “blessing” type of energy associated with Venus, which can serve as a beacon or herald, coming in the day after Venus and the Sun were conjunct, which might add an extra punch to this energy at this time. This will be in place as things start heating up considerably in Georgia as witnesses could be testifying to the Georgia grand jury about this time, in Attorney Fani Willis’s 2020 election interference probe.

In Japan this is the second day of Obon, referred to as Bon Odori, a day dedicated to dance and performances related to the ancestors. This is also marking the 76th Gregorian anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, and is the starting day for this year’s Ornithological Congress of the Americas, in Gramado, Brazil.

Five Lamat was the energy in place in 1968 when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his prophetic speech about being a “drum major for peace”.

6 Muluk (Aug. 15th) – the energy of the six directions in conjunction with the purifying or shape-shifting energy of water, coinciding at this time with the beginning of Wafaa El-Nil in Eqypt, the annual flooding of the Nile, and National Liberation Day in Korea (the only Korean public holiday celebrated by both North and South Korea).

This is India’s 76th Independence Day (many refer to this as the 77th Independence Day, factoring in the first day of independence in 1947). It is also the 78th Gregorian anniversary of VJ Day, the great celebration of Victory at the end of World War II after the unconditional surrender of Imperial Japan in 1945.

This marks precisely five Tzolk’in cycles since the city of Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China, was first put under quarantine lockdown (in the biggest lockdown in world history at that point – January 2020) in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. It also marks the second Gregorian anniversary of the chaotic fall of Kabul in Afghanistan.

It has now been seven cycles since August of 2018 when Paul Manafort, the dumpster’s ex-campaign manager, was found guilty on 8 counts of tax fraud, and (in another court) the dumpster’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to an number of other felony charges, one of which implicated the dumpster as an “unindicted co- conspirator” in campaign finance violations. Both were sentenced to prison.

This was the energy in place when the Gun Control Act of 1968 was signed into law by President Johnson.

7 Ok (Aug. 16th) – translating as “self-generating” love, guidance, and/or loyalty, this 7 Ok energy is coinciding at this time with the New Moon, on the final day of Japan’s Obon Festival, with the lighting of bonfires and the floating of lanterns to bid spirits farewell.

In China, this is the beginning of Ghost month, with this day being the Ghost Gate Opens day. Traditionally it is believed that this is the day when departed spirits are free to return to this realm and wander about for a month. Food and offerings are provided during this time, to please the ghosts. (The Hungry Ghost festival takes place at the end of the month.) As this is the 46th Gregorian anniversary of the sudden death of Elvis Presley in 1977 (on a 2 Muluk day), perhaps this would be a good time to visit Graceland. Who knows, he may take advantage of this festival for a return visit.

In the US this is National Airborne Day, celebrating the accomplishments of American paratroopers.

It has now been nine cycles since the dramatic hearing before the US House Intelligence Committee in early 2017 when former FBI Director James Comey told that committee for the first time that the FBI was investigating the possible collusion between the dumpster’s campaign and Moscow – the first time a seated president had been under FBI investigation. Six cycles ago (in early 2019) a petition was delivered to Congress on behalf of a number of activist groups such as MoveOn, Democracy for America, and the Courage Campaign, that contained 10 million signatures that called upon lawmakers to begin impeachment proceedings against him. It is abundantly clear that a HUGE amount of time has been spent over the past six years just dealing with the dumpster’s seemingly endless wrongdoings.

8 Chuwen, aka 8 Batz’ (Aug. 17th) a “resurrection” type of energy associated with play, creativity, and “time weaving” – a highly auspicious day for the Maya, as this is the time when K’iche’ Maya daykeepers celebrate the renewal of their sacred calendar traditions and initiate new daykeepers.

This is the start day for the 42nd Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, which goes to Aug. 27th. This is billed as North America’s largest, longest-running Fringe Theatre Festival, featuring artists from around the world!

This is the day when Spain’s Congress will reconvene and King Felipe VI will meet with party leaders to determine how to choose the next prime minister.

It has now been 5 cycles since some 180 countries reached agreement (at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona) on a legally binding, globally reaching mechanism for managing plastic waste, in an amendment to the Basel Convention. But that was before the onslaught of Covid, which significantly increased the use of plastic. One more area that is going to need some re-thinking.

9 Eb’ (Aug. 18th) – “outward projecting stream of consciousness”, or “outward projecting road”, an energy that could also translate as “immortal healing”, coinciding with the 103rd anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, giving women the right to vote.

World Humanitarian Day is on August 19th

10 B’en (Aug. 19th) – “foundational personal authority”; symbolic of the full authority of maize, this is a strong “pillar” type of energy representative of strength, inner power, and self determination, coinciding at this time with the the UN’s World Humanitarian Day, and International Homeless Animals Day (IHAD), a good time to transform a homeless animal’s life for the better by giving them a furever home. (Click here for “Reasons to Adopt a Dog from your Local Shelter”)

In the U.S. this is National Aviation Day (on Orville Wright’s Gregorian birthday), celebrating the development of aviation, at the start of National Aviation week. This would have been Gene Roddenberry’s 102nd birthday.

In the spring of 1945 this was the energy in place when Hitler committed suicide, two days after the fascist dictator Mussolini was executed by firing squad. In 1973 this was the energy in place at the time of the “Saturday Night Massacre” related to Watergate, and five cycles ago (in January of 2020) the sham of an impeachment trial was taking place in the US. Again, this seems to be a key energy to watch.

Four cycles ago (October 2020), this energy brought the release of Totally Under Control, a documentary that highighted the gross failure, mismanagement, and incompetence of the dumpster White House with regard to the pandemic. Three cycles ago this energy not only brought the filing of tax related criminal changes against the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg, but also approval of the resolution to form a select committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection.

11 Ix (Aug. 20th) – “inspirational magic” in conjunction with the jaguar and the mysteries of the earth, coinciding at this time with the start of the colourful 12-day Onam harvest festival in Kerala, India, where the ground in front of homes will be decorated with wonderful floral carpets called pookkalams, and people celebrate with feasting, new clothes, games, and snake boat races.

This is the day of the presidential elections in Ecuador, with the running-mate of candidate Villavicencio (who was assassinated a few days ago) setting in, in his place.

Three cycles ago (in 2021) this was in place when 15 tax related criminal indictments, including “staggering” federal fraud, conspiracy, and grand larceny, against the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg were unsealed in a New York court.

Five cycles ago this was the energy in place when the dumpster’s legal team made their final arguments in the second week of the impeachment trial – a trial where witnesses were not allowed to testify even though 75% of registered voters (bipartisan) thought testimony from witnesses should have been allowed. That was the day when Israel’s attorney-general filed a formal indictment in court against Prime Minister Netanyahu on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

Poster for the Naga Panchami festival. Photo credit: Perrine Agular CC-BY-SA 4.0 via WIkmedia Commons

12 Men (Aug. 21st) – a “gathering together” type of energy associated with the high vision of the Eagle – five cycles exactly since that day in January of 2020 when the head of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme said that the “whole world needs to be on alert”. At that point entire cities in China were under shutdown but the dumpster continued downplaying it in the U.S.

Currently this is Naga Panchami in India – a Hindu festival when snakes are given milk and rice, and worshipped with flowers and sweets, to ward off evil.

13 Kib’ (Aug. 22nd) – a transformation-oriented energy aligned with the ability to “fly high”, survey, and ultimately restore order, coinciding at this time with National Flag Day in Russia, and China’s Double Seventh Festival (aka the Qixi or Qiqiao festival), also seen as Chinese “Valentine’s Day”, or “Young Girls’ Festival”, associated with romance.

This is the opening day for the BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa) in Johannesburg, South Africa, with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, President Xi Jinping of China, Brazil’s President Luiz Lula da Silva and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in attendance, in the first physical meeting of member countries since the start of the pandemic. Putin will not attend in person due to a warrant for his arrest issued by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. But he will attend virtually. Invitations to attend the summit
were also extended to 67 leaders across Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean to participate in talks around the topic of boosting economic recovery, with the summit’s theme being “Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development and Inclusive Multilateralism”.

Note that Kib’ is an energy that can often prompt people to think differently, with 13 Kib’ often pushing particularly hard, often compelling people to take some kind of direct action. That was certainly the case five cycles ago, at the end of January 2020, when the WHO declared a global health emergency with regard to the coronavirus outbreak. By that time, from the epicentre of the outbreak in Wuhan, the virus had spread across China to at least 16 countries globally, including Thailand, France, the US and Australia – the beginning of a global catastrophe that has since taken the lives of almost 7 million people.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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