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Back again with the start of a brand new 260-day Maya Calendar cycle, but this time we are getting ready for winter instead of welcoming spring as we did 260 days ago when new beginnings were lining up perfectly. This time, unfortunately, things are definitely darker on many fronts – but not without potential.

Waterlilies, symbolic of Imix, are representative of the Primordial Ocean, the Progenitive Nucleus, the Realm of all Potential – all associated with Imix.

As always, the first trecena of this new cycle is associated with birth, symbolized by the nourishing waterlily. And although this “realm of all potential”, or birth-oriented “generative nucleus”, can be quite chaotic at times, it also contains within itself myriad possibilities. The emphasis tends to be on “world-making”, in the sense of setting the stage for new initiatives or opportunities.

Of greatest concern at this time, of course, is the catastrophic situation in Gaza where it has been reported that 80% of the population has been displaced, close to 16,000 people killed by Israeli attacks, and more than 40,000 wounded, as Israel continues to bombard all parts of the Gaza Strip, having just launched a major assault on the southern region, which is where people were told to go for refuge. It is Chaos Wit Large and no one seems to know how to put an end to it, even though hundreds of thousands of people are trapped, with no reliable escape routes.

Similarly, things seem to have come to a stalemate in the Russia-Ukraine confict. The White House said it is “out of money and nearly out of time” to provide more weapons for Ukraine as it tries to ward off Russia’s invasion unless Congress acts to approve additional funding and support. As always it has been Republicans in the House that have been stonewalling.

And those aren’t the only places where humans are dramatically failing to live up to their higher potential, as the battle to address climate change continues at the contentious COP28 summit in Dubai. One of the major issues seems to centre on credibility problems over its president appearing to be a climate change denier.

So where are we now? Back-to-the-drawing-board, it seems. But let’s see what the Tzolk’in has to tell us about this period . . . .

As always, the first day of this cycle is symbolized by the Moon Goddess (aligned with the “initiating” energy of the Number One and the power of birth) working in tandem with Imix, the birth-oriented “generative nucleus” that begins and carries forward this initiatory 13-day period. The Maya Maize god is also associated with the same number, and with the power of “resurrection” and cyclical regeneration. The patron of this time frame was known to the Aztecs as Ometeotl, a dualistic “creator” deity who was often depicted as a male and female pair, a “Lord and Lady of Our Sustenance” also known as Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl. This is a rare binary deity that was seen as the ultimate progenitor, a generative kind of force that suggests that “anything is possible”.

Adaptation of the Imix (Birth, Waterlily) trecena from the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (One Imix) is represented by the little head of a crocodile at the bottom right corner (within the border). Note that this is the Aztec version. The Maya depicted this daysign as an abstraction of a waterlily. Each of the remaining days proceed around the edge from there towards the left, ending with 13 B’en (depicted as a Reed) at the upper left corner. In the centre on the right is Tonacatecuhtli, a “Supreme Creator” deity who is also seen as part of a progenitor pair, known as Ometeotl, associated with the dualities that drive life forward. Click here for an overview of Richard’s various other versions of this same trecena, which he lists as the Crocodile trecena. Crocs are often depicted in ancient Mesoamerican imagery with waterlilies on their heads.

During this trecena there is often a focus on the cosmos (the “cosmic abyss” – the realm from which everything is created) and, indeed, many pioneering space-related events have occurred during this period, as when the astronomer Edwin Hubble chose this trecena in 1925 to announce the existence of galaxies other than the Milky Way, which greatly expanded our awareness of the universe. In 1931 the first human ascent into the stratosphere took place during this period. And then in 1957 the launch of Sputnik I (on the final day of this trecena) kicked off the space race. In 2013 this was the trecena that saw the launch of the European Space Agency’s Gaia probe on a 5.5 year observational campaign to map this Milky Way galaxy. In early 2016 we saw the historic beginning of gravitational wave astronomy during this time frame. Three cycles ago space tourism was the hot commodity as billionaires tried to outdo one another in their efforts to get off the planet. But it was two cycles ago (in the summer of 2022) when our eyes were really opened as the first images taken by the new James Webb Space Telescope were released, giving us our first glimpses into deep, deep space.

M74, aka The Phantom Galaxy, photo taken by the James Webb Telescope. This galaxy is about 32 million light-years from Earth, in the constellation Pisces. ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, J. Lee and the PHANGS-JWST Team. CC-by-SA 4.0. The tenth day of this trecena marks two cycles since the release of the first images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.

It seems that the sun tends to get excited during this period as well, as solar flares and spectacular auroras often come in at this time. Indeed, the last time this trecena was in place the sun spewed out “epic” solar flares that spawned fantastic auroras here on Earth. And now we seem to be getting a repeat performance, as this trecena begins with the sun revealing a massive coronal hole that is hurling high speed solar winds our way, very similar to what happened when this trecena was in place last spring. Expect more wonderful aurora displays!

Back here on Earth, in the embattled realm of humans, we often see new beginnings during this period, as happened four cycles ago, in late January of 2021, when the newly minted Biden/Harris administration in the US began launching widescale administrative reforms, putting into action a comprehensive plan to tackle the raging coronavirus pandemic. Other major initiatives at that time included a sweeping economic rescue plan, measures related to environmental protection and climate change (which were later quashed by Republicans), and measures to address ethical issues, human rights issues, and the deep divisions in that country. It was a well-thought-out agenda at the time, which also included plans for stabilizing relationships with the rest of the world, after four years of severe erosion. But it did not foresee Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine, or how the pandemic would play out, or the relentless sycophantic machinations of those desperately trying to cling to the Big Lie – at the expense of democracy, human rights, humanitarian programs, and foreign relations. And it certainly couldn’t have foreseen Israel’s vicious assault on two million civilians, or the global foot dragging with regard to climate change amelioration.

But, there has been progress on some fronts, as seen one cycle ago when over 1,400 tech leaders and academics (including Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp) signed an open letter calling on Artificial Intelligence developers to pause the training of some of their more sophisticated AI experiments, citing risks they claimed could result in “loss of control of our civilization.”

On the political front, this trecena has played a prominent role in the past in terms of “course corrections”, often along the lines of “new starts” or changing the course of action – as in 1974 when the impeachment process against President Nixon was formally initiated on the second day of this trecena, and in early Feb. of 2021 when the dumpster’s second impeachment trial was initiated.

This time, and for this entire new 260-day cycle, it will not be just singular actions that will be taken, but a whole slew of actions associated with “course corrections” as hearings and trials associated with the dumpster and his widespread political wrongdoings, on both civil and federal levels, play out. And let’s not forget the legal actions related to his cronies and sychophants. During this first trecena in the new cycle it is likely that the New York Civil Fraud case will reach its conclusion, which will determine what the penalties will be with regard to his dealings in that state.

The very first day of this time frame will bring the release of Liz Cheney’s scathing new book titled Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, seen as a five-star heads-up call to be aware that if Trump was re-elected he would “dismantle the Republic”. Rachel Maddow referred to Cheney as the “sharpest thorn in the side of the Republican party” as she had a ring-side seat when it came to the machinations behind the Jan. 6th coup attempt, and knows exactly what happened. She could well be a key “trigger point” in terms of helping people to make critical “course corrections” that will be essential in determining the future of the U.S. As Liz said in an interview with Rachel just hours before this trecena began: “this is an emergency across the board”. And the timing here is particularly interesting as this 260 day cycle runs through until Aug. 20th, so this cycle will encompass a great deal of activity related to the various Trump-related hearings and trials. Many key judgments and possibly even sentencing decisions will be made within this period.

Keep in mind that this Imix trecena represents the “realm of all potential”, so anything is possible. Let’s hope and pray that this trecena’s tendency to prompt people to think “beyond the box” and open up new avenues for exploration will help them to find viable (and ethical) ways to move forward, including finding ways to assist the millions on this planet who are suffering so greatly during these terrifyingly uncharted times. Here are the energies that will be in play:

1 Imix (Dec. 5th) – the initiation of the “realm of all potential” as a new 260-day cycle begins, Imix is often “cosmos” oriented, related to the “birth” of new possibilities, so combined with the energy of “One” this can be seen as “initiating” (or giving birth to) new directions.

In some countries Dec. 5th or 6th is celebrated as St. Nicholas Day, with Saint Nicholas being the originator of the “gift-giving” traditions now associated with Father Christmas and Santa Claus.

St. Nicholas stamp, Ukraine 2006. Public Domain.

As this is International Volunteer Day, this seems to fit nicely with this tradition. It is also the final day for voting to ratify the new SAG-AFTRA three-year contract, which would officially end the longest actors’ strike in Hollywood history. If ratified, this deal could give SAG-AFTRA members a whole new lease on life.

One of the gifts most needed on this planet at this time is that of Peace, as this marks Day 650 of the Russian-Ukraine war and Day 60 of the Hamas-Israeli war. Another is to find ways to deal more effectively with climate change – with the world still waiting for viable solutions to be found, on this 6th day of COP28, the global climate change conference being held in Dubai. With 70,000 participants involved, this conference has been termed “a chaotic climate jamboree”, unfathomably presided over by the chief executive of a UAE oil company that is massively expanding oil production, who also denies the science that supports the need to phase out fossil fuels. Between the wars and the unwieldy size and nature of this conference, it would seem that the emphasis at this time is on the “chaotic” aspects of this energy, which is often evident when this energy is looking for a rudder. At times like this, it’s the “anything is possible” nature of this energy that tends to be most prominent.

Four cycles ago (in January of 2021) this energy initiated Joe Biden’s first full trecena as the new U.S. president, after his inauguration 9 days earlier. By that time he had already signed 42 Executive Orders, reversing many of those made by the “former guy”. By then more than 270 Congressional staffers had signed onto a letter asking US Senators to convict the former guy in the then-forthcoming impeachment trial to try to prevent him from ever running again.

That was the day when Vladimir Putin signed the extension to the New Start nuclear arms control treaty into law – a treaty that limits the U.S. and Russia to 1,550 long-range nuclear warheads each – a preposterous notion from every perspective. Unfortunately, Russia announced a suspension of that treaty, on a 7 Imix day, earlier this year. To boot, Putin is now seen internationally as an alleged war criminal, with a warrant out from the ICC for his arrest for war crimes related to Ukraine.

Back in the summer of 1503, prior to the arrival of the Spanish in Mesoamerica, this was the energy in place when Montezuma II (Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin) took the throne of the Aztec Empire. Little did the Aztecs know at that time that their world would soon be turned upside down.

Currently this is the day for the release of Liz Cheney’s new book titled Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, which reportedly paints a scathing portrait of the Republican Party in the U.S. CNN indicates that the book is an unflinching account of what Cheney calls the GOP’s cowardice and complicity in their willingness to support Trump, who she calls “the most dangerous man ever to inhabit the Oval Office.” It’s a book that is sure to be the subject of much scrutiny and discussion.

2 Ik’ (Dec. 6th) – a “dynamically balancing” energy associated with “wind, breath, and spirit”. This dynamic wind/breath-related force is coinciding at this time with White Ribbon Day in Canada, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, in remembrance of the 14 women who were killed at Montreal’s École Polytechnique in 1989. This also marks the 21st annual Shoe Memorial, when 1000 pairs of shoes are placed on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery in memory of murdered women. After this one-day installation all shoes and boots are donated to women’s and emergency shelters in the Vancouver area.

On this day (and the next) the US and Ukraine will hold a joint military industry conference in Washington, as Kyiv ramps up efforts to produce its own weapons amid concerns that supplies from the West may be faltering. St. Nicholas Day celebrations continue in some countries.

In 1974 this was the energy in place when the impeachment process against President Nixon was formally initiated.

Menorah candlesbrum, celebrating Hanukkah. Photo by Gil Dekel, CC-BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

3 Ak’b’al (Dec. 7th) – the “activation of darkness”, associated with deep mysteries and sometimes the unexpected, coinciding at this time with National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, the 82nd Gregorian anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. In addition, this is the UN’s International Civil Aviation Day, which celebrates the impact that civil aviation has had on the world

In France this is the start of the city of Lyon’s glorious Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières).  Hanukkah, the Jewish “festival of lights” begins in the evening, featuring the lighting of menorahs over eight consecutive nights. With ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza-Israel, there is much to focus on at this time as menorah candles are lit and prayers for enlightenment are sent.

Earth as a Blue Marble, photo taken by the Apollo 17 crew in 1972, and released as a “Christmas gift” to the world on Christmas Eve that year. NASA, Public Domain.

This day marks 51 years exactly since the release of the “Blue Marble” photo that was taken on Dec. 7th, 1972 by NASA astronauts Eugene “Gene” Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt aboard Apollo 17. It might be helpful if that photo was “front and centre” at the COP28 conference.

It has now been six cycles exactly since climate change activist Greta Thunberg and about 1000 young protestors staged a climate change rally outside the UN headquarters in New York in what was seen as a galvanizing moment for America’s climate movement.

4 K’an (Dec. 8th) – a “defining” energy associated with the resurrection of youthful vitality, coinciding at this time with the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and with Bodhi Day in Japan, aka rohatsu, a day wherein Zen monks conduct ceremonies to commemorate Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment.

This is the 32nd Gregorian anniversary of the signing of the Belovezha Accords in 1991, an agreement that declared the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This also marks four years since one of the first cases of coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, China, and three years since the UK began its Covid-19 vaccine program.

5 Chikchan (Dec. 9th) – associated with the “blessing of lifeforce”, coinciding at this time with the UN’s International Anti-Corruption Day, this year focusing on the theme of “UNCAC at 20: Uniting the World Against Corruption”, marking the 20st anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

UN International Anti-Corruption Day Dec. 9th

In Dubai this is the opening day for a World Leader Summit, a networking conference for global entrepreneurs, a follow-up to the online forum that ran from Dec. 2-5.

This is the Maya birth energy of ground-breaking astronomer Harlow Shapley who is credited with being the discoverer of the dimensions of our Milky Way galaxy, and of finding the location of its centre. It is also Dame Judi Dench’s 89th Gregorian birthday. Happy birthday Dame Judi!

6 Kimi (Dec. 10th) a “foundational” type of energy that can often manifest as a kind of “equalization everywhere” type of force, which can often bring a sense of “release”; sometimes oriented around the setting of foundations for restructuring or for “regeneration” – coinciding with the UN’s Human Right’s Day, the 75th Gregorian anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. This is the final day of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, and the day of the Nobel Prize award ceremony and banquet in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony, banquet, and Torchlight procession in Oslo, Norway.

It has now been four cycles exactly since a state ceremony (“lying in honour”) was held at the Capitol Rotunda in Washington DC. for slain police officer Sicknick, who had died as a result of injuries sustained during the Jan. 6th insurrection. After the ceremony a long procession carried his remains to Arlington National Cemetery. Note, as well, that it has now been one cycle exactly since the disgraced, twice-impeached, multiply-indicted ex-occupant of the White House began his so-called reelection campaign by delivering a violent rhetoric in Waco, on the 30th anniversary of the Waco seige, “one of the deadliest law enforcement altercations in US history”.

When this energy was in place in May of 2020 more cases were reported to the World Health Organization than at any time since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the most in a single day. However, that was well before cases skyrocketed to hundreds of thousands per day in several countries.

In 2018 this was in place at the time of the private funeral service held for famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking, at Great St. Mary’s, the University Church in Cambridge, UK. His ashes were later interred near the grave of Sir Isaac Newton at Westminster Abbey.

7 Manik’ (Dec. 11th) – a “self-generating” type of energy generally associated with the idea of reciprocity, symbolized by the Deer – often a good energy for “generating sustenance”, for being involved in humanitarian activities, or for working through negotiations or joint ventures.

Traditionally it was recognized that there could be a strong sacrificial aspect to 7 Manik’ as well, as happened under this influence in October of 2016, when FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress indicating that he was “reopening” the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, an action that had catastrophic consequences for the US and the world. As it happens, the dumpster is scheduled to be recalled on this day as a witness in his New York Civil Fraud case, which will be close to its conclusion by this time.

This is the 92nd Gregorian anniversary of the establishment of the British Commonwealth of Nations in 1931, through an act of the Parliament in the United Kingdom. It’s also the 82nd Gregorian anniversary of the Nazi declaration of war against the US, and the US declaration of war against Nazi Germany in 1941. Currently this is the day for the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo, which will focus on the fight for human rights and democracy in Iran. It is also the UN’s International Mountain Day, with this year’s theme being “Restoring mountain ecosystems”.

The UN’s International Mountain Day on 7 Manik’ (Deer)

This is also the intrepid Rita Moreno’s 92nd Gregorian birthday. Her career as an entertainer has spanned 8 decades, and she has won Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and Tony awards as well as being given the National Medal of Arts by President Obama in 2010. She received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 2014.

8 Lamat (Dec. 12th – New Moon) – a “resurrection” type of force associated with Venus as a “heralding” energy, aligned with leadership; traditionally a Maya “Celebration of Abundance” day, this energy was known as “Rabbit” in some ancient Mesoamerican regions, and was seen as a symbol of prosperity and proliferation. When this was in place four cycles ago (January, 2021) the US Senate passed a budget resolution that allowed for the passage of President Biden’s $1.9tn Covid-19 relief package in the coming weeks without Republican support – one of the few important bills they were able to get through without being blocked by Republicans.

Our Lady of Guadelupe at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM. Photo by Jim McIntosh [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This is the Feast Day for Tonantzin, Our Lady of Guadaloupe (patroness of the Americas), which is celebrated in Mexico and in many other Latin American communities. Many churches in Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere honour this feast day as a National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. Millions of people make pilgrimages to the Virgin of Guadalupe basilica in Mexico City, the most visited Catholic shrine of the Americas, which was constructed next to a hill in the north of the Mexican capital where Catholics believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to an Aztec man in 1531, a decade after the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

This is the final day of COP28, so hopefully some kind of “good news” plan will be announced stemming from the many days of climate change negotiations. Do we have high hopes (or faith) that this is even possible? . . . . not so sure.

This is also the UN’s International Day of Neutrality, as well as the UN’s International Universal Health Coverage Day, dedicated to promoting collective action to build more equitable health systems for everyone on the planet. This day marks four years since “a new viral outbreak” of the coronavirus was first detected on Dec. 12, 2019 (but not broadcast in China for several more weeks).

In addition this is the American Horse Council’s National Horse Day, a day to celebrate the economic, historic, and cultural contributions made by horses over hundreds of years. It is Kenya’s 60th anniversary of its independence from Britain.

This is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s New Fire birthday (13 days before his 52nd Gregorian birthday), and legendary singer Dionne Warwick’s 83rd birthday, just 9 days after she received her Kennedy Center award at a Medallion Ceremony at the US State Department.

9 Muluk (Dec. 13th) – representative of “the outward projection of water”, this is a path-finding and often “shape-shifting” type of force, marking four cycles since it was reported that the world had turned “upside down” due to Covid-19.

Three cycles ago Rolling Stone published an exclusive article that detailed how multiple people associated with the Jan. 6th coup attempt had communicated with Republican members of Congress throughout that process. That was the first extensive account detailing the purported involvement of members of Congress in that coup attempt, showing that this was “a well coordinated effort to overturn the will of the people and the results of the 2020 election”. And many of them have not yet been held accountable!

10 Ok (Dec. 14th) – a Burner Day representative of “foundational” fire (or “heart fire”), often associated with love, protection, guidance, and justice, marking two cycles since the release of those first stunning images taken by the new James Webb Space Telescope, the largest and most complex observatory ever sent into space.

Traditionally 10 Ok would have been seen as an energy that “takes the fire”, as in the sense of setting something up for action. This energy can also provide a “correction” if some significant “course of action” adjustments are needed. A European Council meeting is scheduled for this day and the next.

Currently this is the peak of the Geminids meteor shower, known as the “king of meteor showers”, associated with the 3200 Phaeton asteroid – named after Phaëton, the son of the Greek-named sun god Helios – that travels closer to the sun than any other asteroid . . . going into the early morning of the following day.

It is also National Energy Conservation Day, with this year’s theme being: “Go Green for Our Future”, and International Monkey Day, a celebration of “all things simian” – although the following day is Monkey day (Chuwen) in the Maya calendar.

In addition, this marks three years since coronavirus vaccines began to be distributed and given in the US and Canada, but that was also the day when the Delta variant was identified in the UK. That was the day when the 538 members of the electoral college in the US cast their ballots to confirm Joe Biden’s win as President-elect, at the time of the impressive Geminids meteor shower and a total solar eclipse. A $908 billion bipartisan Covid-19 relief plan was introduced into Congress on that same day.

In 1968 this is the energy that was in place when Senator and prominent civil rights activist Robert F. Kennedy was mortally wounded (shortly around midnight) during the California Primary convention. He died some 26 hours later.

11 Chuwen (Dec. 15th) – a “change” oriented, “timeweaver” type of energy, coinciding with the final day of Hanukkah, and the final day of the World Radiocommunication Conference in Dubai that has been running since Nov. 20th. This tends to be an energy that can prompt us to have fun, but can also remind us to “be on our toes”.

Note that it has now been one cycle exactly since a Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict Trump, for his role in the hush money case, the first time in American history that a current or former president has faced criminal charges (but many more felony charges against him followed over subsequent months). It has been projected that the New York Civil Fraud case could conclude around this time, at the same time as Mark Meadows attempts to make an appeal in the Georgia RICO case.

In 1920 this was the energy in place when the Treaty of Versailles came into force after the first world war, formalizing the end of war between Germany and the Allied Powers.

In 1984 this energy brought forth the first untethered space walk. This is also the Maya birth energy of Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker whose 2001: A Space Odyssey has been seen as one of the world’s most influential motion pictures. It is also the Maya birth energy of the beguiling super sleuth Mata Hari.

12 Eb’ (Dec. 16th) – a “gathering together”, “stream-of-consciousness” type of energy that can be quite intense, often containing within it a “spark” or “essence of revitalization” that hints at refreshing new possibilities.

In 1962 this was the energy in place at the time of the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which documented the environmental harm being caused by pesticides. It is seen as a book that sparked the environmental movement, and is seen as “one of the 25 greatest science books of all time”.

This is the 66th Gregorian anniversary of the start of the first NATO meeting, in 1957, involving 15 countries. There are now 31 countries in the NATO alliance. And as it has now been 660 days since the start of the Ukraine war, they are long overdue to DO more to put an end to that conflict.

It has now been four cycles since the start of the dumpster’s second Senate impeachment trial, associated with his “incitement of insurrection”, and two cycles exactly since the release of a 72-page report categorically rebutting each of the claims made in court by the dumpster and his supporters over the 2020 election results. The report, put together by a group of conservatives, including prominent lawyers and retired federal judges, titled “LOST, NOT STOLEN: The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election,” looked at more than 60 court cases Trump and his supporters filed and lost in six key battleground states. It reached the “unequivocal” conclusion that all the claims were unsupportable. And the battle for accountability continues on . . . . .

13 B’en (Dec. 17th) – “transformational personal authority”, an energy under which many strongly transformative events have taken place in the past, as in the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, the inception of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the launch of Sputnik I by the USSR (signalling the beginning of the Space Age) in 1957, the toppling of the monarchy in Iran in 1979, the election of Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006, and the arrival of China’s Tianwen-1 mission at Mars in early 2021. The last time this was in place (last spring) Pope Francis left the hospital after a 3-day stay (with bronchitis). Currently this is the day when he celebrates his 87th Gregorian birthday, even though he has recently has to deal with the same health issue.

Five cycles ago (in May of 2020) this energy was in place when the U.S. erupted with widespread protests and rioting after the horrific death of George Floyd the evening before during his arrest by a police officer. This marked a major “turning point” that rapidly escalated the Black Lives Matter protest movement for racial equality and justice. One cycle before that, in 2019, this was the energy in place when the House Judiciary committee laid out its procedures for their first impeachment investigation of the dumpster. Two cycles after those BLM protests, in February of 2021, this same energy was in place at the time of his second impeachment trial, for “incitement of insurrection”. And this time it is the “People vs Trump” case in New York that will be in the spotlight as part of that first hearing two days earlier. It is likely that other cases will be reverberating at this time as well. Again, this is an intense transformation-oriented energy, associated with self determination, so events at this time will likely be quite consequential.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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