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In some places (such as the US Midwest) it’s cleanup time from powerful tornado hits, and in some places it’s still hunker down time as severe storms rage. The energy surges rolling through at this time will take many forms, but many will accompany auspicious “new start” events, including Nowruz, Holi, the lead-up to Easter, and the Maya New Year. But this particular trecena will also coincide with some liminal transitions, particularly in parts of India, and in relation to the Maya Calendar itself. Similarly, many endeavours at this time are “on the cusp”, awaiting key developments that will allow events to move forward.

Photo credit: Suzy Hazelwood, Pexels

This trecena begins with the energy of One Chikchan, an important shift-point within the overall 260-day period. Marking the start of the third 52-day period within the 260-day cycle, One Chikchan often brings a strong sense of a shift or the turning of a tide, along with a sense of new possibilities. Sometimes it can feel like an emergence; sometimes it can feel like an energy surge; sometimes this can spin into intense weather events such as cyclones or tornadoes, as is the case right now in Northern Australia. Currently this is coming in one day before the Spring Equinox, so Spring is in the air!

Often the energies at the start of this period can be felt as an infusion of energy, possibly a renewal of determination to pursue particular goals. As this is a time frame that can push people into action in significant ways, great passion, and even bravery, often comes into play at this time, particularly if people are in pursuit of justice. And at this point, that is an issue, particularly in the US, as people scramble to get the justice system back on track after numerous near-derailments in efforts to preserve justice and democracy. With Putin “re-elected” in Russia, with key criminal trials pertaining to the dumpster still pending, and with less than 8 months remaining before the contentious U.S. presidential election, there is still much anxiety and uncertainty “in the air”, particularly with regard to issues pertaining to “truth” and “accountability”. But this is a time period when opportunities are often provided to “fly high” to gain perspective. Keep in mind that this is the Chikchan trecena, symbolized by the great Feathered Serpent, aligned with Liberation, Awakening, Cyclical Renewal, and Justice, so it is very possible that positive solutions or new directions may be forthcoming.

With regard to the trecena energies, the Aztec saw the principal “patron” of this time frame as a deity known as Xiuhtecuhtli, the Lord of Fire and Time, who often “kicks things up a notch” in order to foment change. His companion in this effort is a deity representative of Venus as the Morning Star, who serves as a herald – signalling that this is a time to really “pay attention”.

Adaptation of the Chikchan trecena from the Codex Borgia by artist Richard Balthazar (used with permission). The first day (Serpent) is found at the lower right and the 13 days of this trecena proceed from there to the left, and then up to the upper right, to the interlocking image of Kab’an. The daysign numbers in this image are not shown, but implied. The main image depicts Xiuhtecuhtli, the Lord of Fire and Time, on the right, who is the principal patron. On the left is Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, representative of Venus as the Morning Star, who serves as a herald. Click here for an overview of Richard’s various other versions of the same trecena.

Six cycles ago this was the trecena in place when “a new viral outbreak” (later called Covid-19) was first detected in China in early December of 2019. At first this outbreak was downplayed, but near the end of the trecena it was learned that a “cluster” of patients with “pneumonia of an unknown cause” had been identified, and then a huge planetary change took place – at lightning speed!

Two cycles later, towards the end of the third Covid wave, things began changing in the opposite direction, as mask mandates began to be lifted in some areas, theatres began reopening, case numbers were trending downwards, and people began to slowly emerge, feeling a new sense of freedom as they began to interact and reconstruct their lives post-pandemic.

Historically, the beginning of this trecena had brought many radical changes, as seen in 1914 when Germany declared war against France, and in 1918 when the German Weimar Republic was founded just as World War I was coming to an end. In 1990 Germany became unified at the start of this trecena. In 1521 this had been in place when the Aztecs surrendered to the Spaniards, sealing the fate and future direction of Mexico. Last summer it was blistering hot during this period – both literally and figuratively. Large parts of Texas were hotter than 99% of the planet, and temperature records worldwide were broken due to extreme heat – all of which significantly underscored the need to address climate change issues in a much more concerted manner.

And then there are the wars . . . As this trecena opens it marks two cycles exactly since Putin said there would be no more massive strikes on Ukraine. Then, two days later he attacked Kyiv with 42 “kamikaze” drones, most of which were shot down. One cycle before that it had become clear that Putin was moving his troops around to get into position to launch the first attack. The last time this trecena was in place (last July) Ukraine was in the midst of a counteroffensive, which has more recently slowed as Ukraine awaits assistance from the U.S. However, with assistance from the EU, Ukrainian pilots are now being trained in the use of F-16 fighter jets, and Ukraine is now working closely with the EU to bolster defenses, so some progress is being made.

In Gaza, however, things are extremely tense. With the death toll in Gaza climbing towards 32,000 and some 1.4 million people still cornered in Rafah, the global community is calling loudly for a ceasefire. Even in Israel thousands of people are protesting in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, calling for the resignation of the Israeli government. It is likely that there will be some major developments in this regard, one way or the other, during this time frame.

During this period one of the major themes that tend to play out is that of Justice, and at the moment it seems that there is much re-shuffling taking place, which could result in new tactics or new directions opening up.

Indeed, two cycles ago the January 6th committee in the U.S. was uncovering considerable evidence regarding the plotting that went into the fomenting of the Capitol riot. Evidence was presented to show that the dumpster had privately conceded that he had lost the election, but he “didn’t want people to know”, and had been significantly instrumental in provoking the insurrection, which not only put lawmakers and peacekeepers into great danger, but also led to several deaths and many severe injuries. At that time this trecena also brought the beginning of the New York trial relating to the Trump Organization’s felony tax evasions, which resulted in the company being ordered to pay a $1.6 million fine and prison time for its ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Currently the 9th day of this time frame marks six cycles exactly since Democrats formally impeached the dumpster, for abuse of power (by putting his own personal interests above the interests and security of the US) and obstruction of Congress, two of the most serious abuses of power ever alleged against a sitting president – and that was well before espionage changes were brought with regard to the classified documents case and well before the Jan. 6th related charges. It was also well before he was found guilty of massive fraud in New York, in the trial that concluded last month. Note, as well, that the impeachment action took place two cycles after that infamous meeting between the dumpster and President Putin in Helsinki when Putin blatantly admitted to directing his officials to help Trump win the 2016 election.

So even though dates are still pending with regard to forthcoming criminal trials, it doesn’t mean that justice isn’t being served. Let’s not forget that this is the time frame in which “the piper will need to be paid” with regard to the multi-million dollar fraud judgment. And he had already had to come up with $91 million during the last trecena with regard to the defamation judgment. The actual date for the upcoming hush money criminal trial in New York is sure to be announced at this time as well.

In addition to all that, Republicans themselves are finally starting to turn on him, as seen in the recent launch of the “Republicans Voters Against Trump” campaign – a $50 million video campaign that showcases first-hand testimonies of more than 100 former Trump voters who refuse to continue their support for him.

In the midst of all this the question could be asked: will the dumpster’s lies and abhorrent behaviour continue to escalate, even in the midst of such colossal penalties and voter backlash, or will he finally be done in by the sheer weight of all this corruption? With those humungous payments due, with people finally seeing through the lies, and realizing that his wealth is not what it has been touted to be, and with criminal trials looming, this could be the trecena when the façade crumbles and Trumpian “wizard of oz” is more fully exposed as the gross fraudster that the justice system is proving him to be. This could well be the beginning of the meltdown.

As always, a great deal will be in motion during this period, and the battle for truth, accountability, and justice will continue to be in full swing.

As always, this trecena marks a pivotal point within the overall 260 day Tzolk’in cycle. It is the beginning of an often transformative time frame oriented around justice, freedom, higher knowledge, cyclical renewal, and world-shifting actions. This is the energy field of the Plumed Serpent, a metaphor for “reaching for the sky”, towards Life and Light and Liberation, and the realm of new possibilities. With the “Lord of Fire and Time” as the patron energy, this provides a reminder that great shifts can happen during this period. Here are the energies that are coming into play:

Feathered Serpent from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis (16th century), symbolic of Chikchan, Lifeforce pushing forward

1 Chikchan (March 18th) – the “initiation” of Lifeforce/Higher Wisdom at the start of the third 52-day period within the 260-day cycle, an intense and highly influential position within the overall cycle. As this comes into place Australia is dealing with the full brunt of this intensity as Cat. 3-4 Tropical Cyclone Megan barrels through Queensland and the Northern Territory.

However, there is often much to look forward to with this energy, and currently there is much anticipation and preparation relating to forthcoming events such as Spring Equinox, Persian new year, and highly consequential political events. At this point there is a sense that much is “hanging on the edge”, about to “pop” or sprout. This is the kind of force that often brings an energy surge in new directions, but it is not necessarily predictable as to what those new directions might be. When this was last in place (last July) the sun unleased an powerful X1.1 solar flare that caused shortwave radio blackouts over parts of the U.S. and the Pacific Ocean. Weather in the Northern Hemisphere was intensely hot at that time.

In 1521 this was in place when the Aztecs surrendered to the invading Spaniards conquistadors, just over two years after their arrival in the Yucatan, sealing the fate and future direction of Mexico. In 1914 this was in place when Germany declared war against France. When this was in place in 1918 it came in on the eve of the armistice ceasefire at the conclusion of World War I. In 1960 this was in force at the time of John F. Kennedy’s victory speech, after he narrowly won the US presidential election the day before.

Six cycles ago (in December 2019) this energy was in place when Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against the dumpster – for abuse of power (by putting his own personal interests above the interests and security of the US) and for obstruction of Congress, the most serious abuses of power ever alleged against a sitting president. Since then 91 felony charges (both state and federal) have been brought against him, including many relating to fraud, obstruction of justice, and for violations of the Espionage Act. Further, he has been found guilty of massive fraud, rape, and defamation, and ordered to pay more than $500 million. He has been seen to actively favour tyrants and dictators, and has reduced the GOP to a “cult of authoritarian personality” (as Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee Jamie Raskin put it last week). But despite all that the US justice system has been mired in the kind of knit-picking that has caused endless delays in prosecution. Trial dates and hearings seem to be constantly in flux and there is great concern that key trials may not take place prior to the November election. Unthinkably, he has become, despite all the corruption that has been exposed, the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidential race, and the world still waits for convictions. Even the hush money trial that was to begin during this trecena has been postponed for at least 30 days. However, it seems that a film called “Stormy”, about the central witness in that case, is due to be released on this first day, which is her 45th birthday, so that will add a lot of dramatic intensity to the kickoff to this time frame. This could signal the beginning of a major change in direction that could swing more significantly towards justice and accountability.

In Canada this is the day when Parliament reconvenes in Ottawa, and in northern India this is the second day of a kind of transitional, “laying low” type of period known as Holashtak, leading up to the colourful Holi festival on March 25th. In that region this day is considered ideal for alms giving, and engaging in prayer.

2 Kimi (March 19th) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with the “return to source”, coinciding with the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also World Social Work Day and 11th anniversary of the inauguration of Pope Francis I.

This energy often manifests as a push-pull type of force that can shake things up and set new foundations for action, as it did in 1914 when Germany invaded Belgium and the UK declared war on Germany. But keep in mind that on Nov. 11, 1918, this was also in place as World War I came to an end. The last time this was in place (last July), Israel launched Operation Home and Garden, its largest offensive in the West Bank in 20 years, attacking and raiding a Palestinian refugee camp in the poverty-stricken city of Jenin – one of the largest camps in the West Bank, set up for Palestinians expelled from their homes after the creation of Israel. At least 2,000 Israeli troops were involved, and 12 Palestinians were killed.

Currently, some 300 million people will begin celebrating Nowruz, (meaning “new day”), the Persian New Year, a universal celebration of new beginnings, marking the first day of the first month that begins the year 1403 in the Persian calendar. This joyfilled day is the first of 13 days (covering this entire trecena) of “merriment”, involving family gatherings, special foods, and many different kinds of festivities. “Haftsin” tables or altars will be festooned with seven symbolic items starting with the Farsi letter “S.” This will include herbs, dried nuts and fruits, wheat grass, vinegar (for wisdom, age, and patience), candles (representing fire and light), mirrors, and coins, all of which relate to hopes for the new year, such as health, wealth and abundance. The Holy Quran or poetry books are often placed on the table to represent education and enlightenment, and goldfish are frequently included for good luck. In some areas this begins on March 20th, and the UN marks this on March 21st.

Table set for Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Called “Haft-Seen”, this table includes seven items that start with the letter S (seen) in the Perso-Arabic alphabet. The items are have astrological correlations to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Photo Credit: PersianDutchNetwork [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In the US at this time, primaries will be held in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio. Although the dumpster was barred from being on the ballot in the Illinois primary, that decision was overruled by the Supreme Court.

3 Manik’ (March 20th) – the “activation” of reciprocity, symbolized by a deer that “embodies” the sun on Earth, a kind of harmonizing, “hands-on” type of energy connected with the natural world, coinciding at this time with UN’s International Day of Happiness, the UN’s French Language Day, and World Storytelling Day, when live storytelling events take place worldwide in a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling, this year around the theme of “Building Bridges”. This is also the 18th annual National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness day, dedicated to increasing awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on First Nations populations. In some areas Nowruz begins on this day.

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s “The Storyteller” (Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons), in honour of World Storytelling Day (Mar. 20)

The last time this was in place it was Independence Day in the US, and the hottest day ever recorded globally, as the average global temperature hit 17.18C (62.9F), breaking the record set the day before. Two coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were emitted by the sun on that day.

Four cycles ago (spring of 2021) this was in place when massive demonstrations took place around the world in support of Palestinians amid the continuing hostilities between Israel and Gaza – the worst since the 2014 Gaza war. On that same day Israel not only destroyed an 11-storey building that contained residences and housed international media offices, including the Associated Press news bureau and Al Jazeera, in Gaza, but also targeted a refugee camp, killing at least 10 people. A statement from Al Jazeera condemned the attack, calling on “all media and human right institutions to join forces” in denouncing the bombing and to “hold the government of Israel accountable”. But that didn’t stop Israel, and by now, as the world is aware, most of Gaza has been reduced to rubble by Israel and the death toll in Gaza has surpassed 31,000.

This also marks five cycles since the huge “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” Commitment March (in August 2020) that called for police reform, criminal justice reform, and racial equality in the U.S.. In 1913 a massive Woman’s Suffrage parade was held under this same 3 Manik’ influence.

4 Lamat (March 21st) – a “defining” energy associated with Venus (representing the sun and Venus working together), often serving as a beacon or herald, coinciding at this time with the start of a two-day European Council meeting, and the UN’s International Day of Nowruz (celebration of the 3,000 year old festival of Nowruz), due to its focus on “peace and solidarity between generations and within families”. During this period there is an emphasis on reconciliation, neighborliness, and friendship among diverse peoples and communities, and the giving of gifts to those in need. In addition to participating in many different festivities during this time, many people use this period to do deep spring cleaning, buy fresh clothing, bring in fresh spring flowers, and generally “refresh”, as they celebrate “victory over darkness”.

This is also the UN’s 76th anniversary of its International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, with this year’s theme being “A Decade of Recognition, Justice, and Development: Implementation of the International Decade for People of African Descent”, an effort to raise awareness about the legacies of slavery and colonialism that have destroyed so many lives and prevented billions of people from enjoying their full human rights and freedoms. This year’s theme is linked to that above-noted “International Decade”, with this being the final year in that 2015 to 2024 timeframe.

This is also UNESCO’s World Poetry Day, with this year’s theme being “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” and the UN’s International Day of Forests, with this year’s theme being “Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World”. Click here for an impressive African tree planting project.

Note that this is a “heralding” type of energy, so it is likely that some kind of significant announcement could be forthcoming at this time. In 2017 this energy was in place when President Xi Jinping was declared “all powerful” in China, after a new body of political thought carrying his name was added to the Communist party’s constitution.

This is the Maya birth energy of Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor in Wuhan who issued the first warning to colleagues that there were seven confirmed cases of coronavirus, in December of 2019, despite the fact that Chinese officials were trying to downplay it.

5 Muluk (March 22nd) – a “precision” (or “blessing”) type of energy associated with the shape-shifting energy of water, coinciding at this time with World Water Day, which celebrates water and advocates for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. The goal of this day is also to raise awareness of the global water crisis, with this year’s theme being “Leveraging Water for Peace”.

World Water Day 2024

This is another deadline day for renewal of US government funding, in order to avoid a shutdown of some services, and the final day of the UN’s 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

This is marking 3 Calendar Rounds since the first signing of the Treaty of Fort Laramie on 5 Muluk 17 Kumk’u in 1868, when the Great Sioux Reservation was established, including ownership of the Black Hills. The Sioux are still awaiting the return of their lands, even though the Supreme Court ruled (in 1980) that tribal lands covered by this treaty had been taken illegally.

This is William Shatner’s 93rd birthday. His new film William Shatner: You Can Call Me Bill premiers on March 20th, two days before this.

6 Ok (March 23rd) – a “shine the light in the darkness, everywhere” type of force, coinciding with Earth Hour day, when households and businesses around the world are encouraged to switch off non-essential lights for one hour, from 8:30-9:30 pm as a sign of commitment to the planet.

Four cycles ago the International Energy Agency (IEA), the top global watchdog on energy, shone a light on the global situation when they advised that investors should not fund new oil, gas and coal supply projects if the world wants to reach net zero emissions by mid-century. Then again, one cycle ago, UN secretary general António Guterres warned the global situation could become catastrophic if we persist in delaying key measures that are needed. This warning came after data revealed that average world temperatures in early July (the early part of this trecena last summer) were the hottest on record.

Currently, in Canada this is the day of the state funeral for Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, in Montreal. Hockey legend Wayne Gretsky will be one of the people delivering a eulogy.

This is also National Puppy Day, a day to raise awareness about such things as puppy mills, to help save orphaned puppies around the globe, and to help puppies to find good homes.

The evening brings in the start of Purim, traditionally one of the most joyous holidays in the Jewish calendar. This is a Jewish celebration of deliverance that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, an official who was planning to kill all Jews in the Old Persian Empire. This festival is in honour of the “miracles” of Purim that were involved in the saving of the people.

An 18th century prayerbook on the miracles of Purim, a “day of deliverance”. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons

This year is likely to be vastly different as the whole world is now calling for Israel to cease attacking innocents in Gaza. It has now been four cycles since the day in 2021 when Arab Israelis and Palestinians held a “Day of Rage” general strike across Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, to protest Israeli policies and air strikes against Gaza. By that time some 52,000 Palestinians had been displaced by the Israeli bombardment. Three cycles before that (in 2019) tens of thousands demonstrated in Gaza to mark the first anniversary of the start of the “Great March of Return” (of Palestinians to their ancestral homes) weekly protests on the boundary with Israel.

It has also been four cycles since the New York Attorney-General’s office announced that it had opened an investigation into the dumpster’s company, an investigation that recently resulted in a finding of massive fraud and a fine of close to half a billion dollars, which is due to be paid tomorrow.

7 Chuwen (March 24th) –“self-generating play”, a highly creative “time weaving” (and sometimes trick playing) type of energy that can sometimes conjure up things of an unusual nature.

This marks seven cycles since the 2019 election of Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the new president of Ukraine. Exactly one cycle later the House Judiciary Committee released a 650-page impeachment report related to the dumpster’s attempt to coerce Ukraine into helping to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election.

Currently this is the full day of Purim. The evening marks the beginning of India’s highly revered Holi festival. Sometimes referred to as a “festival of love” or “festival of colours”, Holi is a time when people get together to play with vibrant colours in the interest of fun, healing, fertility, and renewal, as they forget about resentments and bad feelings from the past and symbolically celebrate the triumph of good over evil. During this evening large bonfires will be lit across India to drive away evil spirits.

In 1915 this was the energy in place when Italy entered World War I on the side of the Allies.

8 Eb’ (March 25th) – the “resurrection” of the pathfinding energy of vitality, associated with the “dew of life”; a day which the Maya traditionally devoted to the Celebration of Personal Life. At this time this is coinciding with the Full Worm Moon, aka the Paschal Full Moon (the first full Moon of Spring), at the time of a penumbral lunar eclipse.

In the Maya Calendar this is the first day (known as the “seating”) of the “bridging” month known as the Wayeb’, the first of five transitional (or “bridging”) days leading to the start of the Maya New Year. Although some traditionally saw this liminal period as “dangerous” or at least a time zone that required special vigilance or caution, others saw these five days as transitional days or “days of rest”, a good time to fast, meditate, and purify to eliminate toxins and cleanse one’s spirit in order to prepare for the new year. In general this is a good time for “cleansing”, for shedding the “burdens” of the past in order to prepare for a new cycle. Traditionally it was thought that the world was “suspended” during this liminal period.

This was to be the start day for the hush money trial in New York, but that has now been postponed by at least 30 days. Even so, this is the day when the dumpster is due to pay $454 million in fines before DA Lettitia James begins potentially seizing his New York properties. And it’s anyone’s guess as to the implications of the release of that “Stormy” film with regard to how the hush money trial will move forward.

This is now marking six cycles since the 2019 formation of the American political action committee known as the Lincoln Project, by moderate Republicans, with the goal of preventing the re-election of the dumpster. This is one of the groups that produces scathing anti-Trump videos that highlight the dumpster’s on-going lies and corruption, as well as the hypocricy of his Republican supporters in Congress. They also highlight Joe Biden’s on-going accomplishments as President, showing how he is “working for America”.

This is the Maya birth energy of both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican leader Liz Cheney, both of whom are fiercely devoted to truth and to the US Constitution, the rule of law. Both of these lawmakers have shown great strength and resolve in the pursuit of justice with regard to the assault on the Capitol. They have both vowed to do everything possible to ensure the former “president” never again sets foot in the Oval Office.

On a lighter note, this is India’s full day of Holi, the “festival of spring” or “festival of colours”, marking the beginning of a new season. The coloured powders that are flung around at this time have different meanings: red for love and fertility, green for new beginnings, yellow for happiness and peace, pink for good health, blue for calmness, orange for courage, purple for wisdom. This is celebrated in many parts of the world, so have fun everyone!

The Hindu festival of Holi. Photo credit: H. Bizia, CC-BY-2.0 via WIkimedia Commons

9 B’en (March 26th) – the “outward projection” of “personal authority” (or “long lasting personal authority”), marking eight cycles since the hair-raising “day of infamy” during the summer of 2018 when the dumpster met with Putin in Helsinki and basically threw U.S. intelligence agencies “under a bus” by siding with Putin rather than honouring the work done by US defense organizations. It has also been six cycles exactly since the dumpster was formally impeached (for the first time) by the US House of Representatives.

In 1918 these were the energies in place at the completion of the last major action on the Eastern Front near the end of World War I, with the Bolshevik capitulation. Currently this is former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 84th birthday, one day after her Maya birthday. This is also former President Barack Obama’s Maya birth energy as well as the birth energy of the U.S. itself, as the Declaration of Independence was adopted on a 9 B’en day in 1776.

10 Ix (March 27th) – a “source” based energy associated with the jaguar and the mysteries of the earth, coinciding at this time with Holy Wednesday, just prior to Easter. This is the 60th anniversary of the Great Alaskan earthquake that took place on Good Friday in 1964 – the 9.2 shaker that was the most powerful recorded earthquake in US history, and the second largest ever recorded. Tsunami waves from this shaker were felt in 20 countries.

When this energy was in place last July NATO allies agreed to a three-part package designed to ease Ukraine’s path to membership, which included ratification of a wide-ranging security pact with Ukraine, to include defense equipment, training, and intelligence sharing. At the same time several countries agreed to train the Ukrainian air force in the use of F-16 fighter jets. That training has been taking place, with the jets projected to be in use in battle possibly by this spring. On that same day tens of thousands of protestors in Israel held another major Day of Resistance against Netanyahu’s latest attempt to reintroduce his highly controversial judicial overhaul bill, which the people saw (and still see) as a grave threat to democracy.

This is the energy that was in place in early 2017 when the dumpster met with nuclear power developers at the White House about sharing nuclear technology with countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, which raised grave concerns among many lawmakers. Two cycles ago this energy brought the start of jury selection in that New York civil trial against the Trump Organization and ex-CEO Allen Weisselberg. Charges included tax fraud, grand larceny, falsifying business records, and scheming to defraud the government. That was the one that concluded with the order that the dumpster was to pay $354.8 million, plus interest, after the jury found him guilty as charged.

11 Men (March 28th) – “inspirational Eagle” – a Burner Day that can bring about change or a new form of Higher Vision, coinciding at this time with Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday, commemorating the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples).

In China this is the birthday of Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, the most revered of Buddhist Bodhisattvas. Given the global challenges, this Goddess (sometimes depicted with “a thousand arms”) will surely receive the prayers of millions at this time.

It has now been three 260-day cycles (780 days) since it was reported that the National Archives and Records Administration had transported 15 boxes of presidential records from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives – boxes full of documents that the dumpster had illegally taken. That was before it was discovered that even more documents (including top secret documents) had been hidden at that resort, in violation of the espionage act. Those were the ones seized by the FBI in August of last year. While a mid-summer date has been proposed for this trial, many are suspecting that it may not actually take place before the election. However, who knows – perhaps this “visionary” energy may trigger a change that could keep this on track.

It has now been one cycle exactly since the inaugural session of the NATO-Ukraine Council, a body established to upgrade relations between Kyiv and the now-32-member transatlantic military alliance. At that session NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to participate “as an equal”.

12 Kib’ (March 29th) – a “gathering together” type of energy, associated with the ability to “survey”, clean things up, and ultimately restore order, coinciding at this time with Good Friday and the final day of the Maya Wayeb’, just before the “seating” of the Maya New Year.

This marks six cycles since the first cluster of patients with “pneumonia of an unknown cause” was first identified in China in December of 2019, when the world was getting a “head’s up” with regard to the pandemic that was coming.

13 Kab’an (March 30th) – transformational movement (or earth movement), a powerful force that can bring either heavy weather conditions, or significant “movement” of a consequential nature, as it did two cycles ago when Elon Musk completed his $44bn takeover of Twitter, becoming the “Chief Twit”.

Currently this is coinciding with the “seating” of the Classical Maya New Year, and with National Doctors’ Day in the U.S., in recognition of the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities.

This is also Holy Saturday – the day of the “Holy Fire” ritual in Jerusalem as thousands of candle-holding priests and worshipers vie for position in order to have their candles lit from the Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulchre. Last year the attendance was limited to 1,800 people inside and 1,200 outside. Given the current Gaza-Israeli situation, it is likely that Jerusalem will continue to be much more sombre at this time – although, with this intense energy in play, there in potential for the situation to become volatile.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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