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Canada’s federal election, a critical Brexit vote, a crisis of leadership in Spain, a state of emergency in Chile’s capital, anti-government protests in other countries, the ongoing impeachment probe in the US, the dreadful situation in northern Syria, and the official enthronement of an emperor – these and much more are in the works during this B’en oriented time frame, aligned with the general idea of self-determination and “personal authority”.

Currently much attention is being given to political leadership, as early during this time frame the leadership of Canada will be determined by the people at the polls, the leadership and direction of the UK will be determined by MPs casting votes related to Brexit, leadership in Spain will be challenged by people supporting independence for Catalonia, at the same time as the nature of the leadership of the US is being revealed not only through the impeachment investigations but also through the various ways in which lawmakers are responding to it. “Personal Authority” will play a major role in each of these situations as the will and character of the leaders in question factor strongly in terms of decisions being made.

Strong growing corn, symbolic of the B’en (Reed) trecena – associated with self determination.

This kind of emphasis on political leadership at this time is “par for the course” as B’en is represented by robust growing corn, symbolic of strong self determination. This is the energy that was in place when John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy and initiated his campaign for the U.S. presidency in early January of 1960. It was also the energy in place in 2011 when President Obama announced that he would be running for a second term as U.S. president. One cycle ago this B’en trecena was in place when Elizabeth Warren launched her presidential campaign this past February, just after Kamala Harris kicked off her “Fearless for the People” campaign and other potential Democratic candidates began emerging.

In U.S. history this trecena has seen many critical issues play out, including impeachment related events. At this time the second day of this trecena marks the 46th Gregorian anniversary of the “Saturday Night Massacre” associated with the Watergate scandal, which will coincide with former president Richard Nixon’s Maya birth energy.

One cycle ago this trecena began with an announcement by Trump that the U.S. would exit the intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) treaty, which was immediately followed by Putin’s announcement (on the second day) that it would suspend its involvement in the cold war-era nuclear pact and begin developing new nuclear-capable missiles that were banned by the treaty. That was when senior intelligence officers began breaking two years of silence to warn that Trump was endangering American security through a stubborn disregard for their assessments, as they expressed concern about his “willful ignorance” and his rejection of facts in private intelligence briefings, as well as his dangerous “leaking” of classified information. Two days later the House Intelligence Committee announced that they were re-starting and “supercharging” the Russia probe, by focusing on five interconnected lines of inquiry relating to connections between Trump and his associates with regard to foreign relations.

So that was one cycle ago, and now, of course, this has morphed into a full blown impeachment inquiry as Congress investigates the multitude of ways in which Trump has been blatantly circumventing the law and using “federal machinery” to promote his own personal interests. This is exactly what Rachel Maddow outlined exactly two cycles ago (in May of 2018) when she compared some of the things that Trump has been doing with things that Nixon did in terms of the promotion of his own personal interests, which triggered the movement to impeach Nixon prior to his resignation. October 31st, the last day of this current trecena, marks one year since the public release of the factual “Road Map” (the report of the indictment evidence) that laid the foundation for Nixon’s impeachment.

Historically the B’en trecena has been a force often associated with huge shifts in the balance of power, as when Hernán Cortés and his conquistadores began pushing into the interior of Mexico 500 years ago during this period, fomenting the devastating events that dramatically changed the whole of Mesoamerica. Several centuries later this same trecena saw the start of the Mexican revolution when the revolutionary Francisco Madero led strikes to denounce the dictator Porfirio Diaz.

In 2007 this was the trecena that was in place when Nancy Pelosi made history by becoming the first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the highest ranking female lawmaker in American politics, in the third most powerful position in the country. Now back in action as Speaker, she is a significant and pivotal force to be reckoned with, particularly during this impeachment probe, as she works to maintain stability as the White House and its occupants continue with their unravelling. With so much damaging evidence being presented at this time with regard to White House activities, Pelosi’s knowledge and experience are procedural touchpoints that are helping to steer Congress through very rough waters. Two cycles ago the first day of this trecena coincided with the beginning of the second year of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

“Uncertain Brexit”. Photo by Asav [CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Currently, as these energies work their way through, there is much that will unfold with regard to things of a political nature, with the fate of the UK being determined, in large part by what happens on One B’en, the very first day. Although the UK and EU reached an agreement regarding Brexit just two days before the end of the last trecena, that deal still needs the approval of MPs, who will take part in a special sitting of the UK Parliament on this One B’en day. If the Prime Minister gets the support of MP’s the UK will withdraw from the EU on the final day of this trecena. If he doesn’t he will be required to ask for an extension.

Towards the end of this trecena the second Gregorian anniversary of the day when Catalonia declared independence from Spain and founded an Independent Catalan Republic (in defiance of the Madrid government) will be of considerable importance to many. Since that declaration of independence was never accepted by Madrid, it was a move that plunged Spain into a major crisis that led, just a few days ago, to the sentencing of nine Catalan leaders to lengthy jail sentences for sedition. Since then thousands of people have taken part in protest demonstrations throughout Spain, which included a general strike in Catalonia on the final day of the last trecena, with on-going protests likely to continue throughout this current trecena. Similarly, the state of emergency that was declared in Santiago, Chile, at the end of the last trecena, is set to be in place throughout this trecena.

Canada’s federal election comes up on the third day of this period, with the outcome being significantly consequential. The memorial and funeral services for the highly revered and much loved U.S. Congressman Elijah Cummings will take place on the 6th and 7th days of the trecena, which will provide an echo that goes all the way back to 1865, with the funeral of President Lincoln. And then there is the on-going impeachment investigation in the U.S., with a number of important hearings scheduled to take place during this period. During the latter part of this trecena several days will be oriented around Diwali, the popular and widespread Hindu Festival of Lights associated with the lifting of spiritual darkness, with Hallowe’en coming in on the final day of this time frame.

Please note that at this particular time there will be a doubling of the numerical forces as the numbers associated with the daysigns are mirrored by the numbers related to the month, with the first day being 1 B’en 1 Sak, the second day being 2 Ix 2 Sak, the third day being 3 Men 3 Sak, and so on. What is happening here is that the numerical forces relating to the Maya month of Sak are exactly parallelling the Tzolk’in days. Not much is known about the nature of this particular Maya month, other than the general idea that traditionally this was a time when hunters would ask forgiveness of the gods for the killing of animals. But it contains ideas associated with “white”, which often pertains to “death” or “spirit”, and also the idea of “stone”, so the hieroglyph could translate as “white stone”, which may reference rituals pertaining to the asking of forgiveness. With this “Sak” force working in conjunction with the cleansing and “purification” energies traditionally associated with the patrons of this trecena who were oriented around the shifting of energies to clear out stagnation, it will be interesting to see how this plays out through this doubling of the numerical forces throughout this period, building up to a “double 13” on Hallowe’en.

As always during this period – and perhaps even more so with this numerical doubling – this is a great time to closely examine one’s values, endeavors, and desires in the interest of making adjustments that might better lead towards the attainment of personal goals (but not, of course, to the detriment of anyone else). The way things are looking, it appears that thousands, if not millions, of people in many different countries – in the UK, in Chile, in Hong Kong, in the US , and in many other places – are starting to “stand up and be counted” as they go to battle against tyranny and injustices. This should be a particularly eventful trecena in that regard. Here are the energies that will come into play:

1 B’en 1 Sak (Oct. 19th ) – the “initiation” of personal authority, an important 52-day Shift-point within the 260-day cycle, at the beginning of a time frame that is often associated with some significant form of social or political adjustment. At this time there will be a special sitting of the UK Parliament, the first Saturday sitting since the Falklands conflict in 1982, on what will be a decisive day for the future of Brexit and the UK as a whole, at the same time as hundreds of thousands of People’s Vote campaign anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate in Westminster.

Alebrijes by Raul Rosas Rodriguez at the Museo de ARte Popular in Mexico CIty in 2012. Photo by AlejandroLinaresGarcia [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

This is also Global Oneness Day, a “catalyst for spiritual activism”, on the final day of the Rebel Beyond Borders International Extinction Rebellion demonstrations that started on Oct.7th.

On a lighter note, Mexico City will hold its colourful Alebrijes event at this time, an annual parade through the historic centre of Mexico City to honour Mexican crafts and folk arts, with emphasis on the fantastic creatures called “alebrijes”.

This was the energy in place when John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the
presidency in early January of 1960, and also the energy in place in 2011 when President Obama announced that he would be running for a second term as U.S. president. Also the Maya Calendar anniversary of the historic day in 1962 when Col. John Glenn was launched into space aboard Friendship 7, to become the first American to orbit Earth.

2 Ix (Oct. 20th) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with “jaguar” earth mysteries and transformation, coinciding at this time with the 46th Gregorian anniversary of the “Saturday Night Massacre” associated with the Watergate scandal in the US. This is also former president Richard Nixon’s Maya birth energy. This was to be the “formal” end of the ceasefire in Syria, although it seems there were violations immediately after the so-called start of the ceasefire several days ago. Unless something significant happens to stop the conflict Turkey could continue its push into northern Syria through much, if not all, of the remainder of this time frame.

3 Men (Oct. 21st) – the “activation of Higher Vision”; a Burner Day oriented around
“announcing the fire” at the beginning of the “Eagle” burner sequence, an energy that
sometimes heralds the nature of some forthcoming event or challenge, coinciding at this time with Canada’s federal election and the opening of the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington D.C.  On this day there will be a nationwide strike in Chile, called by the Chilean student federation, in a push for social reforms, after a state of emergency was declared in Santiago three days ago.

On this day in Japan Emperor Naruhito will go through a supreme act of “personal authority” as he officially proclaims his enthronement from the Chrysanthemum Throne in an elaborate ceremony, with dignitaries from over 190 countries and international organizations in attendance. He became the 126th Emperor of Japan last May.

In 2015 this was the energy in place when Iran and six world nations brought an end to a 12-year stand-off when they reached an historic agreement to place strict restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program and enable sanctions against Iran to be lifted. One cycle after that, in 2016, this energy brought the opening of the Nuclear Security Summit that was attended by world leaders from more than fifty countries and four international organizations (but boycotted by Putin), in the fourth and final nuclear summit initiated by President Obama.

Four cycles (4 x 260 days) since US intelligence agencies announced that they have
overwhelming evidence that Russian operatives linked to the Kremlin were behind the hacking of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Final day of the Judeo/Christian Feast of the Tabernacles.

4 Kib’ (Oct. 22nd) – a “defining” day associated with the restoration of order; often a “getting down to business” type of force, coinciding with the first-ever Make a Dog’s Day

This is a peak viewing time (through to the following morning) for the Orionids meteor shower which was created from debris from the famous Halley’s comet. This day marks the annual October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.

Under this energy influence in 1947 the UN passed a resolution to divide Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with Jerusalem as an internationalized city; in 1979 this was the influence in place when the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed after intense negotiations the year before (the 1978 Camp David Accords). Two cycles since Nicolas Maduro claimed victory in the Venezuela election.

5 Kab’an (Oct. 23rd) – a “blessing” type of energy associated with evolutionary movement, as preparations are made for the important services being held in Washington and Baltimore over the next 2 days

Elijah Cummings at the DNC in 2016. Photo by Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD [CC BY-SA 2.0 via WIkimedia Commons, cropped]

6 Etz’nab’ (Oct. 24th) – a “six directions”, “knife edge” type of energy often associated with “separation” that can often be quite attention-getting, coinciding with United Nations Day and World Development Information Day. This will be the day when a memorial service for Congressman Elijah Cummings will be held in Washington D.C. for members of Congress, the Cummings family, and special guests, before he lies in state in Statuary Hall, which is a rare honour.

Nancy Pelosi commented that in the House, Elijah was their North Star. “He was a leader of towering character and integrity, who pushed the Congress and country always to rise to a higher purpose “. By an amazing “coincidence” this is also the energy that was in place at the time of the funeral of Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

7 Kawak (Oct. 25th) – “self-generating storm”, which could bring intense weather or potentially manifest as a “storm of compassion” or a “storm of passion” oriented around a cause. This is certain to manifest in floods of tears as this is the day of the funeral in Baltimore for the much loved Elijah Cummings. Lawmakers from both parties are expected to attend. In Nepal, this is the first of a series of days oriented around the Tihar Festival of Lights (similar to Diwali – see Oct. 27th).

8 Ajaw (Oct. 26th) – “resurrection” of the sun and “enlightenment”, as Mars will be seen just below a very thin crescent moon. This is the second day of the Tihar Festival in Nepal, known as the Kukur Puja, the “Day of the Dogs” when dogs are decked out with garlands, given special treats, and thanked for their faithful service, including their service in helping to provide a safe passage for departed souls on their journey to Heaven. A good day to celebrate your own Kukur Tihar with any four legged friend who specializes in bringing joy to the world.

A perfect figurine for celebrating Diwali during the B’en trecena. Photo by Anandpd [CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

9 Imix (Oct. 27th) – “immortal” birth/the realm of all potential – a force that could have a far reaching influence, as was seen in 2015 when, under this influence, NASA released the first image of Earth from its Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite, showing Earth from one million miles away. This is the first of five days of Diwali, the scintillating (and highly popular) Hindu festival of light that celebrates the victory of “light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. On this first day of Diwali, known as Dhanteras, the goddess Lakshmi is the focus of much attention. As a goddess of prosperity, good fortune, wisdom, light, and spiritual rejuvenation, Lakshmi is one of the principal deities to preside over this “Day of Fortune”. Lord Dhanwantari, a deity associated with Ayurvedic medicine, is also honoured at this time.

This is the second Gregorian anniversary of the day when Catalonia declared independence from Spain and founded an Independent Catalan Republic despite objections from Madrid.

10 Ik’ (Oct. 28th) – “foundational wind/breath/spirit” – an energy highly aligned with Source and with things pertaining to the air, to communication, and to things of a spiritual nature. In many countries this day will be celebrated as the second day of Diwali, known as Naraka Chaturdasi (Day of Knowledge), associated with the triumph of good over evil. Beautiful rangolis made of materials such as coloured rice, sand, or flower petals are often made at this time.

Diwali rangoli, thought to bring good luck. Photo by Dinesh Korgaokar [CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

This is the Maya Calendar anniversary of the energy in place in 1962 when New York
honoured Col. John Glenn with a huge ticker-tape parade after his historic first space flight aboard Friendship 7. In 2014 this was the energy in place at the time of the “opening for business” of One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western hemisphere.

11 Ak’b’al (Oct. 29th) – “inspirational night” or “inspirational temple of mysteries”, a force often aligned with deep thought – or even “blackness”, but also a good day to enjoy the sanctuary of home or temple, or to give “deep thought” to something of an inspirational nature – perhaps in contemplation of a young moon greeting Venus. At this time this energy coincides with the 50th Gregorian anniversary of the first host-to-host connection between computers.

This is the third of the five days of Diwali, a time when festival lanterns and lights are set out everywhere to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of happiness, wealth, and good fortune into homes and other buildings. This is also Abraham Lincoln’s Maya birth energy.

12 K’an (Oct. 30th) – a “dedicated” type of energy often associated with youthful vitality and the joyful celebration of life’s bounties, coinciding at this time with the fourth day of Diwali, known as Annakut (the Hindu New Year). Food is piled high in temples as offerings are made to Krishna.

13 Chikchan (Oct. 31st) – “transformational lifeforce”; an intense and often impassioned energy, coinciding at this time with the final day of Diwali, and the deadline day for Brexit. It is also the day when John Bercow steps down as Speaker in the House of Commons in the UK.

This is also Hallowe’en, and the day of the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, marking the end of harvest and the beginning of winter, and – at this time – the opening of the UK’s Museums at Night festival.

This day marks one year since the release of the factual “Road Map”, the report of the indictment evidence that laid the foundation for President Nixon’s impeachment. It is also the first anniversary of the founding of the Extinction Rebellion activist group that has been so prominent over the past couple of weeks with regard to climate change activism.

Katherine Hepburn in the 1932 Broadway production of “The Warrior’s Husband”. Almost certainly a work for hire for the production company. An image from the same photoshoot (this one) is reproduced on p. 228 of The Films of Katharine Hepburn (1990, Homer Dickens) without any author credit or copyright notice. [Public domain via WIkimedia Commons]

This is the Maya birth energy of the legendary Katherine Hepburn, who was born under the influence of a similar “13” + “13” combination. Her birth energy was 13 Chikchan 13 Pop, and today is 13 Chikchan 13 Sak.  And doesn’t she just look like she was born under the influence of the most intense day of the B’en trecena! Katherine lived to be 96.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]

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