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While there may be some who may be nervously sky-watching as this trecena opens, due to the scare tactics about a potential asteroid hit on this day that would “destroy all life on Earth”, NASA scientists have been providing assurances for years that this will not happen. That asteroid, large as it is, is now safely sailing along many millions of miles away, so we can relax – well, about that issue at least. With this being the B’en trecena, oriented around the idea of “personal authority”, the tendency will more likely be towards “taking a stand” about things of personal importance. And as we begin our journey through this time zone the potential for people to “take a stand” can be seen in many different volatile arenas, with one of the most critical being Venezuela.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido and others “standing up” for change in Venezuela last month. As opposition leader he is in the forefront of the call for resolution to the long simmering crisis in that country, with his claim as interim president recognized by many countries around the world. Voice of America [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As it happens, this is the trecena during which Nicolas Maduro claimed victory last May in winning a second six-year term as president of Venezuela, at which time several countries immediately stated that they would not recognize the vote due to widespread allegations of vote buying and electoral fraud and a boycott by Venezuela’s mainstream opposition. And now, one cycle later, the situation in that country has become so desperate that large scale demonstrations are common. Just two days ago there was a mass mobilization in the streets of Caracas, with people calling for humanitarian aid and pushing for Maduro to call for fresh elections. Over the past few years millions had given up entirely and fled the country. Although these kinds of protests have been going on for the last several years, the situation is particularly tense at this time as opposition leader Juan Guaidó has declared himself to be the interim president and world leaders are “choosing sides” in terms of their support.

Kamala Harris. Office of Senator Kamala Harris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This idea of strong political leaders emerging during this trecena is “par for the course” as B’en is represented by robust growing corn, symbolic of strong self determination.

Not surprisingly this is the energy that was in place when John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy and initiated his campaign for president in early January of 1960. It was also the energy in place in 2011 when President Obama announced that he would be running for a second term as U.S. president.

And now, with Kamala Harris kicking off her “Fearless for the People” presidential campaign a few days ago, and other potential candidates also emerging, this is a time when many people might well decide to step into their “personal power” and take a stand for particular causes. With the Democrats now in charge of the House of Representatives in the US, and new committees such as the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee clicking into action, the emphasis will certainly be on “personal authority” as many critical issues are reviewed.

Historically the B’en trecena has been a force often associated with huge shifts in the balance of power, as when Hernán Cortés and his conquistadores began pushing into the interior of Mexico 500 years ago during this period, fomenting the devastating events that dramatically changed the whole of Mesoamerica. Several centuries later this same trecena brought forth the start of the Mexican revolution when the revolutionary Francisco Madero led strikes to denounce the dictator Porfirio Diaz.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In 2007 this was the trecena that was in place when Nancy Pelosi made history by becoming the first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the highest ranking female lawmaker in American politics. Now back in action as Speaker, she is holding fast to her convictions as the battle to keep the government open rages on. Not coincidently, the first day of this trecena coincided, on its last appearance (in May last year), with the beginning of the second year of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, on the same day as the explosive eruption of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, as it shot a plume of ash more than nine kilometers into the sky.

It is also not unusual for some significant weather events or other forces of nature to make their presence known during this time frame, and currently it is the polar vortex that is bringing bone-chilling temperatures to much of North America (- 48° in Chicago). During its last appearance it was that Kilauea volcano that changed lives in Hawaii, and the time before that it was the ignition of the massive La Tuna wildfire in Los Angeles as well as catastrophic flooding in Texas and the devastating rampage of Cat. 5 Hurricane Irma through the southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean.

Traditionally the Classical Maya patrons of this trecena were highly oriented around the idea of cleansing and “purification”, and the shifting of energies to clear out stagnation. And with its potential to turn lives upside down and sideways, that shifting can often be enormous.

Chinese New Year lanterns

Currently, as these energies work their way through there is much that will have to be dealt with on political fronts and weather fronts, but not everything is going to be “nose to the grindstone”. Indeed, millions are going to just put all that aside and get themselves into a celebrational mode, as Chinese New Year events unfold during this entire time frame. Taking some cues from traditional customs associated with this major cultural holiday, this is a great time to “sweep out the old”, shake off that which is no longer useful, and think about new possibilities.

As always during this period this is an opportune time to closely examine one’s values, endeavors, and desires in the interest of making adjustments that might better lead towards the attainment of personal goals. To assist with this these are the energies that will come into play:

1 B’en (Feb. 1st) – the “initiation” of personal authority, an important 52-day Shift-point within the 260-day cycle, at the beginning of Black History month in the US.  The opening day for Hoobiyee 2019, a Nisga’a Ts’amiks New Year festival of song and dance in Vancouver. This is also the beginning of a significant travel and “getting ready” weekend as people prepare for Chinese New Year. Maya birth energy of activist filmmaker Michael Moore, who has been seen by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

This was the energy in place when John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the
presidency in early January of 1960, and also the energy in place in 2011 when President Obama announced that he would be running for a second term as U.S. president. Also the Maya Calendar anniversary of the historic day in 1962 when Col. John Glenn was launched into space aboard Friendship 7, to become the first American to orbit Earth.

Note that as we go through this trecena the days of the month have the same numerical value as the days of this trecena. As we begin this 13 day period this would be a particularly good day to make important personal decisions.

2 Ix (Feb. 2nd) – a dynamic type of energy aligned with “jaguar” earth mysteries and
transformation, coinciding at this time with Groundhog Day and with Dia de la Candelaria (Candlemas) which is a major fiesta day in Mexico, and the start of the 10 day Candlemas fiesta in Puno, Peru – called “the biggest party in all of Peru”, strongly associated with pachamama or “mother earth”.

Maya birth energy of António Guterres, the current Secretary-General of the U.N.

3 Men (Feb. 3rd) – the “activation of Higher Vision”; a Burner Day oriented around “announcing the fire” at the beginning of the “Eagle” burner sequence, an energy that sometimes heralds the nature of some forthcoming event or challenge, coinciding at this time with Superbowl Sunday. One cycle ago this was the energy in place at the time of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Windsor, the same day as the eruption of the huge La Tuna wildfire in Los Angeles, the largest in that city in 50 years.

Sixty years since the tragic death of Buddy Holly, the pioneering rock musician who was so highly influential for artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Elton John.

Buddy Holly’s headstone (his original surname was Holley). [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

At this point this energy marks three cycles (3 x 260 days) since US intelligence agencies announced that they have overwhelming evidence that Russian operatives linked to the Kremlin were behind the hacking of the U.S. presidential election – and yet they are still debating.

4 Kib’ (Feb. 4th) – a “defining” day associated with the restoration of order, coinciding at this time with the New Moon; often a “getting down to business” type of force, coinciding with World Cancer Day and the day of yet another Manafort hearing, this time related to whether or not he lied to prosecutors. Under this energy influence in 1947 the UN passed a resolution to divide Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with Jerusalem as an internationalized city; in 1979 this was the influence in place when the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed after intense negotiations the year before (the 1978 Camp David Accords). At this time, with such turmoil currently unfolding in Venezuela, this day marks exactly one cycle since Nicolas Maduro claimed victory in last year’s election.

5 Kab’an (Feb. 5th) – a “blessing” type of energy associated with evolutionary movement, coinciding at this time with Chinese New Year (aka the Spring Festival, the most important holiday in China), marking the Year of the Earth Pig, associated with wealth. It is also Vietnam TET (Tet Nguyen Dan, the Lunar New Year), and the day of the State of the Union address and rebuttal in the U.S.

Chinese New Year 2019: The Year of the Earth Pig. Photo credit: (where you will find much more information about Chinese New Year).

6 Etz’nab’ (Feb. 6th) – a “six directions” type of energy that can often be quite attention-getting, on this 67th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. “Birthday of the Dog”, the second day of Chinese New Year celebrations, the day when dogs are given special treats. On this day in Washington DC the House Judiciary Committee will hold the first hearing on gun violence in eight years.

7 Kawak (Feb. 7th) – “self-generating storm”, which could bring intense weather or potentially manifest as a “storm of compassion” or a “storm of passion” oriented around a cause. This will be a very, very important day in Washington DC as this is the day when the House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the William Barr nomination regarding the Attorney-General position, at the same time as the House Ways and Means Oversight Committee will hold a hearing on tax laws related to presidential and vice-presidential tax returns. Also on this day accountability on another level will be addressed as the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee will hold a hearing entitled: “Examining the Failures of the Trump Administration’s Inhumane Family Separation Policy” that resulted in thousands of children being separated from their parents at the border (see also 12 K’an on Feb. 12th).

8 Ajaw (Feb. 8th) – “resurrection” of the sun and “enlightenment”, coinciding with one of two days associated with Parinirvana or Nirvana Day, celebrating the day when Buddha was said to have achieved Nirvana or full enlightenment. Athough many celebrate this on Feb. 15th, 8 Ajaw is a particularly good choice for this at this time. Opening day for the 65th Quebec Winter Carnival.

Ice Castle in Montreal during the 1887 Winter Carnival, an earlier version of the       Quebec Winter Carnival. BiblioArchives/Library Archives from Canada [CC by 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This is the auspicious fourth day of Chinese New Year, known as “Yang Ri”, the Day of the Goat, a symbol of luck; the day when the Kitchen God (associated with good fortune) is welcomed in. A good time to throw out rubbish and anything associated with bad luck.

In the continuing saga in the US, this is the day when Michael Cohen will testify before the House Intelligence Committee, in closed session, and, depending on what happens with regard to the Barr vote the day before, this is the day when controversial acting Attorney-General Matthew Whitaker (who was never confirmed by the Senate and who did not follow advice to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation) is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

9 Imix (Feb. 9th) – “immortal” birth/the realm of all potential – a force that could have a far reaching influence, as was seen in 2015 when, under this influence, NASA released the first image of Earth from its Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite, showing Earth from one million miles away. Maya birth energy of the “immortal” Aretha Franklin whose transition last August occurred exactly 41 years after the death of Elvis. Start of the night parades during the Quebec Winter Carnival.

This is fifth day in the Chinese New Year sequence, known as the “Birthday of Ox and Cattle” and the birthday of the God of Wealth – a good time to welcome wealth into one’s home.

10 Ik’ (Feb. 10th) – “foundational wind/breath/spirit” – an energy highly aligned with Source and with things pertaining to the air, to communication, and to things of a spiritual nature, on this sixth day of Chinese New Year. Known as “Ma Ri”, the Day of the Horse”, this is the day when, traditionally, families sent away the ghost of poverty.

Six cycles ago (in 2014) this was the energy in place at the time of the “opening for business” of One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, at 104 stories and 1776 ft. A Maya Calendar anniversary of the energy in place in 1962 when New York honoured Col. John Glenn with a huge ticker-tape parade after his historic first space flight aboard Friendship 7.

Currently this is the day of the 61st Grammy Awards.  Maya birth energy of famed fimmaker George Lucas.

11 Ak’b’al (Feb. 11th) – “inspirational night” or “inspirational temple of mysteries”, a force often aligned with deep thought – or even “blackness” (as when Brazil was plunged into darkness under this influence in 2010), but also a good day to enjoy the sanctuary of home or temple, or to give “deep thought” to something of an inspirational nature. In 1895 this was the energy in place at the time of the world’s first public screening of a moving picture – the showing of ten short films by Auguste and Louis Lumière using their “cinématographe” device that functioned as a camera, projector, and printer, all in one. Two cycles ago there was a massive anti-Brexit rally in London under this energy influence as thousands of protestors took to the streets, kicking off an “Autumn of discontent”.

12 K’an (Feb. 12th) – a “dedicated” type of energy often associated with youthful vitality and the joyful celebration of life’s bounties, coinciding at this time with the eighth day in the Chinese New Year sequence aligned with the honouring of food and agriculture. The 210th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, and the day scheduled for the sentencing of Russian spy Maria Butina. On this day in the US the House Judiciary Committee will hold an Oversight Hearing on the Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy, to hold the administration accountable “for the inhumane and callous policy that separated children from their parents at the border” (similar to the hearing being held on 7 Kawak a few days earlier by the Ways and Means Oversight Committee).

The Jade Emperor in Kaohsiung. Photo by Naplee12 at wikivoyage shared [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

13 Chikchan (Feb. 13th) – “transformational lifeforce”; an intense and often impassioned energy, coinciding at this time with a Mars-Uranus conjunction, on the ninth day of the Chinese New Year sequence, which is celebrated as the birthday of the Jade Emperor, Emperor of the Universe, the Supreme Deity of Taoism, a day celebrated by all the deities of Heaven and Earth. In the Chinese New Year sequence this day is seen as the Stone Festival, the birthday of the god of stone, where incense and candles are burned for stones. Known as “Shi Bu Dong” (not moving stone), stones or rocks are not moved or cut on this day, in the interest of protecting crops.

Maya birth energy of the much loved Canadian artist Gordon Smith who, even though
approaching his 100th birthday, still paints every day and still regularly exhibits his art.


[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]


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