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Pick up your paint brushes, tune up your flutes, and strap on your dancing shoes as this is the arts-oriented Ajaw trecena, traditionally an auspicious time for merriment. During the last appearance of this trecena it was most definitely the sun that triggered “solar-brations” as hundreds of thousands of people gathered in strategic places to witness the “Eclipse of the Century”, the first total solar eclipse to span the entire continental United States in 99 years.

Thousands gathered at Oregon State University to witness the solar eclipse during the Ajaw trecenca last summer.
Photo courtesy of OSU [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Traditionally, in the realm of the Classic Maya, this trecena was always welcomed as a time for celebration. The very first day, One Ajaw, was observed by the Maya as a “day of flowers”. This was originally a highly festive time when dancers, singers, song-writers, drummers, storytellers, artists, orators, feast makers, gift-givers, banner-bearers, and flower-bedecked revelers would have been fully engaged in welcoming in the auspicious and joyful One “Flower”, representative of the initiation of “Full Sun” or “Full Enlightenment”. It was seen as a day to extol the virtues of creativity in all its diverse forms.

There is also an important connection between Venus and One Ajaw as this is one of the important Tzolk’in dates associated with the completion of a Venus Round (a 37,960 day cycle). Through this association with Venus as the Morning Star, One Ajaw was referred to as the Sacred Day of Venus, an important “marker” day to Classic era Maya timekeepers.

In the past many events of great significance have occurred on One Ajaw, such as the landing of Hernán Cortés at Veracruz in 1519 (the beginning of the Spanish conquest), and the defeat of Napoléon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Indeed, the last appearance of this energy (on Aug. 17th last year) was no exception as this was the day of the detection, through the Laser Interferometer
Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo) system, of a space-time ripple and light from the collision of two neutron stars, which touched off “the greatest show in astronomy” as hundreds of astronomers on all seven continents began focusing their instruments on data collection about this distance event (in both space and time).

Artist’s impression of two neutron stars – the compact remnants of what were once massive stars – spiralling towards each other just before merging. The collision of these dense, compact objects produced gravitational waves that were detected by LIGO on One Ajaw in 2017. A couple of seconds after that, ESA’s Integral and NASA’s Fermi satellites detected a burst of gamma rays, the luminous counterpart to the gravitational waves emitted by the cosmic clash. This is the first discovery of gravitational waves and light coming from the same source. Photo credit: ESA [CC BY-SA 3.0-igo], via Wikimedia Commons

Called “a new Rosetta Stone for Astronomy” that signalled “a new era of astronomy”, this is the first time that light and gravitational waves have been detected simultaneously. It was hailed as the type of event that can create gold, platinum, and uranium.

But it is not just the first day of this time frame that has been momentous. Major events that have occurred during the Ajaw trecena include the adoption of the U.S. constitution in 1787; Abraham Lincoln’s delivery of the Gettysburg address in 1863; the discovery of gold in the Klondike, in 1896; the opening of Sun Records, that give birth to Rock ‘n’Roll, in 1950; the putting into operation of the first computer produced for commercial use, in 1951; the stoppage of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010; and President Obama’s visit to Cuba in 2016, the first visit to Cuba by a sitting president in nearly nine decades.

In keeping with the nature of this solar energy, this trecena has often been associated with intense heat, as occurred in 1936 when the most severe/intense heat wave ever recorded in the U.S. and Canada manifested under this influence, with a similar situation happening in parts of the UK during this time frame in 1990. Five cycles ago a catastrophic heat wave hit parts of South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales, with temperatures climbing as high as 45° C. And last year this was the trecena in place at the time of the intense wildfires in regions such as southern Europe and B.C.’s interior.

Currently, with temperatures already soaring above 50°C in Pakistan as of a few days ago, it is not unlikely that more extreme heat will be in place in that region at this time. Along these lines many are also keeping their eyes on Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, that appears to be showing signs of imminent eruption (or a new lava flow), after hundreds of small earthquakes were recorded over the past 48 hours.

But at this time of year extra heat can cause havoc in other ways, including its contribution to spring thaws. Indeed, flooding is already underway in many Canadian provinces, with floodwaters rapidly reaching record breaking levels in New Brunswick.

And speaking of heat . . . given the recent publication of a list of 49 critical questions that U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller would like to ask Trump, and the recent discussions about the use of a subpoena to force him to testify in the Russia investigation, coupled with yet another change in his legal defence team, there will likely be many considerable developments in this regard during this time frame. The simmering Michael Cohen/ Stormy Daniels’ legal situation also appears to be adding considerable fuel to that political fire.

Sunflower. Photo by Uwe H. Friese Bremerhaven [CC BY-SA 3.0 via WIkimedia Commons]

Overall, this is a trecena that has often pushed forward significant change, often through the introduction of new ideas or through the taking of some form of positive action, perhaps triggered by extra input from the sun. So once again this can be seen as an opportunity to call upon the assistance of “Lord Ajaw”, to bring forth as much artistry and creativity as possible to call forth the light that is always greatly needed. As this current trecena unfolds, these are the energies that can assist us:

1 Ajaw (May 4th) – the “initiation of Full Sun/Enlightenment”, the traditional Maya celebrational “day of flowers”, an important “marker” day in the Classical Long Count calendar. This time this correlates with Anti-Bullying Day in the U.S., and “Star Wars Day” – “May the Fourth be With You”.

2 Imix (May 5th) – a dynamic type of energy often aligned with “world-making”, in place at the time of the scheduled launch of the InSight Mars Mission, the first mission to study the heart of Mars. This is also World Labyrinth Day, Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo, and the peak of the Eta Aquarids meteor shower. Kark Marx’s 200th Gregorian birthday (see 13 Eb’ on May 16th re his Maya birth energy.)

Edinburgh Labyrinth. Photo by Di Williams [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

3 Ik’ (May 6th) – the “activation of Wind/Breath/Spirit”, as the Eta Aquarids meteor shower continues with up to 30 meteors per hour. Start of Teacher Appreciation week in the U.S. (to May 12th). This was the energy in place on Apr. 6, 1917 when the US entered World War I.

Total Solar Eclipse from last August. Photo by Michael S Adler [CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

4 Ak’b’al (May 7th) – a “defining” day associated with night, darkness, dreaming, and the subconscious. Sometimes referred to as “house”, this is also associated with earth-oriented mystery, secrecy, abundance, and even sorcery. Significantly, this has been the energy in place when memorials have been held (for several tragic events) during the past few cycles. Hopefully the current “darkness” will provide a good backdrop for the meteor shower at this time rather than bringing grief or sorrow.

5 K’an (May 8th) – a “blessing” type of energy associated with youthful vitality and prosperity, but can also involve “recklessness”, coinciding at this time with the 73rd Gregorian anniversary of VE Day in Europe in 1945. Maya birth energy of Benito Juárez, who assumed the office of the 26th President of Mexico in 1858, and is now regarded as a national hero and preeminent symbol of Mexican nationalism. One cycle since the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

6 Chikchan (May 9th) – “Lifeforce Everywhere” – a structuring type of energy associated with Lifeforce and Higher Knowledge. Three cycles since President Obama began his historic trip to Cuba.

7 Kimi (May 10th) – “self-generating death” or “self-generating foundations” – a “return to Source” type of force that can draw attention to “absolute foundations”, correlating at this time with Ascension Day, the Roman Catholic observance of the “ascension of Jesus” 40 days after his resurrection. Maya birth energy of supercentenarian Violet Brown, who was the world’s oldest person before her passing last year at the age of 117. She was listed as the last surviving subject of Queen Victoria.

8 Manik’ (May 11th) – the Day of the Lord Deer in Maya tradition, a “resurrection” type of energy aligned with sacrifice and reciprocity. While this could be seen as a “doubly harmonious” type of influence, representative of a doubling of solar energy, there is a strong “fire/heat” aspect to it. This ties in with the mythological link to the ancestral lineage of the Quiché Maya, as this day in the Tzolk’in was seen as the day when one of the ancestral forefathers left the people a “bundle of flames” as a reminder of his continuing presence. Maya Calendar birthday of Ram Nath Kovind, who was sworn in last summer as the 14th President of India.

9 Lamat (May 12th) – an “outwardly projecting” type of energy associated with Venus and the idea of leadership, coinciding at this time with World Fair Trade day. In 2012 that was the energy in place when the sun sent forth a magnificent X1.7 solar flare – a long whip-like solar filament extending half a million miles in a long arc above the sun’s surface which triggered many spectacular aurora borealis displays on Earth over the following few days.

Hurricane Harvey flooding during the Ajaw trecena, 2017. Photo by urban.houstonian from Houston, TX, [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As it happens, a number of very severe hurricanes have occurred in the past on Lamat days, as exemplified by Cat. 4 Hurricane Harvey that began delivering a catastrophic punch to the Texas coast on the last appearance of this energy.

10 Muluk (May 13th) – “foundational water”, often a powerful “shape-shifting” force, as could be seen the last time this energy was in force, as Hurricane Harvey continued assailing the Texas coast with torrential downpours and widespread flooding. Currently this energy coincides with Mother’s Day and a conjunction of the Moon and Mercury. This is also the opening day for the March of the Nations Conference in Israel to celebrate the 70th anniverary of the Founding of the State of Israel. Two cycles since the CIA revealed their conclusion that Russia had intervened to help Trump win the election.

11 Ok (May 14th) – “inspirational love (or guidance)” – an “extinguishing” Burner Day
representative of heart, love, fire, and passion. The 70th anniversary of the proclamation of Israeli independence, and the day of the planned inauguration of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

12 Chuwen (May 15th) – “dedicated” play; a “timeweaver” type of energy than can have a kind of “anything is possible” aspect to it, coinciding at this time with the New Moon and the “Imperial” Aoi Matsuri (Aoi Festival) in Kyoto, Japan; during the evening, the beginning of Ramadan, which continues for 30 days. The 70th anniversary of the day in 1948 when the state of Israel officially came into being, as British soldiers left Palestine and the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon began a coordinated assault on the newly created state. For Palestinians this is Nakba Day, an annual anniversary of the explusion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the creation of Israel, which – at this time – will be a day of massive protest demonstations by Palestinians.

The Communist Manifesto, published in 1848 by Karl Marx. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

13 Eb’ (May 16th) – “transformational vitality”; a powerful stream-of-consciousness type of energy reflective of the intense vitality at the end of this “sun-oriented” time frame, a vitality that can sometimes “let loose” at this time, as it did on its last appearance as devastating floods rampaged through many regions in the southern U.S., Canada, and India. Two cycles since the end of the battle for Aleppo in Syria.

This was the Maya birth energy of Karl Marx, the German philosopher, political theorist, and revolutionary socialist who wrote the highly influential Communist Manifesto, and whose ideas have had a profound impact on world politics and intellectual thought.



[Please note that the brief descriptions of the days provided above are only “thumbnail sketches”. Much greater detail can be found in Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life.]


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