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As today is Bodhi day, the day in the Buddhist tradition that commemorates Buddha’s achievement of enlightenment under a Bodhi tree, it seems a good day to highlight the work of an exceptional photographer whose work seems to reflect something very similar.

Antelope Canyon © Nicholas Halpin

Antelope Canyon © Nicholas Halpin

Bodhi Day is celebrated as a day to honour the many pathways to enlightenment. And world travelling photographer Nicholas Halpin has an extraordinary ability to capture such pathways through the lens of his camera.

When I first saw Nick’s work at a recent art exhibition I was instantly captivated by the power of his imagery. It was a quiet, almost understated type of power, but breathtakingly beautiful. There was an ineffable light shining through the work, a kind of magic that compelled one to stop and ponder, as in a call to meditation.

In discussion with Nick I found  that he was born under the Maya Calendar influence of 4 Ix, which, indeed, is aligned with the power of enchantment.

Associated with “Santo Mundo”, the Earth Father or “Holy World”, Ix (Jaguar) is representative of earth power, mountains, and magic. Four Ix, in particular, is specifically representative of the sun working in combination with earth magic, and this is what is Nick captures in his work.

Clark Bay © Nicholas Halpin

Clark Bay © Nicholas Halpin

One of the first images that caught my eye was a striking portrait of a Ladahki shaman, taken in India. There is a light shining through this man’s eyes that makes the image hauntingly beautiful.

Ladahki Shaman © Nicholas Halpin

Ladahki Shaman © Nicholas Halpin

Nick also captures wonderful portals, doorways and passageways that hint of secret places, earth mysteries, and hidden enticements. And often there is that beckoning light, that presence of the Solar Deity represented by the number four.

Gangchen Doorway © Nicholas Halpin

Gangchen Doorway                                 © Nicholas Halpin


Into the Light (France) © Nicholas Halpin

Into the Light (France) © Nicholas Halpin












At times it is the earth itself that takes centre stage, with the solar aspect still present, but in more of a supporting role. But for the most part there they are, sun and earth dancing together in Nick’s images, reminding us of the awesome wonders to be found in this earthly realm.

Vortex! © Nicholas Halpin

Vortex! © Nicholas Halpin



To see more of Nick’s work visit

An excellent way to focus on enlightenment on this Bodhi Day. Namaste.

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